April 18, 2024

HOUSE SALE: the Astro-Plan, the Prediction, the Success

House Sale: the AstroPlan, the Prediction, the Success

To set the scene, we go back twelve years. In 1993, I was determined to move to the Phoenix, Arizona area. The weather there had attracted me for years and during many visits. I wanted my dream house to be there.

My wife and I decided to build it, but we went through three architects and contractors, luckily unscathed but with nothing to show for a year of effort. We were disconsolate. We abandoned our plans to build.

But the astrology was absolutely compelling: I knew that transiting Saturn in Pisces would come to my Midheaven for its final “hit” during the last two weeks of December 1994. This had been our goal for two years. –My Midheaven at 7 Pisces 02 is ultra-responsive. This Saturn transit had to be the move.

My wife went to Phoenix to study the situation for however long it would take. Three weeks later she had found the house, by accident, out for a walk one morning, dejected, hoping against hope to make the relocation happen. She went around a corner and THERE was the house, with a “for sale” sign. She went to the front door, and our lives changed.

We moved into that incredible house on December 22, 1994 as quickly as legalisms and schedules would allow. Tr Saturn was at 7 Pisces 16, precisely as planned, when we walked through the door! The astrology was inexorable.

Eight months ago in March-April 2005, my wife and I had a strategic meeting about the approaching transit of Uranus in Pisces to conjoin my most sensitive Midheaven. Uranus would touch that Midheaven for the last time in November 2005, eight months into the future.

We decided to leave the dreamhouse-fulfilled after 11 years and take advantage of the exploded real estate market. We planned to sell the house ourselves, without a realtor.

We needed an Astro-plan: when should we announce the house for sale? —This moment would have to be an election that would support a high-probability date of the house being sold shortly thereafter (guided by much promotion energy and common sense), all in relation to my natal horoscope.–The two dates ideally should work dynamically together. This would increase the strength of the astrology.

I found those dates.

The Astrology I worked backwards, specifying the “sell date” in relation to the Uranus transit of my Midheaven, and activation of my Mercury, ruler of my natal 4th, and more.

I found that in October, with the transit “hit” of Uranus to my Midheaven on October 25, tr Jupiter was also in square with my Mercury (October 23), my 4th House ruler, and my Pluto. –THAT felt good.

I checked my Tertiary Progressions for that time period [I am extremely corroboratively responsive to TPs] and found that on October 23, TP Venus was precisely on my Ascendant! That felt very, very good as well!

The House would have high probability of being sold October 22-23.

Now, when would be the best time to announce the house for sale, i.e., installing two big signs on the property and scheduling two advertisements in local newspapers? –Common sense suggested a time period perhaps two weeks before the projected “sell” date, and even that timing could easily be seen as unrealistic.

But look at October 8: tr Uranus was sitting on my Midheaven and the Moon was exactly on my Nodal Axis (exposure), conjunct Pluto!

With a deep, deep breath, I chose October 8 at 6:37 PM MST in Fountain Hills AZ to announce the house for sale. –This horoscope has a 00 Taurus Ascendant, with the key Mercury (ruler of my critical 4th) in 00 Scorpio precisely on the “announcement chart” Descendant! That Mercury in that election ruled the 2nd and the 3rd and was conjunct Jupiter!!! That HAD to be the day and time!

The Working Out of the Plan To announce the House, just after sunset on October 8, I drove the stakes into the ground to establish the “For Sale” signs, with info-tubes attached for fliers we had already made up, with color pictures etc. With stentorian voice I proclaimed to the four compass corners, “far and wide”, that this wonderful house was for sale for the happiness of the next family. And then visited the neighbors with the surprise proclamation and with the fliers. –It was done. The advertisements would appear the next day.

Six people came to the house by appointment over the period of 8 days. There were hopes, but no bids. Everyone “loved” the house etc.

We worked hard to keep our spirits up. Naturally, with the astrology involved, we thought everything would “happen” immediately. –But I felt and kept believing in the inexorable progress toward “SELL DATE”, October 23.

On October 23, that Sunday, THE day, a young builder and his wife came to see the house at 10:16 AM. They were pleased clearly, and they left with a cordial, “Thank You!”.

Sunday afternoon was silent. This was to be the day!!!???

We were in unspoken despair. The silence was painful. –Suddenly the phone rang: it was the young builder: “May we please come back to your house and see it again at sunset? –What an odd request, and I started to see the similarity with the For Sale announcement time!

The couple went through the house alone –we had decided to let the house sell itself—and then we sat together to talk. At precisely 5:42 PM, the couple said how delighted they were and that they would buy the house … on the date anticipated in relation to the announcement date, some five months before! –At full price.

–Fascinatingly, the Angles of the election chart to announce the house for sale and the SELL horoscope are practically identical!, with the “sold”-Sun in 00 Scorpio on the Descendant conjunct Jupiter!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!

–And astoundingly, the “Closing” of the sale took place with the check being given over to us by the buyer’s mortgage company, at their appointment timing, at precisely 1:21 PM, on November 18. Incredibly, the Moon was in the 4th at 00 Cancer 20, precisely upon my natal Ascendant at 00 Cancer 04!!!!!!!!!!!

Please believe me………………………Every word of this Astro-Plan and its fulfillment is true and precisely recorded. [The comparable houses for sale in the area of the Tyl House were up for sale five weeks or more before our announcement; they are still for sale now three weeks after our twelve-day success.] From beginning to end, we’ve seen the art of the miracle we work with.


1. Find the best time for the house to sell, keyed with the owner’s natal horoscope, paying great attention to all contacts with the 4th House and/or its ruler. Check key transits, the Secondary Progressed Moon, salient Arc midpoint pictures, and even Tertiary Progressions to bring things together.

2. With common sense, pick a general announcement date –for self-sell or with a realtor— and check the astrology of that time very carefully. Somehow, find how that astrology can be tied in through the owner’s horoscope with the projected SELL-date horoscope. The three time references ideally work together.

3. Remember that Angles are everything.

Good Luck (and be happy for me! The astrology worked oh so dramatically.)