Author Topic: Kidney Stone Surgery: Soccer Star Pele  (Read 322 times)

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Kidney Stone Surgery: Soccer Star Pele
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Have you ever undergone kidney stone surgery???   Pele's 90* tridial for date of surgery below.

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Re: Kidney Stone Surgery: Soccer Star Pele
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Source Notes

B.C. copy in hand from Marcello Borges stating Pele's birth date as October 21st. Evidently, early in Pele's career a seer advised him to say that he was born three days later, October 24, to get a stronger Scorpio image.

Note by A. Treindl: Pele claims the birth date to be 23 October, which does still make him a Libra, though he may have not known that, as common wisdom is that Scorpio begins on that day. On his birthday, that happened only at 4:39 pm.

(Formerly, Bordoni had October 23, 1940 from an autobiography and 1:40 AM from a friend in Brazil. Getulio Bittencouret called the registry office who gave him October 23, 1940, 3:00 AM. Marion March quoted Astrolog for 1941, 1:20 AM.)

Starkman rectified to 23 October 1940 02.50.38 L.T. Asc 9Vir00'
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