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Riots in Haiti
« on: July 11, 2018, 08:52:35 AM »
 We have to go to Al-Jazeera to get news in America now.

They are not happy with Jovenel Moise their Clinton puppet president.
 Gee what happened to that 14 billion  that was supposed to help Haitians? The fat cats and the Clintons got it.

The June Full Moon, 6+ Capricorn cast a 60 degree aspect to Natal Pluto.ïti

July 12th Solar eclipse is on the Descendant making quindecile aspect to natal  Lilith as it trines natal Pluto.  Could get wilder down in Haiti.
This eclipse is in opposition to transitting Pluto.

The July 27th FM Mars eclipse will aspect natal Lilith and Saturn.

These summer eclipses also have tight aspects to the Bush family members and the Clintons. Recently there was talk of Hillary running in 2020 for president . Running from treason charges and an indictment for Uranium One chicanery might be more likely.

 When the Haiti earthquake struck Slick Willy and Poppy Bush put out the begging bowl to fleece the American public into donating money that the Haitians would never get. Will the eclipses exact a karmic payment for their activities ?

 Will the Haitian weasel president survive ?
 Jovenel Moise  President of Haiti
 June 26 1968

6 ds Capricorn Full Moon 2 weeks ago  opposed his 7 Cancer Venus and 5 Cancer Sun and there midpoint.

  The Solar eclipse 20-44 Cancer will aspect his natal Pluto 20-21 Virgo from 60 ds as trans Pluto aspects his natal Pluto.

  The 4-44 Aquarius Mars eclipse will strike his Mars Sun midpoint from 120 degrees.  Don't have a full chart but this might finish the joker.