April 18, 2024

Measurements Leading One to the Other

Measurements Leading One to the Other

The concept of scenario is extremely helpful in translating measurement guidelines into behavior anticipation.

To be most productive in preparing the horoscope data to guide consultation discussion, we order in time major Solar Arc activity (especially those arcs involving Angles, the rulers of Angles, the Sun and the Moon) and strong “trigger” transits similarly. There are different levels of measurement detail for this, and, with practice, we find a level that works smoothly and rewardingly for us, and we develop a routine that fits life development and the flow of conversation well.

We can most often see a scenariodeveloping among groups of measurements within specific time periods of development. One measurement, translated into a probable reality manifestation will spark anticipation of the next set of measurements, etc. and a picture of development focuses itself.

For example: MH=Saturn at age 10 suggests a major reorientation of the family, with high probability of a divorce, or a break up of the family for one “heavy” reason or another. Then, three years later at age 13, we see Venus=MH. We can see a scenario developing: divorce within the family possibly leading to re-marriage and better times over a three-year period. Key transits can surely be noted with each of these arcs and between their time periods that will loudly and clearly show a “new start” with angular touches, bewilderment giving way to re-focus perhaps with Neptune, difficulty ushering in reward, Saturn giving way to Jupiter, etc.

Here is a string of measurements that we will dissect very simply, common-sensibly, and productively. Read the measurements slowly and carefully.

Natal ruler of the 9th is under high developmental tension. At age 18 in 1995, SA Asc=Pluto, with tr Saturn conjunct the seventh cusp in May 1995. || Then, two years later in February 1997, tr Uranus and Jupiter simultaneously conjoin the Sun. || This is followed two years later by tr Saturn square the Sun in April 1999, with tr Neptune following up square the Sun in June-July 2000. || –And finally, in the next year, with a background of SA Pluto=Uranus, tr Pluto conjoins the Moon throughout 2001 with tr Saturn culminating at the Midheaven!

Read that grouping carefully, slowly again; let conjectural ideas about developmental occurrences start to form from the first words to the last.

Now, here’s how you can think about it analytically, with each measurement leading to the next in real-life development.

A young woman’s horoscope shows the ruler of her 9th under high developmental tension. This suggests strongly that her education will be interrupted. –We know that this usually occurs between ages 17 and 20, most often with a marriage precipitously changing (often thought to be “rescuing”) the individual’s life … momentarily. In this case, at age 18 we see Asc=Pluto in 1995, accompanied by tr Saturn conjunct the seventh cusp in May 1995 and January 1996. The probability is high that this was the time that interruption occurred and major relationship interceded. Life took on a new perspective. [To get her out of her family’s home; she was free “to be herself.”]

Now, in our preparation, we look to the next measurement we have noted for study: tr Uranus and tr Jupiter simultaneously conjoin the Sun in February 1997. –Think it through: this will be a time of independent shine and job rescue, probably at a lower level than one would hope (age and lack of credentialization), but stabilization none-the-less, all on the heels of the time of interrupted education and precipitous relationship. The measurements are linking together in a reasonable scenario of development.

Two years later, we note tr Saturn square the Sun in April 1999 and then tr Neptune conjunct the Sun June and July 2000. –We can surmise, we can feel, that another upset-change is developing that will work to wipe out the period that began with her interrupting her education. The lady realizes what a predicament she’s in; the relationship fades. She is alone.

Then tr Pluto conjoins the Moon in 2001. –What would reasonably occur in this protracted period, within the scenario we see developing, with high probability, from just the measurements alone? A change of values [always with Pluto-Moon contact]! AND this change of values (a maturation period) leads us to see the mighty arc of Pluto=Uranus [enormous overturning of the status quo] with tr Saturn conjunct the Midheaven in July 2002!

Here is the new course of life, the new decision, the strong development anew on a professional course, probably with a return to some schooling to lock in credentialization.

It is extremely helpful for the astrologer to link measurement development in terms of “what will probably” happen in life. This is how measurements are brought literally and figuratively TO life. They guide intelligent conversation; the astrologer is sharing the life development activity knowingly. –Articulating the reality probabilities keeps the astrologer from asking weak questions like, “Well, what happened in 1999?”

Very often we will see a new start (any number of ways for this to show, as you know), probably involving Venus and/or a strong reference to the 7th House, at an appropriate age, and we will know that the probability would be high for a marriage. BUT, immediately thereafter –say, within the following twelve months—there is an Arc or debilitating transit to Sun/Moon (the midpoint) or the ruler of the 7th. A breakdown of the relationship is strongly suggested. Then three years later, there is a power-separation measurement. –More often than not, the three measurements hold together. The client will corroborate the marriage AND the almost immediate discord that followed, the living with it for two or three years, and then finally the separation.

For example: a gentleman at age 25 shows SA Mars=Uranus, ruler of his Midheaven. This suggests a very strongly defined change of status; at his age, probably marriage (and also the profession; they often go together!). At the same time, there was also SA Saturn=Pluto, ruler of his 7th. This suggests drastic difficulty in the marriage as soon as it takes place. [One could retro-suggest that the marriage should never have taken place at all!]

Three years later, with tr Pluto conjunct the seventh cusp, we see a signal that the marriage is formally dissolved, because of how all three observations tie together.

This is exactly what did happen: there was the marriage, the couple developed serious problems together almost immediately, and these were exacerbated by the wife contracting cancer; the marriage could not sustain itself, and divorce followed with the Pluto transit.

Another lady shows tr Saturn conjunct the Midheaven in July 2002, punctuating the background SA Pluto=Uranus “turning the tables” measurement. || This is followed two years later with tr Pluto conjoining the fourth cusp and then one year later by tr Saturn making its return to its natal position. –It is almost impossible to view these three measurements without connecting them!

There will be a tremendously clear focus of professional activity in July 2002, coming out of much confusion and running around. Then another turn onto the new path, a higher level perhaps, a greater degree of specialization, or, indeed, a view of further development and change that can take place. Then, with the Saturn-return, a new decision is made, and job considerations really adjust course and then anchor themselves.

**After understanding the analysis in each of these vignette-examples, go back and read the measurement groups, the data, a second or third time. You will see that they will now have the link-up meanings attached to them. –This is the way your mind learns to feel the groupings among measurements, relating them to clusters of experiential development. Measurements lead one to the other in analysis. The consultation gains a strong continuity in presentation. After one measurement reference is clarified with its concomitant values, the mind says, “and then” or “this led to”. Soon it becomes instinct!