Author Topic: where are jess's lost keys  (Read 1686 times)

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where are jess's lost keys
« on: January 26, 2020, 06:43:52 AM »
lost wednesday last. she had friends over and cannt find her car keys or house keys. dont know if they have been stolen.  The chart i have done is dated jan 25. 2020. time GMT 18.41. stockport 53N25   002W10.. i have a leo asc.(my sign) and MC  Taurus her sign. there are 4 earth planets and 1 fire 2 water and 3 air.  Can anyone suggest if they are in the house or stolen.  I have the feeling they must be in the house although she has been taking it apart since Wednesday night. I hope someone could just see if there is any chance of her recovering them. many thanks for any help you can give.