April 18, 2024

Jupiter and Saturn Each Upside-Down!

Jupiter and Saturn, Each Upside Down!

In their basic calligraphic structure, Jupiter is Saturn upside down; Saturn is Jupiter, upside down! What is this symbolic reciprocity telling us? Why and how do they ‘go together’?

We can say generally, Jupiter-Saturn: “Law and Order”. We can say “expanding” and “condensing”. We can say “Opportunity and Reward” and “Hope and Strategy.” The concepts are not fighting each other; they are complementing each other.

These complementary mirror images are dramatically supported by the acknowledged cycle of the Jupiter-Saturn transit conjunction every 20 years and its symbolic statement of conditions and forces to come in the world.

For example –a mighty, mighty example: the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 31, 1980 was the signal for the entire explosion of Middle East conflicts. The Great Conjunction occurred at 11:19 PM EET rising on earth precisely at Mecca, the holiest of places for the Islamic Religion. This conjunction suggests God’s will (ultimate justice)to be enforced by the people in uprising (the Ascendant). The rest of the horoscope suggests aggression from other nations [the Moon, ruling the Midheaven, squared by Mars, Mars ruling the 7th House. It also shows trouble among the Islamic nations themselves through the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction being square the Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 4th.

Amazingly, this conjunction was culminating at the same moment over Washington DC, with the planet Neptune rising on the Ascendant!

The Kingdom of Iraq was born on August 23, 1921 at 6:00 AM in Baghdad, with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction –again, the harbinger of times to come—rising in the Ascendant quindecile Uranus, ruling the 6th of military forces.

The most recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place on May 28, 2000 at 11:05 AM, EST in Washington DC,at the Midheaven! —AND PRECISELY CONJUNCT THE NATIONAL SUN OF ISRAEL (May 15, 1948 at 4:00 PM in Tel Aviv).

Jupiter-Saturn contacts are important.

Note how the Mundane significances translate into the sense of justice enforced. We can expect this same sense to prevail in the sub-generations born with strong Jupiter-Saturn contacts: the conjunction, the square, or the opposition.

Through several thousand horoscopes over the years, throughout history, I’ve noticed how people born with a strong Jupiter-Saturn signature have a conspicuous sense of purposedriving their life, a highly individual sense of justification for their life.

Many are the times, after a full discussion of developmental tensions over years of life –with a client with a strong Jupiter-Saturn natal aspect—I’ve asked: “OK. We now understand a lot of all this, and we’re the better off for it. But in conclusion, to sum it up,just what do you think the purpose of it all has been?

It’s extraordinary how apt that question is to someone who is living life through the lens with a Jupiter-Saturn refraction! The answer is almost always most gratifying to both client and astrologer.

Take Bruce Lee, for example (the Kung Fun movie star and social catalyst, who died mysteriously prematurely): November 27, 1940 at 7:12 A.M. in San Francisco CA. His horoscope shows a tight Jupiter-Saturn conjunction opposed his Venus, Mars, Moon, and Mercury all in Scorpio! His Sagittarian Sun is rising tightly upon the Ascendant, trined by Pluto …and this Pluto is square the massive Jupiter-Saturn axis with Venus-Mars-Moon-Mercury!

What was Bruce Lee’s understanding of his life development? The probability is extremely high that he would be able to articulate immediately the sense of purpose that drove his energies as they did develop. And this answer would be revelation of and homage to his horoscopic inspiration.

Or Sylvester Stallone (with the square), Dolly Parton (with the square), Raquel Welch (with the conjunction), Kirk Douglas (square), Woody Allen (square). –The point is that the sense of purpose, some thrust for personal justification, emerges as catalytic to life development –whether you’re a movie star or high achiever elsewhere or not. Finding that sense of purpose focuses the astrological consultation and gives a ‘gift’ to the client: deep self-understanding and recognition. It’s that inner voice of drive that is remarkably self-sustaining. The astrology uncovers it!

Be aware of this. See it and pursue it in your analysis.