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Groundhog Day USA Russia Putin Trump Nukes
« on: February 01, 2019, 02:34:40 PM »
Groundhog Day
 Moon Conjunct Pluto 21-41 Capricorn Square Mars 22-08 Aries

Some US Lunatics since the Leo Eclipse just passed the most Mengelesque Abortion laws.
For decades I have told people that abortion leads to nuclear war.

February 2nd the USA Russian nuclear arms agreement will end.

 Plutonium Bombs are ruled by Pluto.
 This agreement break down triggered or  activated  by the conjuncting Moon Pluto that are squaring the god of war Mars in his home sign Aries.

 No we are not at the tipping point yet  just pointing out  that the   stars are illustrative of the prevailing political situation.

Trump  Transits touch his Moon and Nodes

 Putin chart apected by this transit


Neptune,Vertex,PoF,Mars, Nodes

 The eclipses struck the POTUS 1789 chart, a USA chart
 New Moon Capricorn eclipse opposed natal Moon
 The Leo Full Moon eclipse  was on natal Uranus 
 Moon Pluto Conjunction  aspects the  MC and Neptune  in that chart.

 Asc Dsc and Pluto are aspected

MC,Pluto,PoF and Neptune