April 18, 2024

No Moonwalk for Michael Jackson

No ‘Moonwalk’ for Michael Jackson
by guest astrologer Basil Fearrington
Basil Fearrington is certainly one of the fastest rising stars of the astrology world. His superb book The New Way to Learn Astrology presents a modern, psychologically sensitive approach to new students in the field most successfully. His lecture activities have gone coast to coast, been featured at the last two UAC conventions, and extended as far afield as Johannesburg, South Africa. Fearrington lives in Philadelphia, PA , at (267) 258-6736.

Michael Jackson’s name is consistently appearing in the news these days regarding the demise of his contract with Sony Records and his relationship with Tommy Mottola, powerful music industry mogul. The situation has left Jackson in a state of financial ruin and it threatens to get worst.

I have taken interest in Jackson’s concerns because I am a musician and because the timing of the story helps to define definitively the rectification of Jackson’s horoscope that I did some years ago (August 29, 1958; 11:57 PM CDT, Gary, Indiana) for Noel Tyl’s book, “Astrology Of The Famed.” I was initially given a time of “after 10:30 PM” by Jackson himself. Subsequent to that, a biography of his life was released, edited by Jackie Onassis, in which it was stated that Jackson was born very late in the evening. My initial rectification of 11:57 PM turned out to be just four minutes late; the actual time of 11:53 PM was confirmed by a Jackson representative whom I had occasion to meet.

This essay is the basic thought process I use for horoscope analysis. Initially, the idea is to find out what the horoscope profiles for you. Then, in projecting ahead, you find the strong arc to the Sun, Moon, or Angle and look for the the sharp transit or SP Moon to punctuate it. In reading this essay, you should have a copy of Jackson’s horoscope in front of you (11:53 PM) with a 90-degree midpoint Sort and a list of measurements (transits, Solar Arcs, SP Moon) from January 2002 through December 2004.

Natal Overview
Lower Hemisphere Emphasis: this draws our attention to unresolved tensions from the formative years of development. This is quickly corroborated as follows: The Sun, ruler of IV is conjoined by Pluto both of which are in IV. Mercury retrograde, the Ascendant ruler, also in IV, is squared by Mars, as is Venus, suggesting a problematic identity development. Please note that Mercury’s rulership of V, with the Venus-Mars co-rulership of the V-XI axis (and the sesquiquadrate by Neptune, ruler of XI, with the Moon), links Jackson’s identity tension keenly with concerns and considerations about giving and receiving love.

Pluto, in turn, is quindecile the Moon. The Sun is quindecile to the Midheaven, suggesting Jackson’s obsessiveness with proving himself through his career. Everything about the 4th House is under tension, corroborating the first impression solidly.

The Moon, ruler of II and III, is sharply squared by Saturn and receives the quindecile from Pluto. Self-worth concerns are clearly suggested, manifesting in tensions having to do with relationships, his career and reputation, his overall mindset, how he sees his worth in relationship to the worth of others, including his famous siblings, and so much more. The Moon’s square to the Ascendant is clear and obvious in Jackson’s very sensitive image expression. There is no question that the core of this horoscope emanates from the factors relating to the 4th House and Saturn’s square to the Moon.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune is the height of idealism and aesthetics, clearly expressed musically, corroborated by Jupiter quintile Venus, echoed by AP=Mercury/Neptune. Finally, the Sun-Mercury mutual reception suggests the mental idealisation, the projections that surely developed as a defense against the early home tensions.

The Sun in Virgo suggests a cerebral, exacting, discriminating core energy that is expressed through a sensitive, idealistic, compassionate personality expression, all shown through an alert, informed, image in need of diversification.

AP=Jupiter/Pluto shows the massive success that is projected to others, with AP=Sun/Node and Node=Plu/Asc, giving the sense of important relationships with powerful people; note that Pluto is oriental. MC=Mercury/Venus is the classic signature of one who has an artistic career.

