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« on: November 27, 2017, 05:41:50 PM »
This is a very abbreviated post. I've not had enough time to do more than a cursory review so if I miss something or misstate something please don't hesitate to call me on it.

The J Post reports today that Israel and Syria have a sub rosa understanding that Israel will enforce a 40 km (23 mile) wide demilitarized zone around the Golan Heights.  This is significant for several reasons.  First, Syria's claim to the Golan has kept it at Israel's throat for 50 years; but it now appears to be tacitly abandoning that demand. Second, ISIS (read, Iran) is entrenched in that 50 km strip and Israel vows to eliminate all Iranian emplacements there.  That sounds like an invitation to a war.   So.....

Looking at Israel's chart (May 14, 1948, Tel Aviv, 16:00)   we see the SA Sun at o° Leo in House 10:  The Lion of Judah roars.

SA Saturn and Tr. Mars are conjoined the Ascendant.  War. 

Tr. Saturn and Mercury are conj. Final Dispositer Jupiter in House 3. 

I need to look more closely at this, but I am concerned. 
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Re: Israel
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2017, 07:59:51 AM »
I think you have a right to be.  I just heard Tom Friedman on Tv talking about the middle east and world events.  He ranks the  top 2 risks as follows:
1.  First is North Korea.
2.  A very close second is Israel/Syria and Iran.  Friedman thinks that Iran is building bases in Syria.  He also thinks that Iran totally underestimates the strength of Israel's military power.  He thinks that Iran is currently building these bases in  Syria but when it looks like Iran is moving people and equipment there, Israel will strike those bases and there will be a conflict between Israel and Iran.
My view is that a lot matters what happens to risk#1 or is Trump dumb enough to have 2 wars/conflicts going at once????  By the way, I always pay attention to what Friedman saids because he lived in the middle east, has recently interviewed some of these middle east leaders.  AMY