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Lost Key (Solved)
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:34:06 PM »
Here is an interesting one.   

The person who holds the common room key in my retirement village was injured and asked me to hold the key until she recovers.

I have lost it!  I think it fell out of my pocket and have searched everywhere I can think of.

In the mean time the common room remains locked to the annoyance of the other residents.
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Re: Lost Key
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2019, 04:16:20 AM »
I use Regiomontanus house system and because ruler of the 1st house and 2nd house is same/Venus that is sure sign it will be found!

So, look for it in bathroom or kitchen, near aquarium, near liquids, chemicals, oils (for healing techniques for example). Look also in a bedroom in a closet, or near medicine cabinet or photographic equipment. Look near religious areas at home.
Look at places where you  hopes or wishes to be.  A friend may have seen it or put it  someplace. Look at any work area in the home. Look at guest room.

Direction: South by East
Near colour: white, light green, blue, pink, lemon yellow

AS POF is in Leo in 4 house, it can be in a sun porch, a room in a house where you have more windows, play room,  living room, room where children spend time playing, room or place lacking orderliness, place where gold plated articles are kept, room or places belonging to your children, room with expensive furnishings, a toy chest, pool and game room, children's bedroom.  Near some source of heat or at showy, glamorous places.
POF in 4 house means to look at home, in the kitchen,  pantry or basement. In a safe, secure place.  Maybe at  parent's home. Any place where food is stored. Father's room. Where food is kept, old peoples home. Informal room.

Direction: North
Near colour: gold, orange, yellow, red, bright colors, pink

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Re: Lost Key
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2019, 09:50:40 AM »
 Very interesting Fensi.

Hi Alice , not Horary but another trick  you might try is , plot the Moon , when it makes some aspect to say Jupiter  Moon Sun Venus PoF ruling planet in your natal chart use that as a search window,. check car under floor mats  seat cushion, couch gremlins hide stuff in and under couches, good luck.
 Check grounds near your door.

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Re: Lost Key (Solved)
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2019, 06:40:25 PM »
Thanks for your input fensie88 and Steven7.

I lost the key on Saturday evening.  I had to go out on Sunday and when I came home one of my neighbours said the key and been put on top of her white letter box.  It looks like someone had found it in the street and put it there.

When I did the horary I thought it wouldn't take long to find because the Moon was travelling fast and in a close applying sextile to Mars in Gemini (neighbours) which is in the 2nd (possessions).  The Moon was conjunct the 4th cusp so I thought the key had to be close to my home.  I knew it wasn't in my home because I had put it in my pocket when I went to water a neighbour's garden before closing up the community room.

Mars is in a wide conjunction to the antiVertex, which is due east in the local horizon chart and the key on the letterbox was due east from my home.  I had searched and searched the ground in this  same area without any luck so thought I would ask for help on this forum.  However, the key was actually there but I had missed it.  Interestingly, with Mars in the mix, the key was on a red ribbon.

In my own horary I find the local horizon charts so accurate for the direction an object might be, so I have posted it below for the forum's perusal.

The other interesting thing I have found is that in a true horary,  the Ascendant or its duad is always conjunct a planet in the natal chart of the person asking the question.  In this case the duad of the Ascendant was conjunct my own Mars in Gemini, again suggesting a neighbour might have the answer.

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