April 18, 2024

Bringing Big Conjunctions down to Earth

Bringing Big Conjunctions down to Earth

Before you read this essay, I suggest strongly that you draw the following chart: “Jupiter-Saturn conjunction,” January 01, 1981 at 00:19 AM, BGT at Mecca, Saudi Arabia (-03:00; Ascendant 9 Libra 19).

This chart shows the extraordinarily symbolically powerful Grand Mutation conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn focused at the one place on earth where it was rising. It happened to be Mecca, the heart of the Islamic world.

“The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs approximately every 20 years. From 1842-1981, the conjunctions have occurred exclusively in the Earth Family, and curiously every United States president who assumed office under this conjunction in the Earth Family has died in office (Harrison, Lincoln, Garfield. McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt, and Kennedy).

“When the cycle of conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn changes into a new family of Signs, it is called a Grand Mutation. This occurred from December 31 (GMT), 1980 to July 24, 1981 in early Libra, with the inauguration of Ronald Reagan as president. A symbolist would point out that the change to the Air Family would shift the concentration upon administration, organization, and doctrine (Earth signs) to society’s greater well-being, living together in peace, sharing inventions, resources, information, escaping from the grip of stratification, confirming justice –or, indeed, fighting over whose peace was the correct one to share. [–Just look at the protestations for these values in the last 20 years! Efforts everywhere are for peace, peace, peace, all in human values of a better life … but what strife even those noble pursuits foment!]

“The transition to a new world order is gradual. There is still so much agony and terror on Earth. The Grand Mutation will take five more cycles (until 2080) to become completely settled within the Air Family.

“It is easy to wax eloquent over the symbolism that literally blazes off the horoscope you have just drawn, the conjunction rising at Mecca. This image portrays the symbol of religion, philosophy, and learning (Jupiter) in the leaden grip of conjunction with the symbol of time itself, the rigor of tradition, and the administration of dogma (Saturn).

“That this conjunction was exactly rising at the most important shrine of the Islamic world places extreme focus, demand, and responsibility upon Islam and the Arab world. [It can be focused easily into an outraged sense of righteousness; one’s time has come; holy war.]

“It could be seen that God’s will could aggressively develop Arab dominance of the Middle East and, quite possibly, through strategies tied to oil [Neptune quindecile the MC], exert a major influence upon the rest of the world. There would be aggression from other nations –the Moon square with Mars, the Moon ruling the MC and Mars the 7th –and also “trouble at home”, which we see through the very strong 4th House emphasis through very close Sun-Mercury squares to the conjunction, with Saturn ruling the 4th. It is definitely an indication of an internecine struggle, Arabs warring with Arabs.”

And so it goes … with so much more possible from this chart of our world history beginning in 1981 and lasting to the Millennium.

[I wrote these words in 1990, as part of the very large presentation of Middle East tensions, predicting the first Iraq WAR precisely to the day, Predicition in Astrology. I include this presentation to show how astrological management of Cosmic phenomena charts history. And this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart is an epic example.]

Now, every two years, Mars and Saturn are in transit conjunction. Where they relate on earth —rising or culminating in relation to a country’s capital city suggests great strife ahead for a protracted 2-year period for that country.

Here’s the astrological technique to determine the positions on earth of the cosmic event above.

1. Through an Aspectarian or a fine calendar, learn the time that the conjunction –in our example here, Mars-conjunct-Saturn—occurs the first time (if there may be ensuing repetitions). Mars conjunct Saturn occurs on May 24, 2004 at 10:39 PM, PDT (my initial reference).

2. Convert the time of occurrence to GMT; i.e., 6: 39 AM, May 25. –Of course, we are adding 8 hours to the Pacific Time to get the time in Greenwich, England. But note we are crossing a date line in the process.

3. Draw the chart for the conjunction at Greenwich at GMT. [–It is essential to do that before going on with this essay.]

The chart shows us that the Mars-Saturn conjunction will be rising at 11 Cancer 19 at London! at 6:39 AM on May 25, 2004. [An orb of three degrees is tolerable; exactness seems to correlate with intensity.]

You could have anticipated this from the Pacific time of 10:39 PM, the night before or from the time 1:39 AM in the Eastern time Zone. By adding the hours to London, with this conjunction we get a sunrise-ish time! This is fortuitous; already we have a hot spot: national developments in England, focused through the people’s voice (the Ascendant).

