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America First!!!
« on: September 09, 2017, 05:49:23 AM »

There is a long list of "firsts" claimed by the state of Connecticut. Despite the fragility of other states with similar vulnerabilities, New Jersey, Illinois, and Michigan for example. Will Connecticut lead the way as an eldritch economic example of "American First?"

•   1636 - First English settlers of Connecticut arrived in 1636, settling the plantations of Windsor, Hartford and Wethersfield.
•   1639 - First constitution adopted, establishing representative government
•   1656 - First municipal public library in America, a bequest to the "towne of New Haven"
•   1670 - First survey for the first turnpike in America, between Norwich and New London
•   1705 - Copper was discovered in Simsbury. Later, the copper mine became the infamous New-Gate Prison of the Revolutionary War.
•   1728 - First steel mill operating in America was located in Simsbury.
•   1729 - First medical diploma, granted by Yale University
•   1737 - Doctor Samuel Higley of Simsbury started the first copper coinage in America
•   1762 - First blast furnace in Connecticut was built in Lakeville
•   1764 - First newspaper, The Hartford Courant, published since October 29, 1764
•   1771 - The Scoville Memorial Library is the United States oldest public library. The library collection began in 1771, when Richard Smith, owner of a local blast furnace, used community contributions to buy 200 books in London. Patrons could borrow and return books on the third Monday of every third month. Fees were collected for damages, the most common being "greasing" by wax dripped from the candles by which the patrons read.
•   1775 - First submarine
•   1783 - First dictionary, published by Noah Webster, born in West Hartford
•   1788 - First State House in America, built after the Federal Constitution ratification
•   1794 - First cotton gin, Eli Whitney of New Haven patented this invention
•   1796 - First cookbook written by an American was published in Hartford. The book was American Cookery by Amelia Simmons.
•   1803 - First town library, tax-supported and organized in Salisbury
•   1806 - First factory town in America, planned and established in Seymour
•   1808 - First movable parts mass production in use, making clocks
•   1809 - ( May 15th) Mary Kies, of South Killingly was the first woman to receive a US patent. , for a method of weaving straw with silk.
•   1810 - (April 9) a Salisbury town meeting voted to authorize the "selectmen draw upon the town treasurer for the sum of one hundred dollars" to purchase more books for the Scoville Memorial Library collection, making the library the first publicly supported free town library in the United States.
•   1810 - First insurance company, ITT Hartford Group, Inc.
Officially opened for business and people were able to take insurance for the "loss of life or personal injury while journeying by railway or steamboat"
•   1819 - First industrial training school, established by Josiah Holbrook in Derby
•   1832 - First expert in the treatment of Asiatic cholera was Dr. Henry Bronson. He was a professor at Yale Medical School.
•   1834 - Thomas Sanford made the first friction matches in Beacon Falls.
•   1836 - First revolver
•   1836 - The manufacturing of the first safety fuse started in Simsbury
•   1842 - First public art museum
•   1843 - First portable typewriter
•   1844 - First use of anesthesia
•   1846 - First sewing machine, Elias Howe procured a patent for the first practical sewing machine
•   1853 - First ice-making machine
•   1858 - First can opener
•   1861 - First Ph.D. Degree, Yale University awarded in Philosophy
•   1868 - First tape measure
•   1875 - Hartford has remained the capital city of Connecticut
•   1877 -
o   First pay phone
o   First telephone exchange, established in Bridgeport
•   1878 - January 28, 21 venturous citizens of New Haven became the world's first subscribers to telephone exchange service.
•   1878 - February. First telephone book ever issued contained only fifty names. The New Haven District Telephone Company published it in New Haven.
•   1892 - First collapsible toothpaste tube
•   1895 - First hamburger, served at Louie's Lunch in New Haven
•   1898 - First car insurance in America is issued at Hartford.
•   1900 - First submarine
•   1901 - First automobile law was passed. The speed limit was set at 12 miles per hour.
•   1907 - First permanent public planning body in America: Hartford's Commission on the City Plan
•   1908 - First lollipop-making machine opened for business in New Haven. George Smith named the treat after a popular racehorse.
•   1917 - June 12 - First golf tournament in Connecticut for women only was held in Waterbury.
•   1920 - First Frisbee, Yale students discovered empty pie plates from Mrs. Frisbie Pies in Bridgeport could be sailed across the New Haven Green
•   1933 - First vacuum cleaner
•   1934 - First Polaroid camera
•   1937- Connecticut became the first state to issue permanent license plates for cars.
•   1939 - First FM radio station, WDRC-FM began broadcasting in Hartford
•   1939 - First helicopter, Igor Sikorsky designed the first successful helicopter in the Western Hemisphere
•   1948 - First color television
•   1949 - First ultra high frequency UHF television station to operate on a daily basis, KC2XAK in Bridgeport
•   1954 - The USS Nautilus - the world's first nuclear powered submarine was built in Groton
•   1972 - West Haven is a community that dates back over 360 years, making it one of the oldest settlements in the country.
•   1974 - Ella Grasso was elected in her own right to be a state governor.
•   1982 - First artificial heart, Dr. Robert K. Jarvik, a Stamford native, invented the world's first artificial heart
•   1990 - In the mid-1990s Connecticut led the nation in per capita wealth.

How strange! In the mid 90's Jupiter and Pluto opposed the ninth house stellium and Uranus opposed natal Venus, while Neptune, "comfortably numb" easily trined Pluto-Uranus.

Stranger today. Pluto is softening up the Midheaven from an angle of 135 degrees as Jupiter moves to square Venus. But these aspects are falling under the enormous pressure of Uranus closely square Venus, as Jupiter completes the formation. The mayor of Hartford Just announced the possibility of bankruptcy on Thursday. We can easily imagine him holding up his hands in the shape of a "T-Square," screaming at the Governor; "Time out!"

Connecticut is suffering from "too much" of "not enough" under these aspects. In this case not enough money. Uranus is quindecile the Moon as well suggesting panic and disruption. Neptune meanwhile tightly squares the MC ruler Mercury, co-ruler of the Ascendant. Neptune ruling the 7th and partnerships. Connecticut stands to lose if it takes one more misstep. The recent loss of two giant corporations formerly domiciled in Connecticut, GE and Aetna (founded over 160 years ago in Hartford), may just be the tip of the iceberg. Saturn will oppose natal Venus in 2020 and then Pluto reaches the same degree opposite natal Venus in 2022-2023. It will be a curious canary if Connecticut survives the excessive exploitation of their corporate mines and mismanagement of the public trust. Will it be yet another "first" in America?


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Re: America First!!!
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Not really sure where Astrotheme pulled this chart from or if we can rely on the angles... But apparently the chart is related to the settlement established by Reverend Thomas Hooker. Other charts might add clarity to the situation, like the incorporation chart of Hartford for example.

I was just impressed by the precision of the transit from Neptune and especially Uranus.