April 18, 2024

SA Aries Point Positioning, Revisited

Please see, restudy –from the Archives immediately following this essay—“Startling Hypothesis: Independent Arcs to the AP”, February 28, 2006.
I put forth observations that planets in Solar Arc development, arriving at the Aries Point (and not in aspect with any other AP-positioned planet or point) alert us to important experiential development. It is as if the symbolisms come strongly forward for acknowledgement with the AP touch. The manifestation, independent from other measurements, seems to involve the symbolism of the arcing planet, the House it rules, AND very often the natal House in which the planet originated.

I continuously find this observation intriguing and very productive in consultation. Doing the research through hundreds of horoscopes has been very easy to accomplish. Here are some examples of the results to lead us further … and prove the point!

A high-executive, entrepreneurial woman shows SA Mars leaving her Ascendant, ruling her 4th, and coming to the Aries Point: exact to the month, this is when she took on an enormous multi-million-dollar real-estate/land acquisition within her business purview.

This same lady showed SA Sun developing to the Aries Point, from a natal Ascendant position. The Sun rules the 8th (society’s values). When this took place (triggered by tr Jupiter square her Moon), she received a grand public, professional honor.

Even further: this lady’s Moon developed to the Aries Point by Solar Arc, the Moon ruling the 7th. Exact to the month, she accepted a nationally representative, publicly interactive position in her country’s government.

President Obama, in 1998, had SA Uranus come to the Aries Point as ruler of his Ascendant. This was a time of extreme individual ascendancy in his political service and public recognition of it … many details show this.
Jordan’s King Abdullah II (January 30, 1962 at 5:23 AM in Amman Jordan; Asc 19Cap21) saw SA Moon, ruling his 7th, come from the 10th House to the Aries Point early in 1999. Abdullah became king February 7, 1999.

Looking ahead for King Abdullah, we can see SA Sun coming to the Aries Point in 2012; this will be a major time for the king, at age 50, possibly, probably the clear leader of the Middle East into a new era?

Famed CNN anchorman Lou Dobbs became Executive in charge of Lou Dobbs Tonight in 1996 with SA Pluto arriving at the Aries Point; Pluto rules his 9th, publishing, international broadcasting, etc. —Jodie Foster’s Sun, ruling her 9th, came to the Aries Point in 1996, the year in which her Biography was published. —Scandal-ridden Televangelist Jim Bakker’s Pluto, ruling the 9th, arced to the Aries Point in 1998: he was released from prison, published a book and married for the second time, a completely new life perspective. In 2005, when Bakker’s Saturn arced from the 2nd House to the Aries Point, he published his book I was Wrong, establishing his new values. –Pope Benedict XVI, as a cardinal, made a highly sensitive visit to Israel to un-snag opposition of the Jewish world to canonization activity for Pope Pius XII, in relation to the deceased Pope’s World War II activity … when Neptune had come to the Aries Point.

Charles Manson’s acts of horror were reviewed in the new Television drama of Helter Skelter in 2004, when Manson became 70, when the Midheaven in his horoscope arced to the Aries Point! –Talk show host and politician Phil Donahue moved his “Phil Donahue Show” from Dayton OH to New York City, when his natal Mars, ruling his 2nd, arced to the AP in 1985. –Mega-athlete Shaquille O’Neal, at 26 in 1998, inaugurated his Televison series, “Sports Theatre with Shaquille O’Neal”, when arcing Neptune came to the Aries Point. —Larry King’s Venus, ruling his 9th, arced to the AP early in 2009; in May, he published his biography. –My PhD client this morning showed the Sun, ruling the Midheaven, coming to the Aries Point in three months, as she is planning to change radically her professional path! —Adolf Hitler became Fuehrer of Germany in 1934 when his most dramatic natal Mars-Venus, ruling the 7th and the Ascendant respectively, came to the Aries Point.

—Amazing! The evidence is non-stop!

The Aries Point is a highly focused symbol of our connection with the world in which we live.
This Cardinal-sign Axis of the horoscope is defined by the intersection and widest division of two Great Circles, The Ecliptic and the Equator. These Great Circles cross each other to establish a Nodal Axis, with the maximum inclination between the two Great circles being 90-degrees from that axis. One can describe 00 Libra as the Ascendant of the Earth.

Every horoscope has this Aries Point Matrix –zero degrees axes of the four Cardinal signs. [ For full interpretative grounding of this measurement complex, please see “Analytical Techniques” Archives, immediately following this essay, “January 30, 2001.”]

When projecting the possible event manifestation for the client –something taking place within the interaction between the individual and the environment—we must be circumspect for sure; a planet arcing to an Aries Point will not guarantee an occurrence that is developmentally remarkable. We need to assess how what could be possible fits into the reality experience and developmental trend being lived by the client. A non-writer will not just out-of-the-blue publish a book when the ruler of or planet natally within the 9th House reaches the AP. Other manifestations already announced within the client’s life development –and the client’s age and sociological situation– would have to be considered carefully … perhaps a major international trip, perhaps a return to college, perhaps resolving a legal situation would be tenable. –Remember: the horoscope shows us not what is but what can be.