April 18, 2024

Martha’s Midpoint Garden

Martha’s Midpoint Garden

Let’s revisit Midpoints!

Theoretically, appreciating the synthesizing concept and process of midpoint organization, the entire horoscope could be analyzed extremely well from the Midpoint Sort alone. –What would be missing of course are Sign reference and House involvement. But the planetary/behavioral potentials are captured very, very well.

Let’s look at the 90-degree Midpoint sort of Martha Stewart’s horoscope [August 03, 1941 at 1:33 PM, EDT in Jersey City NJ]. –The 90-degree Midpoint Sort is most reliable and most manageable, synthesizing planetary pictures in terms of the fourth harmonic family (square, conjunction, opposition). For technique reference, please see Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, pages 303-334. As well, all Midpoint Picture images cited below are verbatim from the Appendix of Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology or the repeat of that Appendix in Solar Arcs.

The Natal Lay-of-the-Heavens

 Sun in Leo – Moon in Sagittarius: Ego-recognition energies are shot high into the air. There is drama, daring, adventure, and love, all lifted up to where ideals catch fire. The flow is almost too easy, and the enthusiasms that abound can burn up all the fuel. One can ride through life too easily on appearances and desires rather than on effort and accomplishment. [S&C, page 87].

The Sun is highly elevated in the horoscope, rules the Midheaven, exactly squares the Ascendant, and is trined by Mars in Aries. The Sun and Mars are co-final dispositors of the horoscope.

 Pluto conjunct the Sun; Pluto oriental Early on in Stewart’s development, she surely experienced severe stifling; there was a blanket over her hand grenade, probably through a maternal filter, detour, oppression [Neptune conjunct the Nodal axis, square the Moon in Sagittarius]. Later in development, Stewart explodes in over-compensation through a worldwide matrix of powerful contacts, which she consciously nurtures within her strategy of self-aggrandizement.

 Uranus conjunct Saturn A powerful, angular statement of eventual break-away: the new from the old, the avant garde from the conventional, etc. –With Uranus ruling the 4th, we have a parental reference-echo here that is very important; the base of escape.

 Venus in Virgo An efficient way with emotions, talking about them without necessarily feeling them. A certain dryness, given a cloak of idealized expression (semisquare Mercury, square Jupiter). Stewart must keep reassuring herself that she is loveable (11th House condition).

 Overall, the horoscope promises tremendous professional achievement through personality projection (note Pluto, ruler of the Ascendant, conjoins the Sun as the Sun exactly squares the Ascendant and rules the Midheaven; note Venus ruling the 7th squared by Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd.) Stewart’s opinionation, how she views things, will lead the parade (Moon’s reigning need in Sagittarius). Her opinions become her identity within the ‘queen complex’.

Now the Midpoints, which we can expect to echo and extend the cursory overview of Stewart’s horoscope.

The Aries Point is configured with two strong images, diametrically opposed. On the one hand, we see AP= M/A showing very strong and clearly exhibited identity awareness, bringing the self forward strongly (an echo of the Sun square the Ascendant; Pluto, the Ascendant ruler, conjoining the Sun, ruler of the Midheaven (status)). On the other hand, the AP=Saturn/Pluto, a very difficult measurement image suggesting a revelation somehow of family sadness, deep hurt or tragedy, even decadence or illegality, withdrawal from the scene, something hidden gaining prominence.

The AP=M/A probably offsets the A=Moon/Neptune, “feeling a loss in ego-definition”, while AP=Saturn/Pluto opens up this “peril” yet again. –This knot of conflicting tides in Stewart’s make-up needs to be explored for personal happiness to emerge … and, in my opinion, it is not through money, but through acceptance and love. The turgid flow here is connected to early-home parental interaction with both parents.

Mars=Jupiter/MC “making success happen.” An obvious source of great self-promotion strength.

M=Saturn/A: again we see the “other” side of Stewart’s development, the energies that motivate more: “trying to justify one’s position.” We must ask what the motivation was/is for this enormous drive.

Uranus=Pluto/Node, Neptune/Pluto Here is quite a picture: an intense need for recognition, publicity, ‘crush the opposition’; disruption to gain recognition; adventurous ego-thrust; courage; making waves to get to shore; possibly aberrant behavior in getting the job done.

Neptune=Sun/A suggests the high potential of being duped in affairs of the heart (note that Neptune is in the 11th, love hoped for, ruling the 5th, love given). An echo of this is the picture Moon=Mercury/Saturn, a picture of emotional quandary, alone-ness, depression; emotional indecision because of the fear of losing; frustration on the emotional level; constantly learning how to do more, more safely.

And finally, but not a completed list here: Moon=Sun/A, female working for a female, for recognition of the female, women’s appreciation! And that ties in perfectly with Mercury quindecile the Midpoint of Jupiter/Pluto, Stewart’s dare-I-suggest obsession with promoting a cause, the cause being herself and the role of women, for maximum profit, recognition, reward … so strong it probably leads to insomnia!

Now, no value judgement as been presented here; no incrimination or absolution; just the Midpoint facts, which are amazing in their delineation of what we know about this beautiful-to-look-at, engrossing-to-listen-to, and informative and talented woman who has touched the lives of untold millions here and elsewhere in the world (major marketing efforts in Japan particularly; note the condition of the 9th House). Stewart is a promoter of herself, enjoying phenomenal success. The interplay among Sun, Pluto, Ascendant, and Midheaven is extraordinary.

Looking ahead, we can anticipate that Martha Stewart will be blown with the winds for about a year, with positive billows in legal and business matters between August 6 and November 3 (framed around the first Jupiter transit of her Sun, ruling the Midheaven, tr Jupiter conjoin Pluto, ruler of her Ascendant, and the SA Asc=Jupiter Pluto focus in late August).

The turn of the year, more positive upswing with SA MC=Sun/Moon, a slight revival of difficulties and nefarious speculation in January and February 2003, giving way again to some stabilization that we can see as positive.

In my opinion, the flap will die out in May-June 2003 (with tr Jupiter conjunct the Sun once again, SA Uranus=Jupiter, reuling her 2nd and Sa Jupiter=Sun/MC. On the heels of this, Stewart will undergo a tremendous change within her value system; Business experience and its balance with personal emotional perspectives will be restudied and reorganized (SA Pluto=Sun/Saturn in June 2003).

I feel Stewart will be moving toward a very important, life changing business partnership and/or marriage beginning in September 2003, making headlines of a different kind (tr Uranus square Uranus with SA Node=Sun/Venus). This union, business and/or personal, of enormous proportions will be consummated in June-July 2004 (SA Venus, ruler of the 7th=Moon/Node, SA Venus=Ascendant, with tr Uranus opposed Venus, etc., including SA Pluto=Mercury/Jupiter, “the big proposal”!