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Gordie Howe
« on: April 15, 2020, 01:22:33 PM »
Gordie Howe
31 mar 1928
Floral, Sask, Canada. didn't have floral. I used saskatoon.

source for time is from The Canadian Astrology Collection, page 220

The greatest hockey player ever.
jupiter conjunct sun in aries


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Re: Gordie Howe
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Thanks Jim.
Could you please post also the original source that JMC has for this chart as well as for Oscar Brand?

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Re: Gordie Howe
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Thanx Jin,  Gordie Howe, MC conjunct the number 22, super star.    His natal below with notes.   Gordie's 2nd and 3rd Harmonic charts are very strong.
      People who have strong 2h charts are...."driven people, they are faced with huge challenges which they struggle to overcome.   Emphasis is on action
and their actions are carried out with great vigour and determination."    These characteristics are shown in Howe's 2H featuring a GRAND CROSS in
cardinal signs.    Sun at 22 degrees is prominently elevated on the MH, and Sun is at superstar 22 degrees.
      Howe has a strong 3H chart.   Mars in Sag, ice hockey sport is elevated.   3H features trines and the number 3.   Trines are easy aspects.   Is it
any wonder Gordie found it easy to form and play on the famous line of Able, Howe and Lindsay the famous threesome.  In threeness Howe is now
aware of self and two others, namely Able and Lindsay.    Howe has a quindecile aspect to his HC.....165 factors to 3 X 5 X 11, thus containing the
number 3.   The MH also receives a trine aspect....120 also divisible by 3.    He found this sport easy thanks to his two linemates.   His MH receives
2 quindeciles and 1 trine.   Intense focus on his 6th House of work.
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