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Rectification of Kim Jong Un and Harvey Weinstein
« on: November 13, 2017, 07:32:29 AM »
       Found another super site, that of Heike Pott of the Urananian school of astrology.    Save this site of hers:
       Once on her site click on the rectification tab along the horizontal top, then click on rectification on the left vertical column.  PDF opens, scroll to Kim Jong Un.   Here is her rectification for Harvey Weinstein in a letter to a request by a guy named Martin:
      Dear Martin,
I hope you don't mind that I 'touch' Weinstein's chart time again.
Through a friend in SanFrancisco, who has a friend in LosAngeles,
whose friend is familiar with the acting business, who... :-D
a birth time of 2h10 pm EST / 14h10 / 19:10 GMT was mentioned.

Based on this time and based on yours of 18:55 GMT, I ended up at
19:22:46 with rectification code AR+SU-MC=AS/NO. SU sign Pi.
ARr+SUr-MCr = 7°39'32" (22°40 Aq) = ASr/NOr (22°40 Ta) = 7°39'32"

Harvey Weinstein
19.03.1952          MC  6°28'40 Ta
19:22:46             AS 16°02'09 Le        (02h22m46s pm / 14h22)
+00:00:00 GMT  SU 29°08'11 Pi
+ 073°49'00        MO  8°15'24 Cp
+ 40°46'00          NO 29°17'00 Aq

For 8th October 2017 I get
MCd = AS/NE 3/1 - being rejected; others (within the social environment 3/1) say NO;
= MCt = ASt
= NO/KR = SA/KR - notice to quit; lose job/indepency; be fired; inhibitions by law;

best regards

verification: marriage
21st November, 1987
MCd =    MCt
        =    AR/MO = AS/X
        AS/ MO SU/MO MO/CU
        AS/ UR UR/CU CU/ZE CU/KR
        AS/ ZE CU/ZE

SUMO - marriage;
CU/ZE - wedding;
CU/KR - civil wedding;

r - radix
d - solar ard directed
t - transit

Note: Heike uses the transneptunians in her rectifications, i.e. Kronos, Admetos, Zeus, Apollon, Cupido,....etc.
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