April 18, 2024

CHIRON, Discovery of the Outer Planets

CHIRON, Discovery of the Outer Planets, and the WTC Tragedyby Prudence Nuesink

Prudence Nuesink first studied astrology with Katina Theodossiou in London 1983. Eric Morse and Helen Adams Garrett expanded the process after Katina died. Prudence lives in London and mans an astrology interpretation line. Her main study fascination is the Progressed Eclipse. She has lectured in England and the USA. Her telephone number is +44 207-731-2517.

In1993 I watched a BBC Horizon programme, Assault on the Male, in which scientists in various parts of the world were concluding that man has released endocrine disrupters throughout the world which are having fundamental effects on the immune and reproductive systems, and that our species could be in trouble.

Fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, man himself, the programme made it clear that a slow hermaphrodite trend was taking place: it was not an occasional hiccough, it was a perniciously slow transformation brought about by imitation female hormones found in plastic. It had entered the water table.

Throughout the program I thought, “Chiron must be part of that picture,” since its orbit links Saturn and Uranus, the last of the visible with the first of the invisible, tradition with the unexpected.

Chiron was discovered in Pasadena, California, USA (34N08 – 118W08) at 10.00 hrs on 1st November 1977. With extraordinary synchronicity, the programme was shown 31 October 1993, the eve of Chiron’s anniversary. I reached for the discovery chart.

Chiron, at 3 Taurus retrograde (the exaltation degree of the Moon) in the fourth house, applies to a tight square with Mars in the eighth. The Sun is 9 Scorpio, a critical degree in the sign of transformation. The Moon at 12 Cancer squares the nodes, and the north node is conjunct Pluto. The Moon also trines the Sun, Uranus and Mercury, all in Scorpio. The highest value of Aries is potency, and the IC on Chiron’s discovery chart is l3 Aries, a critical degree, which more than hints at crisis in potency.

The more I looked at the chart, the more I remembered that whenever a new planet is discovered, mankind is ready for a new form of awareness. I compared the discovery charts of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with Chiron’s to see if there were any contacts.

Uranus was discovered on 12 March 1791 at 11.52 hrs in Bath, England (51N23 – 002W22), and, via the French and American revolutions and the discovery of electricity, is linked to a bursting need for self-expression.

Neptune came to attention on 24 September 1846 at 00.14 hrs in Berlin, Germany (52N30 – 013E22). Along with the Opium Wars, an upsurge of new faiths, and the invention of photography and film, this New” outer planet was linked to addiction, deception, spirituality.

Pluto, recognized at 22.41 hrs on 18 February 1930 in Flagstaff, Arizona (35N11 – 111W39) was the fierce forerunner of the atom bomb and, ever since, has signified drastic transformation.

Chiron has a Scorpio Sun and Uranus; Neptune and Pluto both have Scorpio Moons. Chiron and Uranus both have Chiron at 3 Taurus, the exaltation degree of the Moon, and Uranus and Pluto both have the north node at 5 Taurus, and Venus at 1 and 2 Pisces. There are many more contacts showing an interlaced relationship among the outer planets.

It appeared to me that Chiron was connected to the outer planets as a fourth step in the further evolvement of man. The contacts between the four discovery charts were too close and repetitive not to be linked. Chiron’s warning seems to be “You are not alone, you are part of the community. If you assume the energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to excess, remember: you will damage yourself and those you live amongst. You are your brother’s keeper.”

The appalling World Trade Center catastrophe Put any one of those attack charts, (first attack, 11 September 2001 at 08.46 hrs EDT New York; 40N45 – 073W57, for example) , against Chiron’s discovery chart and the contacts are startling! Every single planet makes a direct conjunction or simple aspect within three degrees! Given the enormity of the atrocity, I compared as well the discovery charts for Pluto, Uranus and Neptune –and the contacts among the charts continue.

The attacks had this immediate result: the USA rose to unite itself as a nation by recalling the “founding” conservative standards of community, integrity and courage, and thereby invoked the healing aspect of Chiron: making oneself whole. Most of the world united against the perpetrators, who had proved the downside of Chiron’s energy by shooting themselves in the foot.

The stakes are very high. Retribution not tempered with justice and international approval may destabilize the world via intolerance.

The assaults on the largest buildings in New York and on the Pentagon in Washington reminded me of a similar event. For six days, starting 18 July 1994 at 10.00 hrs UT, Jupiter was smashed into by the first part of comet Shoemaker-Levy.

Jupiter’s first collision chart shows Chiron conjunct Venus in Virgo opposing retrograde Saturn in Pisces. Pluto, conjunct the Moon and north node in Scorpio, trines the Cancer Sun, (the downside of a trine is carelessness), which directly opposes Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn. Jupiter was exactly conjunct the south node of both the Uranus and Pluto discovery charts as well as Chiron’s discovery chart Sun.

Shoemaker-Levy’s crash into Jupiter can appear to be a cosmic blueprint for the World Trade Center calamity. The movement of planets through space affects us all. Why shouldn’t earth, in delayed motion, reflect the energy of a planet interfered with in its cycle?

Perhaps crop circles found in grain fields are signs of visits from outer space visitors. After all, we landed on the Moon…..!

As the world has become miniaturized via television, air travel, e-mail, the world-wide-web, it is interesting to link our astrology tellingly to the discovery charts of the outer planets in order to expand the picture and grasp a deeper meaning. It is comforting to note that no matter how powerful the outer planets may be, Saturn is still the final authority.

These ideas are musings of a curious mind going off at a tangent to explore wider horizons through astrology. I share these thoughts with you at Noel Tyl’s invitation, and I am grateful for the opportunity.