April 18, 2024

Corroborating Family Crisis Potentials

In early Fall 1995, within the context of a study of the English Monarchy, I projected in print a “death in the family” for Spring-Summer 1997. Unfortunately, Princess Diana died in a car accident on August 31, 1997.

After the fact, astrologers everywhere scrambled to explain Diana’s accident (which, by definition defies capture). Everyone seemed to have an answer, with such complicated and arcane astrological methods as one can not imagine. –BUT, the fact remains, that,before the fact, Diana’s horoscope [July 01, 1961, GMD, Sandringham ENG] showed only that she was nearing a “new start” in her life (tr Saturn approaching the fourth cusp) that was terribly exhilarating for her (tr Uranus conjunct Jupiter, ruler of her Ascendant; boundless optimism!), probably having to do with an engagement or marriage (!) (tr Pluto quincunx Mercury, ruler of her 7th, in the 7th). –Much anguish (divorce) was now in the past (tr Neptune separating from the conjunction with Saturn, ruler of her 2nd), and life was surely about to begin anew, much more excitingly!

The tragedy was suggested thoroughly in the horoscopes of her children and her divorced husband, Prince Charles. It was these horoscopes that suggested the “death in the family.”

We learn something by studying them. These measurements are not difficult; just be patient and allow them to assemble themselves in your awareness:

Prince Charles [November 14, 1948 at 9:14 PM, GMT in London ENG]: SA Mars was tightly at his Sun/Moon midpoint (a tremendous intrusion on the marriage, the marriage mate, the divorced marriage mate). At the same time, transiting Uranus was in Spring-summer 1997 conjunct his seventh cusp, the House of relationship, spouse, ex-spouse. –Additionally, SA Moon was applying strongly to opposition with Mars, ruler of his 10th, promising an alteration of his social status (as it turned out, to single parenthood and more).

In short, Charles’ horoscope suggested much upheaval yet once again with Diana, through Diana.

Prince William [the older son; June 21, 1982 at 9:03 PM, GMD in Paddington, London ENG] showed SA Mars conjunct his Pluto, with Pluto ruling the parental 10th! andhis 11th, the eighth House of his mother-4th. SA Saturn was conjunct his Jupiter, ruler of his Ascendant. –These are dramatically trying aspects. Strong. Painful.

Finally, and most telling of all, Prince “Harry” [Henry; Sep 15, 1984 at 4:20 PM, GMD in London, ENG] showed SA Pluto conjunct Saturn, with Pluto ruling his MC and Saturn ruling his Ascendant. At the same time, SA Neptune was to be precisely upon his Ascendant [grievous ‘wipe-out’ time] in summer 1997, SA Neptune=Asc. AND simultaneously, I saw that tr Neptune was squaring his Pluto, the Midheaven ruler.

These measurements were forbidding unto themselves and forebode the worst; together in one family, these measurements suggested great loss and grief.

We see how family horoscopes can bear the message often, when the principal horoscope (in this case, Diana herself) is the least “attacked”. We also see how entire families –so very, very often linked dramatically synastrically, share sensitive planet areas, key transits, and even Arcs simultaneously!

Diana’s Jupiter at 5 Aquarius was exactly on Charles’ 7th cusp at 5 Aquarius. Transiting Uranus on her Jupiter would suggest an entirely different “feel” than would tr Uranus on Charles’ 7th cusp!

Both children showed Pluto-Saturn-Mars arc contacts! Both have Scorpio Midheavens, ruled by Pluto, linked with their father’s Mercury and Sun in Scorpio.

It is extremely clear how the family is bound together with a display of synastry as the stage for Arcs and transits.

About a year ago, having made the normal projective measurements for a client, I saw much ahead that I thought dramatically focused his professional development and possible/probable marital tension that would be severe. He said at the time that all was well, normal, routine, and that all his attention was riveted on professional advancement. Nothing to worry about on the home front.

In the course of my work history with this client, I had gathered his wife’s horoscope and the horoscopes of his two very young children (drawing their horoscopes at their birth, etc.).

After the client consultation, I then looked into the projections of the father’s family horoscopes: his children and his wife. It was astounding how the measurements there among the family reflected the marital trauma that was destined –if I may say that—to develop! Remember: according to my client, in wide-eyed, calm avowal, “All was well” on the homefront.

Here is what I saw:

My client –the father—showed tr Pluto conjunct his Midheaven throughout 2002, beginning in January. Tr Uranus conjunct his Aquarian Ascendant exact March 2002, with the final hit January 2003.

As well, the man showed tr Saturn conjunct his 4th in May, 2002, and then SA Saturn square his MC in October 2002!!!

This is powerful, powerful stuff! All of the developmental tension focused on the period March-May 2002, with a final plateau, if you will, late in the year.

His wife showed tr Uranus conjunct her Midheaven for January 2002, and then tr Saturn conjunct her Ascendant with the repeat of tr Uranus conjunct the Midheaven in June 2002. At that time, her husband had tr Saturn conjunct his 4th (there is tight synastry between his 4th and her Ascendant, her Midheaven and his Ascendant; i.e.,their Angles are being excited simultaneously)

Then at the end of 2002, when the husband has SA Saturn=MC, the wife has SA Mars=Ascendant.

The older child at age 5 shows tr Pluto square his Midheaven January and February 2002 (his MC is tightly square his father’s MC!); then tr Saturn conjunct his Sun and square his MC (his Sun is tightly opposite the father’s MC!).

The younger child at age 3 shows tr Uranus conjunct her Moon, ruler of her Ascendant (with her Moon on her father’s Ascendant!) in May-June 2002.

It is clear –all too clear— that this is a family crisis.

So clear as this is, we must ask ourselves, “Why? Why is this supposed to happen?”

My client –the father—telephoned me this morning for a consultation about “chaos.” All had come to pass, now, in mid-February 2002. The chronology was unfolding.

My job was to preserve grace and respect within the transition process, explain his vulnerabilities during it [a life-long imposition upon him by females] and the final coming-to-grips with his emotional make-up (natal Venus in Scorpio, retrograde, conjunct Neptune) to assert his awakened Self, natal Pluto quindecile Ascendant. As well, to advise about legal procedures, etc.

Looking ahead helped … And he would accept this future glimpse without question: in February 2004, my client would experience SA Moon=Sun, ruler of his 7th, with tr Uranus square his Sun and tr Uranus conjunct Jupiter, ruler of his 10th (“the big break, boundless enthusiasm”) and high-probability successful relationship!!!