April 18, 2024

Interpreting Measurements for Prediction Specifics

The difficulty we have with this high challenge to our art, Prediction Specifics, is that we are not organized for it. We fly into a prediction frame in disorderly fashion; we lose individualization in reference to the client; we lose practicality. We may grasp the potentials of the measurements we are working with, but they are usually generalized and blurred.

Additionally, there’s the ‘Hollywood’ syndrome haunting us: the pressure for magical divination … pennies from heaven … meeting a tall dark stranger. –We learn uncomfortably, that it doesn’t work that way.

Here are six consecutively well-working considerations that quickly can become automatic procedure when measuring up predictions. These considerations are indeed very, very helpful.

1. WHEN is there a strong energy focus in the near future? Change is propelled by developmental energy; the planets symbolize that energy; energy comes into the life within time and is attached to the individual life through aspect to an Angle, the ruler of an Angle (or particular House), the Sun or Moon, etc. at a given time with reasonable orb of application and separation.

2. WHERE is the energy focus? The energy focus is a major Arc and/or transit to an Angle, to the ruler of an Angle, to the Sun or to the Moon. –The measurement is spotted in the predictive measurements work-up; its development over time can be easily deduced with a moment’s thought. We are referred by rulership or point contact to a particular House for relevance, for life-experience attachment. –For example, Pluto-Midheaven contacts will suggest enormous new perspectives: in the family structure for the young, in professional status for the adult, perhaps with inclusion of considerations of the House ruled by Pluto. Uranus contacts will suggest sharp emphasis of individual decision … selling or buying a business if the Midheaven is involved, for example, perhaps involving considerations of the House ruled by Uranus …

3. How does the energy focus fit into the client’s reality projection?If the client has no business to sell or to buy, furthering the example of Point 2 above –if that has not been brought into the consultation discussion—the energy measurement must be adjusted to what can fit. Making an individual statement, a bid for professional Ascendancy, changing professional direction would all be reasonable considerations. If the focus were to refer to the 7th House, considerations of the partner are clearly suggested as tenable. Etc.

4. What would be a practical Level of manifestation? With the client’s involvement with making time happen, growing in development, the energy focus should be welcomed, planned for, projected to outcome. The client must be involved with the emerging reality. –A Neptune focus for a creative artist could very well suggest a substantive creative idea; ruling the 6th , with the client working in an Advertising agency, perhaps a creative program to alert public knowledge to Social Services, the plight of the homeless, etc. A Mercury measurement focus relating to the 9th House could fit through communications, publications, even traveling for knowledge. What could fit the client’s projected reality? Use this powerful question: “What do you project for yourself in the next year, year-and-a-half?”

5. What does the client think about the probability?You see SA Saturn=Pluto, ruler of the 12th for a man, say, over 60. This could reasonably be an energy focus on the potential of illness, probably related to the prostate gland or to the colon. What is the past history in this regard? Is this a welcome warning, acknowledging that prevention is cure? If Pluto rules the 2nd (and Saturn the 4th), the synthesis of energy focus could suggest a potential loss of monies with regard to real estate. –Is there such a deal pending? If this occurs in the young, what circumstantial threat is there with regard to one of the parents?

6. How can the client work with the potential? Wwhen considerations fit progressively (1-5 above), the focus will be clear. What are the client’s reaction, involvement, and further projection of what you see?

We have all been influenced so much by clients who want miracles of change without doing anything to stimulate that development; they expect it to drop from trees! Unless we organize our thought (points 1-6 above), we can easily push measurements into shapeless hope. Just think how many people experience NO change in their life routine/circumstance over periods of many years. Going to an astrologer does not guarantee life invigoration or improvement! Change must grow out of what has already been sown and is being progressively cultivated.

A young doctor has many strong measurements accumulating during the year following the consultation. Here are the measurements in simplified presentation with the thoughts of practical reference to future development (points 1-6 above):

A series of five (!) transits of the Sun by Pluto: tremendous development possible; a doctor new in his emerging practice may now accelerate his market positioning … how the world sees him. He faces the opportunity and intent for strong professionalizing.

In the middle of that year ahead, he shows SA Sun=Uranus/Pluto, an urge to independence and rebellion against the old way of doing things. This is part of professionalizing: giving up his make-shift start-up office and acquiring a bona fide office with staff.

As well, in the middle of the time period, he has tr Saturn and tr Uranus square his Ascendant. The SP Moon is squaring his Uranus. –All this is a reiteration and reinforcement of the Sun=Uranus/Pluto (preceding paragraph).

The target moment is 9 months later with SA MH = Sun!!! –In other words, all the preceding measurements are a build-up to this climax, to this spotlight upon him professionally! –At the same time, he has SA Pluto=Mercury/MH, with Mercury ruling his Midheaven! What a grand accomplishment appears possible!

I think that is a well-organized prediction statement. The client concurred fully, brightly, determinedly.

President Obama, for the first four months of his term, early in 2009, has a major arc formed: Mars=Neptune. This Arc suggests “new ideas made applicable,” and that is certainly what he brought to his presidency immediately after inauguration. The Natal Neptune is in the 9th House, and we can not escape the focus being in foreign countries. And then we note that the arcing Mars and natal Neptune share rulership of the 2nd House: we assemble the projection, new financial ideas for foreign aid (existing war conditions) and program maintenance.

At the same time, we see Obama’s Venus arcing to partile the seventh cusp. While this promises great popularity and public acceptance (approval) and his wife’s public ascendancy, we note that Venus rules the 3rd and 4th. This suggests a tremendous propaganda (3rd House) campaign for homeland financial recovery, specifically with regard to real estate (4th House).

All these considerations fit. And the highest focus for them all is in July and August 2009 (note SP Moon square the Midheaven then). This will be the time for the first reports back from the early “bail out” financial expenditures in February 2009 and the military build-up (Afghanistan) invested through January and May 2009. –Because of the symbolism of Venus, the prognosis is favorable; for progress and approval.

And these prediction guidelines work in the past as well. See someone’s Sun=Saturn, ruler of the 7th, with the trigger transit of Uranus square the ruler of the 11th, at age 26: it certainly suggests that a major romance peaked, perhaps marriage, someone with whom one was friends a long time before.

You see how it works. Following these six thought guidelines does help … to organize and simplify our art.