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Kelly Fraser. 26
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         Kelly Fraser (August 8, 1993 – December 24, 2019) was a Canadian Inuk pop singer and songwriter, whose second album, Sedna, received a Juno Award nomination for Indigenous Music Album of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2018.

She died at her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 24, 2019 by suicide.   According to her family she had suffered through "...childhood traumas, racism. PTSD and persistent cyberbullying."

Sedna was released on February 25, 2017, by Nunavut's Hitmakerz record label.  The title of the album, known as , refers to the story of Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea, which Fraser decided to modernize in this album.   She said, "The goal of the album is to help heal those suffering from the effects of colonization,   including the damaging effects of residential school and forced relocation.   There is a great need for Inuit artists to directly speak to those affected from the past."
      Rectified Natal and death triwheel below.
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Re: Kelly Fraser. 26
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        "YOUR NAME IS YOUR DESTINY."    The letters of your name stimulate the angles of your chart and other points in your chart producing your career, destiny and misfortunes.   Let's take her name KELLY FRASER.    K is her THRUST letter ruled by Scorpio/Pluto and she has Scorpio on her Asc  projecting to her 7th of Open Enemies, so she would stimulate others in jealous way, jealous of her fame.    She has Pluto in her 1st House giving a lonely life, loners.
Letter "e" is ruled by Mercury aspected by Mars, overstimulation, overwork.    "L" is her middle or HINGE letter, it gives the SPINE of the chart and her L
is ruled by Venus, r7 quindecile Neptune, r5, giving her CREATIVE ARTS focus, of which SINGINS is one career channel along 3/9 axis, SONG WRITING.
Venus/Neptune is very caring and her Saturn Aquarius gives charity.    Hinge letter energies are blocked, held back in the unconscious and when they do break
free, they are experienced as obsessions, compulsions which should be overcome for personality growth.
         Letter "Y" is her last letter or KEY letter, ruled by Saturn rx in the 4th of home/parent and her father committed suicide when she was 10.    Saturn opp Chiron shows  the PAIN she had to live with all her life and its conj to Dionysus, drugs, shows how she relieved these memories.     Marilyn Monroe also had
Saturn rx in her 4th House, another "femme fatale."    The KEY letter, ruled by Saturn rx, 4th, shows how she finishes things.
        Now for her last name FRASER...."F" is ruled by LEO, conj her MH of career, desire to be in the limelight.   F(RASER) rearranging the bracketed letters gives
her ARRES or ARIES with the Moon in the 6th producing a workaholic.    Her angular 7th contains SEDNA, misfortunes, PTSD, from OPEN  ENEMIES on
the worldwide WEB, pictured by Arachne the spiderweb glyph.    Arachnne joined by TORO, giving her CYBER  BULLYING, relieved by BACCHUS, drug use to
help her PTSD.
        SINATRA in her 5th House of SINGING gave her an award for her ALBUM, SEDNA, good but again containing songs that emphasized her life of misfortune for her and her people....the INUITS have the highest suicide rate in the world.     They subsist mainly by hunting and fishing.....depending on the water for transportation.....see POSEIDON on her Asc quindecile SEDNA.....again a repetitive theme.
       She chose age 26 to depart...2+ 6 = 8, numerologically death and this was reinforced by suicide asteroid ELISA exactly on her 8th cusp.     The pain of her father's suicide a background theme as her natal Sun, the father, joins another suicide asteroid ERIGONE.     "Your life is your destiny, indeed".
      SEPHARIAL on 2Taurus...."A woman lying on the ground in the last moments of life.   The Sun is setting among  clouds."   One for whom life is a severe
lesson; one who will attempt great things to her discomfiture, and whose hopes will vanish like the clouds."   It is a degree of SELF-UNDOING.
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