April 18, 2024

More on the Quindecile

For this month’s “Analytical Techniques Essay”, I have invited Ricki Reeves, an Honors graduate of my Master’s Degree Course (as well, certified by the Academy of Astrology in Michigan and ISAR) to share her skill with the Quindecile aspect. Ricki Reeves has a strong background in mental health services and addictions counseling. This specialized experience brings psychological insights to her astrology work. In her study with me, Ricki showed immediate understanding and skill with the Quindecile aspect. Her deep research of the aspect and her lecture presentations about it found special focus in her recent book “The Quindecile”, published by Llewellyn Publications this year. Ricki may be contacted by email at RickiReeve@aol.com.More on the Quindecile!
by Richenda “Ricki” Reeves

Obsessive/compulsive tendency, inclination or behavior (of a non-clinical nature) seems to have become “second nature” within our society. We see it demonstrated mainly through such behaviors as co-dependency, alcoholism, drug abuse, workaholism, shopping, gambling, eating disorders, sexual
addictions, body image, perfectionism, idealism, use of manipulation and/or control, and so on ……. . In fact, most of us have some degree of obsessive/compulsive tendency which we use as a momentary escape from feeling emotional pain connected with fear, disappointment, anger, low self
esteem, difficult memories, etc.

The Quindecile, or 165 degree aspect –pronounced in the Latin/Italiante fashion quin-deh-chee-leh— has proved to be a decisive significator of this tendency and a welcome addition to our astrological “toolbag”. This measurement is now being used by many astrologers throughout the world to quickly identify areas where one may get “off track”, from life as a whole, through the “overuse” of the planetary interchanges symbolized in a natal quindecile.

The quindecile was termed “the separation aspect”, by German astrologer Thomas Ring (1892-1983). He noted it as being a source of disruption and upheaval which divorce the individual from the balance of their life. Noel Tyl re-discovered this aspect while researching the horoscope of Leonardo da Vinci and, through hundreds of hhoroscopes, has confirmed it as a prominent indicator of obsession/compulsion as a response to upset and trauma in the life. He states, in his Analytical Techniques article of August, 1999 “The quindecile, with rulership routings to be respected as well, suggests a burning point of focus, often a place of extreme concern and effort in the life, even to the point of upheaval, disruption and obsessive mania.”

After having researched over 750 horoscopes, in preparation for my recently published book The Quindecile [Llewellyn Publications, 2001], I am convinced that this aspect indicates not only a potential source of great difficulty for the individual but also contains the promise of tremendous assistance, if advisedly directed and not allowed to run away with the life.

The 165-degree point, within the natural circle of sign distribution, falls at 15 degrees Virgo/Libra. This establishes an essence for the quindecile: Virgo (Earth) and Libra (Air) suggest a combining of the physical and mental. In other words “Do what you think!” Virgo (mutable) and Libra (cardinal) indicate this aspect having an active component which may go around in circles. Virgo (assimilation) and Libra (cooperation) require effective assimilation of cooperative efforts between the planetary pair’s characteristics. When these dynamics are not consciously focused, chaos and disruption can reign within the life.

This placement is also at the midpoint between a quincunx (adjustment) and an opposition (awareness), suggesting a need for evaluation and setting-right for effective synthesis of the planetary energies.

We can clearly see the push of the quindecile at work between Frank Sinatra’s Uranus and Mars. It was highlighted beautifully in his classic rendition of “I Did It My Way!”

How about Brigham Young’s demonstration of Neptune quindecile Venus in his drive to cooperate, collaborate and share in the building of his “ideal”, through the founding of the Mormon Church.

It is important to remember that different people will have different ways of demonstrating this energy. Walt Disney and Jimmy Hoffa both had Neptune in Cancer (seeking the illusive, imaginary and ideal through the family and
the people) quindecile Jupiter in Capricorn (excess, expansion and growth through hard work, ambition and tangible goals). Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and Disneyland while Jimmy Hoffa developed the Brotherhood of
Teamsters and its alliances with the Mafia.

Planets quindecile North Node may suggest one’s life purpose (John F. Kennedy – Saturn quindecile North Node), a thrust into public recognition and renown (Jeffrey Dahmer – Mars quindecile North Node), or a prominent maternal relationship (Prince William of England – ASC quindecile North Node).

When working with clients, we seek to identify and understand the blockages which interfere with living a full and productive life. It is from within those “painful places” that we can also find great capacity for change and
growth. As astrologers, we have the skill and knowledge to identify alternative ways to utilize planetary energies, which heretofore have developed as a hindrance in life. We have the opportunity to provide our clients with information on the gamut of concomitant choices available to them in the handling of these energies. Consciously making positive
choices in the application of one’s energy can be the pathway to a more fulfilling life.

Perhaps we can suggest to a client who has a quindecile to the ASC to focus on regular exercise and a sensible diet, as a means of satisfying the obsession with one’s looks or physical body or the process of establishing identity. Or, how about suggesting to a client with a quindecile to the MC to focus on development of the education and skills that will enhance his or her vocational strengths, to appease that relentless drive for societal recognition and approval. In the case of a client with a quindecile to the Moon, we might suggest that they focus on healing inner child wounds within a safe therapeutic environment, in order to assuage the security needs, perhaps mother trauma.

Remember that the tension present in one’s life, as shown through the quindecile and 4th harmonic aspects, can be the prime source of dysfunctional attitude and behavior. Quindecile aspects can also suggest the impetus to drive one forward in working toward a positive and fulfilling life. At the end of the day, it is all about making informed and wise choices. Let’s help our clients make the most beneficial choices possible in how they apply the energies of their own special natal configurations.