April 18, 2024

Nodal Axis Revisited

Nodal Axis Revisited

Some 25 years ago, I formulated and researched a phenomenological insight about the Lunar Nodal axis: that it represented the mother archetype … and that any planet or point in the natal horoscope configured by conjunction, opposition, square, or (now) quindecile with the Nodal Axis (within, say, 2.5 degrees) would suggest an undeniable importance/influence of mother (female) issues in terms of the planet or point so configured. This discovery is undeniable; it has been tested throughout the western world, surely in over 100,000 cases; and it has entered the instructive literature of Astrology.

I was led to the formulation by observation, of course, and by reasoning that the (Mean or True, but preferably “Mean”) Nodal Axis, marking the Moon’s (female) intersection with the Sun’s (male) apparent path around the Earth (the ecliptic), registered the symbolism of fecundation, the fertility to conceive, the province of the female, the mother.

As the person enters adulthood, this enormously important natal observation then gives way, more likely than not, within Arc pictures and transit activity, to considerations of groups, associations, meetings, interviews, the general public, the traditional “trappings” for the Lunar Nodal Axis.

Among the horoscopes I have served in just the last few days, the significances of the Lunar Nodal Axis were undeniable and pivotally important in analysis and projection. I share several of those examples here:

Female attorney: Moon conjunct and Saturn square the Nodal Axis. This first observation of the consultation revealed that the mother was a very strong disciplinarian who constantly criticized my client … for years and years and years. –The “bottom line” of the consultation for my client, unmarried and in her forties, was that she had to convince herself that she was valuable to others (fulfilling her horoscope’s total western orientation in the best way). This was essential to meet advantageously the opportunities in her profession that were due in the next few months, that would lead her into the rest of her life.

Male executive: Moon conjunct the Nodal Axis and the MIdheaven, Saturn-rx square the Nodal Axis. This first observation in this consultation revealed that the mother “was everything,” that the military father was never around. The imbalance in upbringing, the modeling process out of kilter, caused enormous defensive patterns and aloneness within my client’s behavior. This condition hung on strongly for some 22 years, and still has echoes fifteen years further along.

An all-important management review time for my client –as an adult in his profession– can be projected to the arc Pluto=Node/Asc “power plays with others for personal advancement.” Our strategies followed this guideline.

Female writer client shows Moon opposed Pluto (another indication of mother issues) with peregrine Uranus conjunct the Nodal axis (Uranus ruling the self-worth second). This lady’s mother was eminently “controlling and judgmental.”

Natally, my client also showed Node=Jupiter/Pluto, “working together with others for success” and, as well, “association with the wealthy.” Additionally, there was Asc=Saturn/Node, “appearing alone, pulling back.” –These potentials appeared to be contradictory.

In reality, my client was indeed always with social groups of wealthy people, those people involved with her affluent father and his business; and yet, my client pulled back within the echoes of her judgmental mother, holding herself curtailed in self-criticism.

A young man needs a job as he finishes up his college work in the evenings. His parents were quite concerned that he had curiouslyjust left college, appeared non-directed, and they wanted to catch things before they got worse.

The first thing I said to this young man was, “We’re going to have a good talk today, George, I promise you; so to start us off, I need to know why the lights went off last September? What was that relationship all about?” –I had seen the arc Pluto=Moon/Node, “Powerful forces affect interpersonal relationships; the sense of fated attraction;” and simultaneously, MC=Venus/Node, “significant romantic attachment”, while SA Neptune=q Moon, ruler of his Ascendant, was in effect (bewilderment).

Then, after hearing the hurt-in-romance story, the dropping out of the college sadness/withdrawal, the lost-direction thoughts, we decided that this should be adjusted before things really went down the tubes! We set up a compromise plan to return to school, but to start working at the same time.

Talking in February 2003, I saw that my client had SP Moon square Node (association with others) with tr Mars (ruler of his 10th) opposed his Sun, ruler of his 2nd, and MC=Moon/Asc, “learning about one’s position in the world.” The exact time was right around the corner, February 24. I suggested that that date, a Monday, could begin his job-hunt time. He said, in amazement, that he already planned to see about 60 potential employers at a “job-fair” being produced in his city on that very day!

His mother referred this young man to me; she was certainly the Nodal axis square with his Uranus in his horoscope.

And how can I count the times when SA Node=Sun, Moon, or the ruler of the 7th, or Venus or Mars; OR vice versa! And the registration was so simply, “and whom did you meet that month?”

Synastrically, Nodal contacts –Node=planet or point—connotes deep needs we do not understand, one person for another. And it does register than perhaps a past life relationship is at play in such relationships. Please see my The Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality & Relationship for further discussion of this fascinating subject, along with examples of Princess Grace and Prince Ranier, Hitler and Eva Braun, Martin & Lewis, Busch and Quayle, etc.