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Hurricane Jose and a real mystery
« on: September 18, 2017, 02:34:37 AM »
While we don't know yet what if anything hurricane Jose may do, there are some reports it could reach NYork and dump Harvey-like flooding rains even if it isn't a hurricane as such. Whatever happens I was curious to check some things which prove quite surprising and are surely indicative that if Jose and major flood type disaster isn't for just yet it's for the future almost certainly. Consider this.

Neptune in America's chart is at 22 Virgo.  Manhattan, the asteroid for NY is at 22 Pisces

Asteroid Jose is at 4.41 of Pisces (in the fourth house of weather, the land and endings if you use the Scorp rising chart that I prefer) and from there it is in perhaps dangerously easy trine to America's Jupiter at 5.43 itself closely conjunct asteroid Flood at 5.58. Plainly if Jose were to gather force it represents a potential for something.

Some on this site may be aware of current interest around the Sept 23rd sign in the heavens which has been analysed in almost every way but the conventionally astrological which last would have allowed for  a season, or phase to be symbolically introduced rather than an event to manifest at all costs on the given date. The rare sign, allegedly corresponding to the biblical portent of Rev 12,  has been identified with everything from the hypothetical Nibiru appearing to the end of the world itself or at least the Rapture the Church in its believing prepared section. The idea of Rapture on the 23rd I have always felt doesn't make much theological sense as theoretically any such event ought to occur on the Feast of Trumpets (which this year falls on the 21st and 22nd)  the first of the fall feasts Jesus has yet to fulfil having only fulfilled the four spring feasts during his lifetime)

Be that as it may, for interest I will include address link to an odd visionary forecast which is claiming the Rapture event will occur in tandem with the flooding, almost drowning by the sound of it, of part of the East Coast and NYork. 

Plainly and at the very least the Rapture idea is going around,  is in the air (no pun), and  the collective unconscious. It’s a situation that is best understood in the light of my Pentecost chart for Christianity and some articles like the following:  "Sense and Nonsense in the Signs of 2017"  and "How to be a false prophet of the Rapture etc"   Certainly it is an error to suppose as often maintained today that Rapture belief was unknown to the early church and is a modern, even American church invention. The Rapture idea is even strongly and oddly etched into the Pentecost chart whose fourth cusp is Libra ruled by a Venus in Aries in the tenth. This and other things bespeaks the Rapture concept so I don’t know if additionally the conjunction of asteroid Jose on 3 Aries to a Jupiter on 3 Aries counts, (this Jupiter being sextile the Gemini sun and trine a 2 Leo ascendant conjunct a 4 degree Uranus) has anything to do with high expectations and thoughts of ultimate destiny getting linked to the arrival of that storm force on the East Coast, but it’s not impossible.  I do know that since the last eclipse hit conjunct Pentecost’s Church asteroid conjunct its moon ruler of the 12th of disappearances, Rapture alert is almost inevitably heightened at this time. And since Manhatten at 5 Aquarius opposes Pentecost’s Uranus, what more natural than to suppose that NYork would partake in the drama of shocking endings?

Personally I can’t quite imagine Jose causing the kind of damage the visionary assumes, especially as over the next few days the UN is doing important business and POTUS addressing it. However, that doesn’t necessarily finish with the warnings and omens of this time. It so happens that the UN’s peace day on the 21st is dedicating the year to themes of “peace and security”. As some are stressing, St Paul associates the Last Trump and Rapture with a time when people will be saying “peace and safety” but sudden destruction comes (1 Thess 5:3). Then too we are approaching the Uranus/Jupiter opposition which could be rich in all manner of surprises.


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Re: Hurricane Jose and a real mystery
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2017, 07:18:48 AM »
Hello Rollan and all:

A traditional way of checking for weather disasters in any area is to look at the ingress or solstice chart in that area, and then the chart for the lunar phase involved.  I looked at the upcoming autumnal ingress for New York, and didn't see any strong contacts with angles, which is what we look to see.  However, it might be that the summer solstice chart for New York is still very much in effect at this point, a chart which does have significant angular report.  See below.

By comparison, the summer solstice chart for Houston had the Moon square to the ASC.  The lunation chart for the New Moon (the eclipse) on Aug 21 had the Sun and Moon only 1 degree from the MC.     

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Re: Hurricane Jose and a real mystery
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2017, 10:18:59 AM »
There are some interesting  transits this week
 Mercury  will cross its RX station  point

Moon, Mercury and Mars will oppose Neptune on different days
 Their midpoints with Neptune  land on the USA Sibley Sagittarius  rising sign as a string of hurricanes are headed for the USA.
 Sag USA dispositor  is Jupiter sitting now in Cardinal air sign  windy Libra.

I guess it gets wet when Neptune is in watery Pisces.

Some small chance for a moderate quake in Ontario Canada.