April 18, 2024

Measurements Pairing up for the Rescue

Often, as we organize analysis structures in the horoscope, we can feel certain specific components “getting together” in the client’s reality, in his or her persona. It is very real that different parts of personality make-up work together: Sun-Jupiter in Leo in the 7th will work very hard in relation to, say, Saturn-rx phenomenology in the horoscope; Mars oriental or peregrine will energize the conceptualization of the Moon in Sagittarius even without sharing an aspect together; Jupiter-Venus etc. conjunction in the 9th can offset or alleviate the ruler of the 9th being highly stressed. There are countless examples where the closed circuit of self-sufficiency suggested by the Grand Trine works defensively against relationships that are customarily threatening or uncomfortable.

It helps to keep this “natural” pairing principle in mind in preparing analysis; it can be subtle in detection and then remarkably loud in realization thereafter!

A man has this dominant configuration: Saturn opposed the Moon, Pluto squared the Moon; Mercury, ruler of the 4th squared by Uranus and conjoined Neptune. –In this simple but very strong structure, we easily see the potential of an intrusive maternal (or feminine) influence, and we must find out what that was, how it surely imbalanced the father’s influence (if any), how it may be carried over into adult relationships, etc.

The man says that his mother has been dependent upon him for her whole life; that she was doting, smothering. Clearly, the mother had extreme problems with her husband and was focusing her whole being on her son … and still was.

This mother involvement undercut the boy’s development; the reciprocal Saturn problems (Saturn ruling the 11th) registered a deep feeling of not being loved, of being a loner under the mother’s blanketing behavior.

At the same time, the man shows a peregrine Sun in Libra, in the 7th: a dissociation complex floating upon needs and actions that are focused on being popular and well-received, on being significant to others. This complex is also a separatist, aloneness aspect (Libra not prevailing), not in the mainstream, walking to a different drummer.

In my discussion with the client, we discovered how that aloneness [setting himself apart] served as a haven for him away from the mother’s over-attention. He would find his own way and, in that discovery, salvage his identity. –It was a slow process, but out of that pairing relationship of symbols came an adult disposition that showed the cumulative effects.

Actor Robert de Niro [17 August 1943 at 3:00 AM EWT in Brooklyn NY] has the Moon ruling his Ascendant and quindecile with Neptune. This is indeed a reticent, hypersensitive, even withdrawn, but artsy personality profile.
We can see at the same time that Mars is square the Sun, ruling the 2nd House! –Here is an adrenal shot into self-worth dynamics that takes the sensitivity well along the way to dramatic self-development. The two observations work together very well; either one without the other would immediately register differently in our analysis.

Tom Cruise [03 July 1962 at 3:06 PM EDT in Syracuse NY] shows the Moon peregrine, again a suggestion of a dissociation complex, a different-separate quality of Self. This Moon is conjunct the Midheaven, so we can expect this profile to be central in the work he does … needing to do things his own way.

At the same time, Cruise has Neptune square the Midheaven. –These two measurements work together in a fantasy world of make-believe … the motion picture industry … but also in his personal life, helping to define a highly separate, sensitive demeanor unto himself. How does this complicate relationships?

Actor, Director, Composer Clint Eastwood shows the Sun peregrine –yet again, a dissociation complex; and Neptune is conjunct the Midheaven, a reinforcement of the separateness, of the special sensitivities that begin to define his personality. –Some sharp application-focus is needed, and the horoscope shows as well Mars squared the Moon … getting things done, making his day work!

How about President George W. Bush? [6 July 1946 at 7:26 AM in New Haven, CT] We look at that total Eastern Hemisphere orientation, the Sun in the 12th, and we worry about a defensive leader? But then, we see Jupiter square the Sun, ruler of the Ascendant (“King complex”) and the 2nd House, lifting/inflating the profile very strongly; additionally, this Jupiter is trine Uranus, ruler of the 7th! One group of measurements does “rescue”, does modify the other group.

Actress Jodie Foster[19 November 1962 at 8:14 AM PST in Los Angeles CA] shows a very difficult developmental consideration in Venus-retrograde in Scorpio conjoined with Neptune. Venus rules her Midheaven, But we see Jupiter opposed Moon-Uranus in Virgo in the reactant axis 3rd-9th. Can you feel the introversion-extraversion dichotomy here? How separate are these two life orientations? What is in between them?

Timothy Leary had Moon in Aquarius conjoined with Uranus in Pisces, both quindecile Neptune! Is this avant-garde science with a humanistic rationalization or hallucinogen filter?

–Look at your analytical organizations and “feel out” the groups of symbols that may rescue or offset or fight with one another. Put words to what you sense. –Remember: the more “together” you can conceptualize the whole –making creative connections that hold onto each other—the closer you will be to reality confirmation by the client!