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« on: January 16, 2019, 11:25:03 PM »
Ok u masters of astrology.
So what planet rules collagen.

I was on the road to death from lack of it until i saw the light about a month ago.
Maybe I'll be running faster now.
There r generally 5 types

Check it out folks. u may be lacking in it.
Now I'll be living to 200. yeeha
U can buy the stuff at a health food store.


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Re: Collagen
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       What is collagen?    More here......
Scientists who studied collagen were:  Ramachadrin, Crick, Pauling, Rich, Yonath, Brodsky and Berman.
If we find asteroids named after any of these men, we use that asteroid(s) in our natal chart to spot
collagen defiency.   
      So what asteroids do we have for collagen?  Answer:Ramachandran, Crick and Pauling.
What are the asteroids for arthritis?   Answer: Schober and Ilizarov.   Planets for arthritis are Saturn and Pluto.
      Below is the chart of an athlete who suffered thru' arthritis/collagen issues throughout life.
Want to know where these collagen asteroids are in your chart.   Go here, type in asteroid name, and get
the asteroid ephemeris:
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Re: Collagen
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By its nature, I would imagine that Venus would be the planet that explains collagen as it is connective/ softening/smoothing and these are all properties of Venus.

It also seems that the production of collagen might have a hereditary or genetic factor.

The Moon would relate more to oestregen or hormonal issues.
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