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Harold Shipman killer
« on: October 10, 2019, 05:33:38 PM »
Harold Shipman
14 jan 1946
nottingham, england

nobody knows the time

killed maybe 200 people
he hanged himself

OR10 conjuncts sun. i put that in 8th house

mars conjunct saturn
moon conjuncts uranus
 a real piece of work

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Re: Harold Shipman killer/RECTIFIED
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2019, 07:43:53 AM »
       Below is Dr. Harold Shipman's triwheel for suicidal death with details.     Also added is natal rectified chart.   We have verified the chart with Shipman's precessed Lunar Return at death, in a 3rd chart.   Lunar return Mars/Saturn= ALGOL in the 8th House.H.
       His mother died when he was 17....Solar Arc Uranus conjuncted natal Moon, mother, in 12th, hospital for cancer.     Also trans Uranus conjuncted his 4th H cusp of mother at this time.
       He excelled in athleltics and long distance running in school......natal Mercury, rules the 3rd, and is angular on his 7th cusp, competitions.      natal Mars-Saturn is angular in his 1st House.    Neptune, ruler feet, rules his 9th H of long distance, and conjuncted his 5th H cusp of SPORTS.
       When he married on Nov 5, 1966, Solar Arc Juno, partnerships, was conj his natal MAY(wife's name) in his 5th H of LOVE GIVEN.   Also trans CERES, motherhood, was exactly on his Asc while Solar Arc NODE, UNION was 180 his natal Venus, in his 7th of partnerships, ruling his 5th H, love given.
Solar Arc MAY sextiled his natal Neptune which conjuncted his 5th House cusp exactly, signalling an ideal romance.  Neptune ruling 10th gives a partner who is idolized.
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