April 18, 2024

The Gypsy in Us

Some 30 years ago, a businessman client (who is still active with me) and I were conferring on the telephone. He was reporting/confirming that he had just received a major job offer that would require a relocation etc. We had explored this potential in an earlier consultation: [tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven]

I asked him if the offer had come to him “suddenly”, and he said indeed it had, and that it was almost by accident that the situation came up in a phone conversation. [Clearly Uranian.]

“Was the conversation with a friend?” I asked. [tr Jupiter, ruler of his 11th, was simultaneously square his natal Jupiter]

“Yes. I would regard this man as a friend.” –And I was sure my client was raising his eyebrows, awaiting more details.

“By any chance does he have reddish hair, a flushed complexion?” I asked further. [Still pushing the Aquarian dimension of the symbolism,]

“Yes he does!!

“And George -one more question, if I may . and please don’t think I’ve ‘lost it’ .– when you were on the phone with your friend ..”

“It was last night after dinner”, he interrupted.

“Well, was your conversation taking place during a thunderstorm?” [tr Pluto tightly square Mars]

“YES!!!! There was a thunderstorm going on as we spoke! WOW.”

This was exciting, and even today, my client and I sometimes refer to the “thunderstorm prediction,” and the Gypsy within me bubbles up in my crystal-computer ball!

All the measurements with my client were very tight; I just pushed the symbolisms creatively and firmly, ready to stop at any moment when relevance vanished. But everything worked; it is all very clear to us after the fact; we just don’t have the courage to do this with our work with every client every day.

But we do approach this level of detail without calling it Gypsy-magical. For example: Bernie Madoff (in the Starkman rectification; April 29, 1938 at 9:55 AM in Queens NY) has Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto, which is so often the signature of involvement with great wealth (see Oprah Winfrey too). Madoff’s Uranus rules his 8th (others’ monies); Oprah’s Uranus rules her 2nd, and both have strong references to the 11th House, i.e., a small organization, a clique of friends, working together for wealth (note that the 11th is the second of the 10th).

Kenneth Starr (July 21, 1946 at 6:56 PM in Vernon TX) right now has SA Sun entering the Aries Point . coming into the public view strongly, backed up by SA Venus (ruler of the 9th)=Pluto (ruler of the Midheaven) in the 7th. –We can expect a 9th House reward: Starr has a book just published and, at the same time, has been named President of Baylor University. See the detail that is possible.

Israel shows right now SA Uranus exactly square its natal Sun, ruler of the 11th. We see now in March tremendous tensions between Israel and the United States of America, its major ally in the world (11th House: friends).

Obama’s horoscope for the past year showed the two rulers of his 2nd House (Mars and Neptune) in Solar Arc conjunction, suggesting financial crisis.

These glimpses show our work with symbolisms with which we have grown secure through experience and through learning with others in our field. Every time we follow House rulerships, aspect energies, planetary archetypes, we are alerting the Gypsy within. -We can press the symbolization further.

To grow in the specifics of interpretation, we need to keep a private record, a private notebook of “here’s what could happen” and note measurements and outcomes, for clients [I do it in their file folder] and for nations. and we should push the details. This builds a reservoir of empirical knowledge and confidence.

Let’s try a drastic projection here: President Obama shows SA Pluto=Saturn, exact in July 2011. The period of concern should be from about January 2011 through October 2011. The symbolism of this measurement relates enormous tensions with government with possible personal breakdown (Saturn, final dispositor of the horoscope, rules and is in his 12th). At the same time, tr Neptune is square his Midheaven, ruled by Pluto which is involved in the dramatic Solar Arc.

We have the ruler of the 10th (Pluto), the government in power, the president himself, in a collision course with administrative institution (Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th). It is a picture traditionally of loss, out-and-out loss. And we must allow the word catastrophe.

The 12th House on the personal level for Obama promises health breakdown or worse, somehow being taken out of the legislative/administrative picture. On the presidential level, a break-down of health care or the institutions providing it is strongly suggested, even dramatically from within his own political party (the 10th House, ruled by Pluto).

This is not a good picture at all for the country It makes me uncomfortable to present the thoughts, but presenting the symbolism this way is how we have learned to interpret Pluto=Saturn. I have pushed the symbolism for more detail, and the picture is uncomfortable. We shall see.


The astrologer most celebrated early in the 20th century was Evangeline Adams. I am convinced from much study of Evangeline Adams’ horoscope work and marketed reputation (see books on Adams’ technique by Karen Christino at onereed.com) that Adams worked within the “horary frame”, using the symbolism of the chart of the moment before her, and only faintly relating that to the basic significators of her client’s birth date Solar Chart, with general Solar Arcs . or simply the noon-mark ephemeris listing. -You can approach this by becoming articulate with the Consultation moment chart . you will often find that the Angles of that chart relate strongly to the Angles, Sun or Moon in your client’s chart, and the concerns of the moment can unfold out of the Consultation chart quite vividly!!!

I think we over-measure expecting to discover some catalogued miracle specific, when we should be flexing our interpretative circumspection more -over-detailing interpretation to find the Gypsy magic within.

It’s there. Practice makes it grow.