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World's Oldest Man Dies
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       The supercentenarian, whose family has said:

"He didn't have any health problem. ... He went peacefully and that's at least our consolation,"

Nonaka, who enjoyed eating sweets, used to regularly soak in the springs, and would move about in the inn in a wheelchair, wearing his trademark knit cap.  He loved watching wrestling....Mars conj  MH, Vulcanus on the 7th cusp.

He outlived all seven of his siblings, as well as his wife and three of their five children .   
He owned a Spring Spa resort.    Neptune in Cancer in the 6th of work, rules his 2nd House of money earned, and Neptune trines his Pisces(Spring water) 2nd cusp EXACTLY.    Rex Bills says "Springs" are ruled by Neptune.    Water signs on his 2nd, 6th and  10th.
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Re: World's Oldest Man Dies
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      Reason for his longevity:
1.  Jupiter in the 4th, end of life, forming a T-square to Mercury, mind opposition Saturn, old age.
2.  Satisfies most common planet signs for longevity, i.e. Cancer, Leo, and Capricorn.
3.  In 38 cases of octagenarians, Jupiter is in Gemini.
4.  Physically active, Mars conj MH Scorpio, water.    Toro in Cancer, 6th of health, as
     well as Neptune Cancer for swimming.
His last Solar Return with precession has Saturn, ruler Asc, conj Asc and Uranus conj the IC, endings.
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