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"March For Our Lives" charts
« on: March 25, 2018, 02:56:17 PM »
The Sidereal based (or precession corrected) Capsolar for DC better describes the “March For Our Lives” event than the hot out of the oven Tropical Aries Ingress chart. The Capsolar has the ‘No place to hide, up against the wall, owning it, truth to power’, Sun/Pluto midpoint exactly on the IC and the Mercury/Venus midpoint exactly on the Nadir reflecting the message delivered peacefully in an event populated mostly by women and children.

The Aries Ingress for DC (usually recipient of many interpretive posts but nary a one this year) has ambiguous Neptune on the MC and the violence depicting Mars/Saturn midpoint on the Desc.

2018 precession corrected Capsolar in DC

2018 Tropical Aries Ingress in DC

Here is the progressed Caplunar for the MFOL. It has the Sibly Mars and Neptune exactly on it’s MC and Asc. The administration and many in Congress must have been terrified seeing democracy in action and hearing about voter registration for the young people who were chanting “Vote them out!”

I think that both Sidereal and Tropical charts work but it is difficult to know when to apply each. Overall I find the Sidereal or precession corrected charts more revealing.

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Re: "March For Our Lives" charts
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