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Hi Jim Bj,  2007 OR10 has been given a name by a vote/poll supervised by Mike Brown and Sue Kientz who work in the same office.    Here's the details:
GONGGONG - From the Horse's Mouth: Going to a 2:30p meeting meant I had to pass Mike Brown's office. He was in there and not on the phone so ventured to ask about the unsourced claim on 2007 OR10's wikipedia page, that Gonggong won the planet poll name. He says that is TRUE. He was however surprised that the info was nowhere else, esp. that it was not on the page where the voting was hosted.

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Re: Gonggong
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That's what we need is a FEARsome serpent(dragon). Maybe nasa or astronomers got it right.
jesus + john the baptist had it conjunct jupiter + saturn in pisces.
Jesus gets crucified and john gets beheaded. oh and bethlehem kids get killed.
i have it in the 9th square venus. god help me.

the snow white name was(is) a lot of rubbish.