April 18, 2024

Establishing Focus within the Future

Within the single-session, comprehensive appreciation and projection work we do in consultation, several concepts guide us: creating a portrait of the individual and his or her development through the early home environment; establishing the psychodynamic concomitants of behavior patterns carried into adult relationship, family development, and professional occupation; and projecting that development forward into the future, guided by the client’s vision, hope, and determination –and the dictates of the environment.

That’s a big statement, but very clear. The entire process is done with the cooperation of the client: the astrological guidelines are brought literally and figuratively to life as they are matched with the client’s reality disclosed in conversation: past, present, and future.

As I train the analysts in my Master’s Degree Course, the closing 25-30% of the consultation must focus on future projections. The liaison from past through present into future time is smooth. It is truly a natural extension of mutual understandings of needs, behavioral patterns, strategies, and dreams. The key statement that takes the consultation into the future is “Now, let’s discuss what you project for yourself in the next 6 months to a year?”

This question is vitally important: it extends life meanings to the symbolic guidelines ahead (the symbols and aspects, Arcs and Transits) and it immediately starts to clarify the common sense of plans, their practicality and the probability of fulfillment.

Astrologer Preparation The astrologer has prepared the symbolic lay-of-the-heavens for a time period 1 ½ to 2 years ahead: Solar Arcs (Direct and Indirect), Secondary Progressed Moon movement, and key transit activity, all in the fourth harmonic, watching particularly for major angular contact and/or contact with the Sun or Moon (which is essential for significant development and change in life).

You spot a major “hit” in the near future and begin to work backwards from this time period to spot the supportive, build-up hits, which become the stepping stones in development to the major focus. [Please see Solar Arcs, Chapter 4, “Practical Management of Predictive Measurements,” especially the concept of “back-flow, beginning on page 122.]

For example, my 42-year-old client this morning (mid-October 2002) has the powerful, dare I say dangerous, Arc of Pluto=Saturn focused in March 2003, with tr Saturn square the Sun at the same time! –Saturn rules her Midheaven (profession, status; father); Pluto rules her 7th, relationship, business partnership.

Working backward in time, back toward the consultation present, we see the shining, positive Arc Asc=Sun “clarification through the reactions of others”, excellent interaction potentials. –Supportive transits abound, especially tr Pluto square Mercury, ruler of the 2nd House. Already the distinct feel is that there is a professionally strongly productive time at the end of 2002 that gradually gives way to a break-down, reversal, change, or fateful intrusion in February- March 2003.

Working backward further, returning to the present time of consultation, there is the SP Moon (ruling the 4th) square the Midheaven with tr Uranus conjunct Venus, ruler of her Ascendant: professional decision-making time (change of status), with a spotlight on personal development. An indirect arc picture is important too: Pluto=Mercury/Mars … much criticism, argument.

Client Input “Now, let’s discuss what you project for yourself in the next 6 months to a year?”

My client said there were three things of importance. One was a lawsuit active right now, from some workers involved with one of her properties. This explained the Pluto=Mercury/Mars. [But she didn’t think this a major issue; it would take care of itself. No problem.]

Second, my client had a home far away from where she mainly lived, and this home was bound up with complicated ownership details out of a divorce. She wanted to sell the house and had listed it for sale. –This explained the Moon, ruler of the 4th (the house) square the MC and more.

Third, my client said she had inherited a shopping center, also far away and, while it paid her a good bit of money monthly, she was inexperienced in overseeing the project and there were constant problems attached to it. Her partner-sister was urging that they sell it. –Now, focusing on the positive period late this year (Asc=Sun, tr Pluto con Mercury, ruler of the 2nd), just two months from now (see above), I asked a very telling question: “If you were to put the shopping center up for sale now, might it sell quickly? Is there a buyer on the horizon?” –There was a buyer already practically in place!
So quickly, the picture was clear that the house and the shopping center could be sold to consolidate her assets closer to home and get rid of gnawing problematic concerns that threatened to fragment the rest of her life. She would be well prepared to rest and be in clean, calm condition for the difficult time around her in February-March 2003. –Otherwise, the Pluto=Saturn period would surely involve ALL her assets, complicate life terribly, and possibly be her downfall.

Two months following the Pluto=Saturn period, there was indeed a “golden time” of extrication and ascendancy, tied to yet another project, the details of which are not necessary here.

Conclusion It is clear how smoothly the future projections were given strategic meaning by the client’s disclosure. They worked themselves out practically automatically in discussion, the astrology illuminated by common sensical ordering of concerns by the astrologer and then cooperative thinking with the client. –The key for validity within the discussion is when the client says, “Down deep, I know this is right, this is the way to go; I’ve just not wanted to admit it.”

Our point in this discussion here is that client disclosure is vital to bringing the astrology to life, not only in the past, throughout development, but into the future, thriving on personal hopes and plans in a personal reality.

****I shudder to think of a ‘performing’ astrologer notengaging client input in this case: one would see the Pluto=Saturn arc etc. and begin weaving messages of doom that could well ruin life from now to then and perhaps beyond.