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Council of War
« on: September 03, 2018, 05:12:31 AM »

Americans witnessed a beautiful send off for a principled and heroic maverick on the first day of September 2018. The ceremony began at 10:00 AM and was choreographed with a sublime deference, captured by the Sun in Virgo in the 11th house, to a cause greater than oneself, for the deeper meaning of service and sacrifice. Some observers saw the moment as a “council of war” against Ignorance.

The “beautiful planet” is rising in its own sign Libra in the chart drawn for the funeral held in the National Cathedral. And perhaps as significant Venus and Mercury align comfortably by sextile, always a feel good moment; Idealism, where the heart doesn't necessarily follows the head. The Sun, peregrine and in the 11th, emanates a sense of duty; Calling attention to the calling of service. The Moon (the People) resolute, steadfast and dignified in Taurus resides in the 8th house of shared values. 

Those values are communicated and enlarged by a Jupiterian influence; a hopeful awareness to both plumb the depths and simultaneously soar the heights, searching within ourselves for the way things are supposed to be (Moon in Taurus). And the cherished refrain that “we hold these truths to be self-evident…” sounds to my ear like Jupiter in the second house, maniacally confident in Scorpio.

However, fairness, equality and balance as represented by Venus in Libra, are out of power with Pluto square the ruling planet. Pluto appears dominating so near the midpoint picture Mars/Saturn. At 19 degrees Capricorn, matters could be much better for the “establishment” if Pluto were closer to the 15th degree where more focused anger might help them take back control. That being said Pluto just out of range might also suggest that the “re-establishment” of power is also just out of reach. As it stands, Pluto receives plenty of support from Saturn in its own sign which is trine Uranus, while Pluto itself exactly trines “the People.” Placed in the 3rd house it’s almost as if Pluto would like to make a pronouncement: “Listen up! Change is near! Prepare yourselves! It is not yet, but when it comes it will be complete and not likely anything like you imagined the change to be.” The two party system is broken and John McCain knew it. He knew it when he asked Joe Lieberman to consider being his running mate in ‘95. It is one reason he had this “council” gather together at this time, when in the words of Yeats: “the falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart; the centre cannot not hold...”

The opposition to this council is strong. Mars ruling the 7th and at the Sun/Moon midpoint is poised to upset matters, but may also be answering to a higher calling; an exalted ego power. The magnificent strength of Mars as agitator and provocateur in Capricorn is less about pure power and more about being the “Goad” not god*; a spark precisely placed, the grist of Our Lord to stimulate this Sun and Moon, to re-imagine and reconfigure every relationship. The idealistic and pastoral righteousness of the establishment has been naive in its sentimentality and complacent about the forces of a populous movement they helped create. All in all there is a suggestion in the chart that “the People” have been heard, and that at the very least some in the opposing party may become fiercely servile in response to the increasing shouts and objections; a crescendo for decency, respect and for taking responsibility; to stand up to bombast and deceit.