April 18, 2024

Breaking Routing Blocks in MH Extension

Breaking Routing Blocks in MH Extension

The routing of the Midheaven throughout the horoscope in the Midheaven Extension Process can run into apparent dead-ends. This will happen when, working with dispositor dynamics, we fall into a repetitive loop usually involved with a mutual reception, or when we encounter a planet in its own Sign, a final dispositor. Networking stops.

This doesn’t mean that the routing has been futile. Quite the contrary: the work on that pathway coursing throughout the horoscope’s potentials and needs has provided what it can to our analysis, and now we need a fresh start to explore and add more to the mix.

We look to the co-ruler of the Midheaven if there is one (an interception); we look to planets aspecting the Midheaven and start a routing that way. We can start with a dominatingly prevalent Oriental planet or Aries Point planet. Or a fresh start with a key aspect like Venus quintile Neptune if the surmise of the early analysis leans to the arts. –All the while we are asking ourselves, “Where is this routing, this planet taking us?” With the second or even third routings, we will see quickly that the initial impression, the theme from the initial routing using the ruler of the Midheaven, is being reinforced, repeated. What the horoscope needs and for which it is making its statement becomes more clearly defined, almost always in terms of a particular House of activity.

For example: look at Jerry Lewis’ horoscope: March 16, 1926 at 12:15 PM, EST in Newark NJ.

The double-bodied Sign on the Midheaven cues us perhaps to more than one career, more than one commanding vocational path. The Midheaven ruler, Neptune is disposited by the Sun. In fact, Neptune and the Sun are in mutual reception. The initial Midheaven extension process threatens to stop.

If we now shift to Uranus, in conjunction with the Sun in Pisces [this still carries forward the Pisces archetype from the Midheaven, with the addendum of the Leo dimension through the Sun], we would still be anchored by the Neptune-Sun mutual reception (Pisces-Leo).

We know that one way to revive the extension of the Midheaven routing is to switch to the co-ruling-Sign if there is one. In this case, it is Aries, intercepted in the Midheaven.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is disposited by Saturn, which is disposited by Pluto, which is disposited by the Moon, which is disposited by Venus in conjunction with Jupiter in the 8th House. THIS becomes a clear target area. –This is a STOP feeling; a hypothetical terminus.

The first extension caught up in the mutual reception did offer hope for further routing through Uranus as ruler of the 8th. The second extension routing has now ended up itself in the 8th House, with the Jupiter-Venus conjunction (largesse) disposited by Uranus, ruler of the 8tH and in conjunction with the Sun in mutual reception with Neptune.

With the emergence of the 2nd-8th House axis, money is entering the mix. With the Aquarian tone, we can think “philanthropy.”

Another consideration to break out of a mutual reception loop is through the planet that might be conjunct or tightly aspecting the Midheaven [regardless of aspect quality, which plays no role in the extension Process. Contact is everything!]

Notice how starting with Saturn here, trine the Midheaven, takes us to Pluto, to the Moon, to Venus-Jupiter … to Uranus-Sun to Neptune. –Very clear.

If we start with Jupiter, the oriental planet here, we go back immediately to Uranus-Sun, with Uranus keying the 8th House where Jupiter-Venus are.

And of course, Jerrry Lewis is one of the greatest philanthropists in American History through his many-year activity with the Muscular Dystrophy Telethons and other promotion activities. Billions of dollars!

Another example: this male’s horoscope reads January 10, 1953 at 11:45 AM EST in Atlanta GA.

The Midheaven is ruled by Saturn, which is conjoined by Neptune, and this conjunction is disposited by Venus in Pisces. We see that Venus is in mutual reception with Neptune. While Mars is in conjunction with Venus, it is disposited by Neptune, which brings us back into the loop once again. That loop suggests the arts: Saturn’s involvement suggests “business administration in the arts.”

The fresh way further is through Mercury conjunct the Midheaven. This is an extremely important, angular, exact contact; Mercury rules the 3rd: communications … we now have “communicating and business administration in the arts.”

This man is a producer of concerts for television (Neptune) and a radio commentator about classical music.

~~At all times, in this Midheaven Extension Process, we must allow common sense to become a measurement control as well! As soon as we begin the process, the Midheaven Sign archetype and the ruling planet are telling us something. Common sense dictates that this planet will take that archetype throughout the horoscope as far as it is able to illuminate needs and behavioral potentials, just as the Sun’s light illuminates all the planets within our Solar System to one degree or another.We need to look for homogeneity and inter-compatible focus among the measurements.

When there is an apparent dead end, we shift to another focus of the extension, another reflector of the “light.”

Always during the process, we are looking for repetition, reflection, echo, focusing within a House that brings the planetary symbolisms down to earth and hopes to be the scene of vocational activity and need fulfillment.

It works!