The profile fits Jackson’s reality. Joe Jackson is Michael’s father and he was “the blanket over Michael’s grenade,” (Pluto conjunct Sun in IV).

The Jackson Drama
Currently, Michael Jackson owes large sums of money to Sony Records. Sony has placed liens on all of Michael’s valuable musical assets – his catalogs, publishing, etc. If the money is not paid back, Jackson will lose everything. The problem is that Jackson’s latest release, “Invincible,” did not sell. Jackson has stated that Sony disregarded his ideas about the release of the record, causing its failure. Sony stopped all promotion of the record. The lack of sales contributed to Jackson’s inability to pay Sony back. Jackson has formed a partnership with attorney Johnnie Cochran and rights activist Al Sharpton, directed at Tommy Mottola (arguably the most powerful man in the music business) to assist Jackson in his fight. It is a very difficult situation. Here is how we see this reflected astrologically.

The Astrology of the Drama
Leading the way is SA Saturn=ASC (sesquiquadrate), which was exact in April 2002, at just about the time this turmoil became public. The natal square between Saturn and the Moon, both aspecting the Ascendant, is very important in Michael Jackson’s horoscope. What has happened is that the transiting Saturn-Pluto opposition has tied into the natal Moon-Saturn-Ascendant configuration in the natal horoscope (May 2002) reflecting tension in Houses I, II, III, VII, VIII, IX, and X. The Saturn-Pluto opposition punctuated the Saturn=ASC arc, and Jackson’s life manifested the reality suggested in the horoscope exactly when astrology suggested it could happen.

Transiting Saturn’s final contact with the Ascendant (May 2002) couples with a SP New Moon to establish firmly a time of planting new seeds for development in Jackson’s life. The form of his ambition is changing (tr Saturn opposed Saturn in June) and a new perspective is being presented to the public, all because of the pull on his career and how it affects his finances.

The beauty of astrology is that we could have seen this climate of development at any point in time before 2002. A good astrologer would have helped to prevent all this.

Projecting Ahead
There appears to be a little relief ahead, with two strong arcs due this Fall: SA Venus=Jupiter/Pluto (exact in September 2002; important because Jackson has natally AP=Jup/Plu, correlating to success); SA Jup=Sun/Moon exact in October, which, for Jackson, would suggest a successful new partnership, and SA Venus=Sun/Node (also in October, the beginning of an artistic relationship). All of this happens under the continuing transit of Pluto opposing the Ascendant. A brand new perspective is in the offing!

However, things will not lighten up next year. Transiting Pluto conjunct Saturn, a symbol of tough, rough, hard, challenging times, begins in January 2003. This is quite ominous since Saturn rules VIII (monies owed to Jackson). This transit makes three “hits” in 2003, lasting the entire year.

We must look ahead particularly to Fall, 2003. The astrology suggests that things begin on an upswing with an apparent opportunity as tr. Jupiter conjoins Jackson’s Sun in September (tying in with the Pluto transit; see above). This happens under the umbrella of SA Neptune=Asc (exact in November) at the same time transiting Pluto makes its last conjunction with Saturn, followed by SA Sun=Mars/Saturn (December). And all of this is preceded by SA Pluto=Sat/Ura in October (amplified anxiety; Noel Tyl writes, “upheaval to protect assets.”).

All of this sounds a health alarm as well and it leads into 2004 with SA Neptune = Moon (February 2004).

As we have seen, the Moon is an important financial significator for Jackson. Transiting Uranus will oppose Jackson’s Sun and then in will come the big accumulated Solar Arc semisquare in August 2004!!!!!, when all planets arc to a position semisquare their natal position. We will probably see Jackson with a new freedom and a different level birthed from the labor he is in now. (On another note, if either of Michael’s parents should develop serious health issues along the way, we must keep a special eye on that as a part of the threat of loss).

The astrology of everything is crystal-clear and this horoscope lives in Jackson’s present reality.

I have deep respect for what Michael Jackson has done in music. I hope this off the wall artist can beat it and give the world another “Thriller”.