4. Now, where on earth will Mars-Saturn be at the Midheaven?

Look at the GMT chart: note the distance from the Ascendant to the Midheaven [not just because it happens to occur at the Ascendant. No matter where the event occurs, our objective is to relate it to the Midheaven somewhere on earth.]. That’s all there is to it! –That distance between two signs of the same Element (Cancer and Pisces) is a trine: the Mars-Saturn conjunction will be culminating near the longitude 120 degrees EAST

!!!! We know it is to the East of Greenwich because we are “bringing the Midheaven TO the conjunction there at the Ascendant; i.e., we are moving EASTWARD, toward the Ascendant. [If the cosmic event were placed in the 6th House, say, some 73 degrees from the Midheaven, the Midheaven would travel WESTWARD to take on the conjunction, westward from London, which would be 73 degrees West longitude, right over Washington D.C.!!!!!]

So we know that the Mars-Saturn conjunction will culminate very near 120 E 00.

5. What capital cities are within 3-degrees (the recommended longitude orb) of the 120 East meridian line drawn (down) through the globe (north or south of the equator makes no difference)? –A quick look at a map will show you that Peking, China is at 116 E 25. You give this chart a try [please do so now]. Mars-Saturn conjunction will take place in Peking, China on May 25, 2004 at 2:39 PM, CCT.

6. That chart shows that fact: the Midheaven is 8 Cancer 36 and the conjunction is at 11Cancer 19.

7. On your map, go down through the world. Is there any other capital city hugging that Meridian? –Yes there is: Manila in the Philippines. Draw the chart for Mars-Saturn conjunction May 25, 2004 at 2:39 PM CCT in Manila. You will see the 12 Cancer 50 Midheaven with the Mars-Saturn conjunction right there in 11 Cancer 19!

That’s how it works. With this conjunction, things fell quickly into place.

Sometimes, it is a bit tedious to find the rising place on earth. This is because the earth is irregular, and Ascendant specification (location) doesn’t respond to rules as the Midheaven does (the focus of time). –For example, try Mars-Saturn, May 25, 2004 at 7:39 AM, CET (an hour later than in Greenwich) in Paris at 2E20, 48N52: there too, the conjunction is rising at a 12 Cancer 56 Ascendant. Fine.

But if we try to project the 2-3 Longitude East line down into Africa, say, to Lagos Nigeria, it doesn’t hold up; latitude problems get in the way. In Lagos, the conjunction is twenty-one degrees below the horizon.

The fluctuation of Latitude instead of Longitude does not allow for any law controlling the Ascendant within time.

With experience, an intuition takes over with regard to the rising places of cosmic events. Be patient, it does come! You will start to anticipate which capital cities to try.

Interpretation Remember, that the conjunction chart is always, always the same no matter where on earth it is cast. Only the time changes; the moment of conjunction is always the same, except that it is viewed through different time zones and locations.

Looking at the GMT occurrence, 13 Cancer 34 rising: The Mars-Saturn conjunction always represents the clash of opposites (force and control; hot and cold). Here at the Ascendant (the people) we anticipate much uprising among the people, through their Parliament (Mars rules the 11th) about other governments and perhaps their apparent attempt to control the English position (Saturn rules the 7th).

The Moon is square Mercury, tightly: there will be a lot of talk and argument by the party not in power (Mercury rules the 4th). The talk will be about the head-of-State: Neptune, ruler of the 10th, opposes the Moon, and the important Mercury squares that axis.

This is echoed by the Sun (also always the head-of-State, along with the ruler of the 10th) being squared by Uranus, ruler of the 9th; i.e., foreign involvement causing enormous tension.

The upheaval is also about the use of force, or there will be forced used upon the head-of-State: the Sun is quindecile Pluto in the 6th (the Armed Forces).

We would be careful to watch punctuation of this background chart for activation: for example, tr Mars-Jupiter at 11 Libra in October-November 2004 will stir up the portents of the Mars-Saturn conjunction chart considerably, especially since tr Uranus at 3-4 Pisces will be squaring the conjunction chart’s Sun at the same time.

Now, this is just a cursory sketch of the portents of the chart. But note: it will be the same for France since the Houses remain the same. But it will different slightly for China and for the Philippines, with different Houses, since over these capital cities, the conjunction will be culminating. –This is where the astrological guidelines must work into history and current events, the reality of each nation, adjusting the astrological suggestions.

Look at the culmination charts and figure out your interpretation, perhaps along these lines: the party in power at the Midheaven is jeopardized or is involved with extreme deception (Moon rules the 10th where the conjunction is, and the Moon is opposed by Neptune, ruling the 6th; perhaps military jeopardy internally).

The Mars-Saturn conjunction suggests a power struggle within the party in power. Venus, ruling the Ascendant and retrograde, opposed by Pluto, suggests that the people are thwarted, muffled, forced own.

All the upset will be about foreign policies: Mercury, ruling the 9th, squared by Neptune. The sense of public enemies is involved as well, since Mars rules the 7th. –This will be applicable to the developing realities in China AND in the Philippines.

This is the way of Mundane astrology, in part, bringing cosmic events down to earth for guidelines for history. –It is unendingly fascinating.