April 18, 2024

11th House Orientation

11th House Orientation

The bulk of this essay is reprinted fromThe Creative Astrologer, a text that is oriented to the efficacy of single session therapeutic success. It contains over 700 creative connections to guide us through planetary and aspect symbolisms into deep analysis of the human condition. [See “BOOKS”]

High developmental tension to the significator of the 11th House almost invariably suggests an anxiety about being lovable. This psychodynamic is linked with the concept of self-worth, with giving love, and expecting it in return. The Succedent Grand Cross of Houses is deeply linked with tension networks involving the significators of the parental axis, the Saturn retrograde phenomenon, Saturn’s relationship with the Sun, and the Nodal Axis configurations.

A perfect follow-up question to the inquiry/statement about Saturn retrograde can be asked (with care): “Did your father ever say, ‘George, baby, I love you’?” The answer brings poignancy to the consultation discussion –and this usually takes place in the first five or six minutes of meeting the client and beginning the consultation. The astrologer must be prepared through remediation studies to discuss the entire issue. First, though, this statement helps very much: “I appreciate what you’re feeling; let me suggest that these tears now are not necessarily tears of pain, but tears of recognition. Let’s talk about this a bit.” This gives the client a chance to gather composure.

The Moon in the 11th House so often is corroborated in life through a tremendous supply of and reliance upon friends: “I’ll bet your list of friends is endless … 10,000 Christmas cards!!! How do your friends help you with …?”

This resource of friends is extremely important in times of looking for a job, for example. If the friends are out there and are not being “used”, perhaps the client can put together an interesting newsletter to keep the friends active and up-to-date on his or her behalf! Do the friends take the place of a close personal (intimate) relationship? Why? What is being avoided?

If the pipeline is blocked, why is it blocked? –In the e-mail world now, networking is a key strategy to getting out of one’s routined apathy or insecurity and into a brighter, more active regimen.

The sexual profile of the spouse can often be seen in the 11th, the fifth of the 7th. This derivative phenomenon underscores the intricate interrelationship among the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th Houses. We know that Saturn in the 11th House suggests a tremendous need for love; what might that complex say about the spouse’’ response to that need? Might the client be exploited by the spouse, using sex strategically (Saturn)? If Uranus is in the 11th, might the client be expecting too much (extreme) adulation and attention from the spouse? Is this practical? How does this work out? What problems are being caused? How do those problems fit in with concerns that have part of the overall development through many years?

If Neptune is in the 11th, is there something other than it seems with regard to the sexual relationship from the partner’s perspective, a s second agenda, another level of activity, a concern like sterility, impotence, abortion guilt, or affairs? If Pluto is in the 11th, is there a power struggle somehow with the spouse sexually, with the extended group of “friends”?

With clients over forty-five, perhaps potentials of the 11th House, which have never been fully activated and explored, have resignedly gone to sleep. The creative astrologer must know that the older one is, the more reluctant on is to ask people for help. On the surface, this is unreasonable: we are all in life together; that is why we shake hands so often. Below the surface, this suggests self-effacement, not wanting to be a burden; and this is not reality. One-on-one, if they reasonably can help someone, most people love to do so; it makes them feel significant and appreciated. If they say no, turning down the request, they feel terrible.

This is why politicians make personal appeals for funds, “I need your help.” This is how to be successful making a call to customer service, “Thank you for your time. I really need your help with something” (or “I know you can be helpful, and I hope you will, please.”). Pause for a response, and you will hear: “Of course, if I can.”

The astrologer can help reactivate the client’s 11th House, urging him to reach out to his friends in specific ways that will help his plan for himself.

A recent female client (58) shows a dramatic northwestern orientation in her horoscope: lots of unfinished business in the early home development and a conspicuous dedication to giving of her self to others. Her Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury are all in Libra in the 6th echoing the hemisphere emphasis clearly.

The Moon is alone above the horizon in Capricorn in the 10th. While this suggests a tremendous need to make things happen, a take-charge attitude, in its aspect condition opposed by Mars-Saturn in the 4th and quindecile Pluto ruler of the 7th, we see corroboration of a brutal homelife and the powerful altruistic projection to others in overcompensation. –This woman’s profession actually is helping others in crisis situations!

Midpoint Mercury-Jupiter pictures and the prominent Moon ruling the 3rd, suggested very strongly, repeatedly, “writing, extended communication” to drive and develop her executivity. –When I brought this out in our discussion, it was a revelation to her: she had never put this thrust of large-scale communication together with her work in individual crisis therapy! She had so much to say in her experience, but she had never seen the forest for the trees!

Her 11th House was ruled by Uranus, and her Uranus was beautifully trine her Libran Sun. –I added the word “networking” to her consciousness, to her business acumen. The rest of this woman’s working life is now clarified with enormous enthusiasm and substance; an outreach to many, many others is now the passion of her work activity (Node quindecile MC). It will change her personality, attract different kinds of people to her, and put the legacy of great pains from her past behind her.