April 18, 2024

Multi-House Signification

Multi-House Signification
Rulership Networks: the key to sophisticated horoscope analysis.

[Please see page 225-270 in “Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology,” especially; and Archives (below), March 31, 2000, “Cusp Concepts, Interception Insights.”]

A planet is a significator, a referrer to the House that it rules. It is dramatically so. A major theorem taught and practiced in the Master’s Degree Course is that the planet ruling the Ascendant, if it is retrograde or under high developmental tension, keys identity development problems that must be discussed for the understanding and freedom that can follow.

If the Midheaven carries the Sign of Aquarius (and the IC, Leo, of course), defining the parental axis, we study the condition of Uranus and/or the Sun by aspect, with each other or independently, to appreciate the early life parental interaction, modeling, and imprint. –Emerging into adulthood, this axis, keyed by its significators (the planets ruling the signs on the cusp, in the main), goes on to define the profession, social status, the home, and much, much more. / / If Uranus were squaring the Sun, for example, there would be suggested a tremendous emphasis on individuation that would be rebellious or disruptive within parental/societal proscriptions.

The planet ruling the House dominates as significator of a House above almost all planetary placements within the House. Even a stellium in a House will be flavored/conditioned by the situation connoted by the ruling planet significator.

**Indeed, as with every working theorem, axiom, proved hypothesis, there are exceptions. A tremendously powerful planetary statement within a House can loom extremely prominently and appear to dominate consideration of the ruling planet, although the two considerations do work together.

For example, Saturn conjunct Pluto, both retrograde in Libra (see the end of May 1983) in the 10th House makes a powerful statement. The ruler of the Midheaven, in this case, can be Venus. –At the end of May, 1983 (our hypothetical example) we see that Venus in Cancer, significator of the 10th House was also squared by the Saturn-Pluto retrograde conjunction in Libra! THIS tells us that the parental situation (embraced by Saturn-Rx phenomenology, intensified by Pluto, has probably intruded severely on the person’s emotional/relational development.

Immediately we can go further with this core concept: Pluto probably rules the 11th (love needed): involved with the Saturn-Rx surmise, we see enormous problems probable with feeling oneself lovable; Saturn rules the Capricorn Ascendant (with Libra on the Midheaven; the astrologer must learn to visualize all this instantly), suggesting deep identity development issues tied to the home situation.

And even further: Venus in Cancer. receiving the heavy square from Saturn-Pluto, is in the 7th (Cancer opposite the Capricorn Ascendant) corroborating its own relationship symbolism by its position in the 7th: while Venus rules the Midheaven it also rules the 5th, the House of giving love in many different ways. –It is totally understandable, anticipateable, that with all the problematic concerns being accumulated through the significators, there will be difficulty with giving love easily, trustingly. If one feels unloved, unlovable, one can not give love naturally, securely.

Whew! This takes a lot of words, but it is ever so simple when we learn our way around with rulership networks and significant development patterns within our society. –Significators tell the tale. In this introductory example, we have brought the issues of FIVE Houses to a burning focal point within major planetary statement. All of this can be seen and surmised in about 3 seconds … with practice, skill, and confidence.

Look what is possible – routinely! Venus and Mercury rule two signs each. In our hypothetical example horoscope, Mercury in Taurus makes a sextile with Venus, so immediately we know that an idealization process has been developed for defense within the maelstrom of emotional difficulties. [See pages 105-111, Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology]

With Libra on the MC, Virgo is probably on the 9th. This House is ruled by Mercury, and so is the 6th, with Gemini on the cusp!

SO: one more planet, two more Houses are added to this early-synthesis mix. Amazing isn’t it! –We can anticipate that the 9thj House is incorporated through study, learning, religiousness within support for the idealization structure. –AND that all this can easily get in the way of easy relationship; falling short of the ideal is an easy rationalization to avoid the challenge of relationship! [Not the the 6th House is the twelfth dynamic of the 7th.]

AND still further: this Mercury is quindecile to Jupiter in Sagittarius, ruler of the 12th. Need we say more?

Five planets, seven Houses, all within one gulp of synthesis!

With this knowledge –and this example was chosen totally at random, i.e., the networking for synthesis can be accomplished with any horoscope—start to bring it all together. Enumerate the multiple considerations, and then actually write down the most concise synthesis you can come up with, in human, living terms, not astrological jargon. Then, edit what you’ve written. –You will be very proud of yourself! And that kind of polish helps your talent shine the way it should!