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Girl, 12, Brutalized
« on: September 16, 2017, 07:47:32 AM »
The death of a 12-year-old girl is something that even a seasoned medical examiner calls unforgettable.
Police: Tips needed in murder of 12-year-old girl
Yhoana Arteaga was found murdered in her family's mobile home. (WSMV)
Police: Autopsy confirms 12-year-old girl was murdered
Yhoana Arteaga was found murdered in her family's mobile home. (WSMV)
Autopsy: 12-year-old girl died from strangulation
Dr. Feng Li said it took several hours to examine the girl's body because her injuries were so severe.

The 12-year-old girl was beaten, strangled and left partially undressed. She suffered hemorrhaging and had several bruises and scrapes.

Police say Yhoana sent a text to her mother around 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 10 saying someone was knocking at the door.

A little over an hour later, her family found her dead inside her Goodlettsville home. She was found inside her room.

"Injuries on the neck like abrasions, ligature marks, were present," Li said.

Li said because she was found partially undressed he also did a rape kit.
See next post for event dial with asteroids and their meanings.

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Re: Girl, 12, Brutalized
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      * Melbourne (10 Cp,) Ellis (11 Li) --with the 5:30 pm ASC in 11 Cp and Reich
(26 Aries-- with Orpheus and Toro) because they indicate cruelty and sadism.
The axis of this 5:30 pm ASC in 11 Capricorn would include Morden in 25
Scorp but also this 26 Leo eclipse!

Raine for sexual sadism.  The perp derives a sexual
arousal and pleasure from the pain of another person. Raine in this chart is
in 20 Taurus 54 (and think about the 6:45 pm chart--when the body was
discovered-- where the MC is in 21 Scorpio.)  Now the asteroid, Prey, is in
20 Aq Rx with Valentine 20 Aq 55.  The asteroid, Glass, in 21 Scorp would
indicate the use of meth (which can make some folks pretty crazy.)  I note
that the asteroid, Beate, which can stand for "a beating," is in 06 Libra--
so again, that axis includes this 21 Fixed factors.

* And you think about Okada where there can be violent tendencies.  Here,
it's in 02 Libra = the Sun in 18 Leo = Harvey in 24 Cancer.  But we have
seen befor the situation that's here.  In 02 Libra, Okada is
conjunct Bacchus, so some of the violence could be
driven by drugs.

* But I noticed that the Sun is in 18 Leo and square it is Dunn in 17
Scorpio, an asteroid that can stand for ED (erectile dysfunction.)  Other
killers have had ED and it was solved by violence and the victim's fear and
suffering.   See dial below with its midpoints = Ascendant.
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