April 18, 2024

Assessing your own Technique

Stored in this “department,” Analytical Techniques, are 87 essays on horoscope analysis. That’s some 80-85,000 words of highly specific instruction!!! –And those essays work in creative tandem with the 1000-page Professional Manual Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology. And all that works beautifully with the new book, Noel Tyl’s Guide to Astrological Consultation. And all of THAT is dramatized on two power-packed DVDs. [–Please see MENU; BOOK LIST.] —That’s a LOT of information, instruction, guidance.

But our point here is, how much of all this information have you made your own? How have you enriched your analytical ability, your process of horoscope interpretation through your visits here?

In this Internet Age, it is so easy to ignore cumulative learning; it is all too easy to opt for the press-the-button get-a-quick-answer for this quick moment and quickly go on to something else. What is new is relevant in terms of today’s offering, but then it is forgotten just as quickly as it was accessed.

I work the opposite way (a generational difference?). For example, in my own astrological learning and theorization, I have never ever forgotten the information that has supported my personal discoveries for astrological analysis, that has stimulated my thinking in particular directions.

For example: I can’t ever forget or discard or overlook Alan Leo’s beautifully crafted statement, “Neptune allows the soul to leave the body.” —This deeply powerful thought taught me to ask why?, to go where?, under what conditions?, why the soul? I’ve thought about this for years and years in relation to Neptune.

This process reveals how we come to understand the symbology of the planet Neptune, in this case; how your and my understanding of Neptune evolves.

When we serve our clients, we have that sensibility and awareness with us. It’s rich, well-developed. We can share it. This frame of reference applies to all horoscopes alike: for Pope Benedict XVI (Neptune rules his Ascendant, in a Fire Grand Trine with the Sun and the Midheaven); for Burt Bachrach (Neptune squares his Sun and Mercury); for Adolf Hitler, with Neptune conjunct Pluto –a peregrine island— in the 8th House, etc.

Through our careful study, Neptune-understanding enters our identity. It’s not a one-key stop on a frantic information highway.

Knowledge defines who we are; we become what we know. –We are not applying a factoid, so to speak, to the first appropriate situation we meet and feeling some glory in being pertinent. No. We are gaining possession of a rich dimension of understanding; and it is ours forever.

What about the formulations of Hemisphere Emphasis in a horoscope, which can be spotted within one second, which color all analytical deductions for a lifetime [see Analytical Techniques, July 15, 1999 and July 31, 2004; see Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, pages 5-34]?

What about the modernization of Sun-Moon blends and the connections we can make with psychological Need Theory? [Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, pages 65-102. DVD-1]

What about the crucially profound concept of Saturn-retrograde phenomenology? –Please see DVD-1, Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology pages 38-47.

The Nodal Axis? –Family crisis observation and distillation: [Analytical Techniques, “February 28, 2002, February 26, 2003 and May 1, 2003.”]

And the psychodynamic inter-relationships of House rulers under developmental tension? –Ultra simplified! [DVD-1, Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology pages 225-270]

The list is long. But suffice it to say, that just these five measurement references made above can transform the way an astrology student assesses a horoscope, enriching insight, building confidence, releasing enormously significant growth through learning.

–You might discard this idea of ordered learning growth. You might say, “So what else is new?” –And I would have to reply… all of this was new, just recently, and it has endured into its modern usage; those discoveries and formulations have entered the literature. And then I would suggest that … while there is nothing new under the Sun … the Sun is ever new.
Please think about that. You owe it to your talent to enrich and polish it, the procedures in your brain, your service to others.

How about this; try it: Male, August 06, 1988 at 11:46 PM PDT in Santa Monica CA [Asc 12Tau16]. Draw up this horoscope and jot down what you come up with, say, in ten minutes, in an hour. –How do you know where to start? Have you learned a definitive procedure? How much of what you know do you trust? How do the different observations hold together?

***Here’s what I came up with in much less than 60 seconds –and I can train you to do this!, using just the five structural analytical references listed above:

1. Hemisphere emphasis is decidedly Eastern: we feel a defensiveness pervading the horoscope. Why?

2. The Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Gemini: the young man works to gain recognition, to be respected and even made a hero, and he works to attract this by showing brightness, diversification, keen communication skills. But will he be able to break through the veil of defensiveness? It’s an uphill battle. It probably comes off as overcompensation for something (back to the defensiveness again!).

3. The tangle of anxiety is taken on through his father-relationship (Saturn-rx and ruling the 10th), with a decided reference to feeling that he is not lovable, feeling inferior, deficient (Saturn conjunct Uranus, ruler of the 11th). What are these problems that originate in the home here?

4. The mother is the focus of so much (Moon square the Nodal Axis; Moon ruling the 4th); the crucial debilitation focuses here, and sullen, painful, connected emotions are out in the open (Venus at the Aries Point opposed by Saturn).

5. These domestic matters threaten to smother the young man (Pluto square the Sun) and will surely color his adult relationships (Pluto on the seventh, ruling the 7th).


How did you do?

This is the horoscope of Justin Simpson the son of O. J. Simpson, tried for murdering his wife, Justin’s mother.

Much the same can be done with time projections past and future … within the radix structure alone to begin with! –We’re just getting started …. But we know how to do it!

Other analytical concepts can be learned and brought into the analytical mix. For example, do you hear people all-too-frequently misusing the reference to paranoia? Do you really understand this difficulty with managing perception, a little bit of which we probably all have? When is actual paranoia really the case? How about depression? –Why not spend a week considering the mind-set 3rd House exclusively!!!! [also see Analytical Techniques, September 30, 2006] –You will learn and know it forever.

Why are the Angles of the horoscope so important? –Can you offer an answer to that question? [See Analytical Techniques, November 30, 2003 and January 02, 2004, and you will know it forever.]

How do you establish a time focus in the future? — Please see “Analytical Techniques, October 29, 2002”, and you will be armed for bear!

Remember::: Knowledge shines in your eyes. People see it there. Study builds that light, not for a moment, but for ever.