April 18, 2024

Self-Analysis for Career Growth

Seeing the work of astrologers in great, great volume, I feel that there are short-comings to career growth shared by too many. These short-comings can be corrected; by isolating specific concerns; we can identify what’s getting in the way and fix it! –There are four considerations to address. They are easy to overlook since they have little specifically to do with the study of astrology itself.

We must understand that astrology –except for research work and historical study—is a communications art. Astrological analysis is significant only to the degree that it can be communicated meaningfully by the astrologer to the client. Upon this base, four key considerations help us to grow in our study and work, to bloom in our knowledge and skill: Respect for Learning, Communication Skill, Relationship Ease, and Personal Specialization.

Learning The entire scope of astrological skill is supported by Learning, by historical development, research-refined techniques and their linkage with pragmatic appreciation of the social condition. This is an alliance of specialist information and socio-psychological awareness. Learning is catalyzed by our need to know and understand; our actual individual learning aptitudes, how we learn how to learn; and by the guidance and inspiration of teachers, models, and the ways of acknowledged experts.

I suggest that the Learning profile can be assessed chiefly by the condition of the 9th House in the horoscope; and of course, through conditions of Mercury; Gemini (curiosity and social delivery), Virgo (discrimination), Sagittarius (opinion and erudition), Pisces (empathy, dimensionality), and the Moon (behavioral outreach and memory).

–We know that, especially in the United States, hard aspects to the ruler of the 9th and/or demanding planetary presence in the 9th will, with high probability, suggest an interrupted education. This will be reflected in Solar Arcs and transits in the 17-19 year range. [Interruption does not mean ‘abandoned’; the person, driven to learn, with a powerful need to know, will find his or her way back to or independently pursue advanced studies (probably for the rest of the life)].

The Learning vector in our life must be championed by our parental influences early on. The pattern of growth through Learning must be set and developed in the home, in school, and beyond. –This is a key mode for developmental assessment of the astrologer. Some astrologers simply do not want nor know how to learn in depth, to learn about life, to learn the art of astrology.

Communication Skill How well do we communicate? Is our communication colored unduly by darkness, by optimism, diffidence, arrogance, our own life problems, etc.? Why? How do we make adjustments in order to be heard? … to be heard gladly by others!

How proud are we of our word skills? –and this includes grammar and tone of voice. How carefully do we listen and match response to the needs of a given message? Are we known as withdrawn, as ebullient?; fair, engaging?; wise, inspiring?; how do people know we are intelligent?

The point is clearly that if we can not speak well –and this includes the intent of our eyes as well as the content of our sentences—we can not be a consulting astrologer.

I suggest that Communication Skill can be assessed chiefly by the condition of the 3rd House in our horoscope; and of course, through Mercury; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and the Moon. [These Signs, now repeated with this second attribute, are key because they are reactant Signs; we react to Learning; we react through Communication.]

The Communication vector in our life all too often is dramatically molded –even to the sound of the voice, our turns of phrase, our attitude—by the model of our parents. Our awareness of how we communicate, of how we have developed in our communication profile is vitally important for the development of the astrologer. If there is a problem in communication –even the slightest diffidence or clumsiness– we must fix it.

Relationship Ease Being a consultant astrologer demands relationship poise. Far too many people underachieve in astrology development because of personal difficulties with relating to others. The problems behind these difficulties are entrenched with self-worth anxieties, feelings of not being lovable, not trusting one’s own presence in the presence of another.

Defensive modalities in behavior separate us from others. If we are overweight, we want to hide ourselves; if we are carrying excess baggage of guilt and self-deprecation, we can’t easily shine light into a relationship, into a consultation discussion. If we have a cross to bear, a grudge against life, a problem-absorbed demeanor, how can we finally solve this, putting it aside so that we can project our best?

I suggest that Relationship Ease can be assessed chiefly by the condition of the 7th House, with underpinnings of the 2nd and 11th and 5th. –The essence of Relationship Ease for the astrologer is the confidence and delight in giving.

Personal SpecializationSpecialization helps us define our identity as an individual in life and as a practitioner in our field. Specialization is refinement and, in this day and age, it is the strategic way for us to profit from our services, to position ourselves in the astrology market.

For example, I am totally uninformed (notice the word) about financial machinations in the business world. My clientele knows this. No one comes to me for financial/business decision input. Although I have many, many, many clients who wheel and deal at very high levels financially, they come to me because I am highly specialized in other departments of life, especially development in the early family, adult relationships, and vocational strategies, personnel analysis … etc.

I have chosen NOT to learn about business, rationalizing this by the position that I see myself as an artist analyst and not a businessman; I simply have no penchant for it. This specialization began very early in my career, which helped define who I am as an astrologer.

Similarly, while I can appreciate the spiritual, the religious, the esoteric in development, and I am conversant about the subjects in depth, I am not a specialist in so-called “Spiritual Astrology.” –Knowing what we don’t know is wisdom. It makes what we do know extremely effective and fulfilling.

Interestingly, specializations are often born of the process of solving personal problems in the area that becomes the area of specialization: someone with a tortuous early home life may solve the lingering problems and become a specialist in early home life concerns, i.e., he or she learns about this intricate and very large field; learns how to communicate it; learns how to present it within client relationships.

—These four points not only mark our growth as an astrologer but illuminate our image. We must refine ourselves continuously through Learning, Communication Skills, Relationship Poise, and Specialization. We can always be more than we are.

***I feel very strongly about these concerns because I want the best for all earnest students of Astrology. These concerns are strategically wrapped into the Master’s Certification Course; they are under constant scrutiny and development. The process of freedom and the achievement of security are sometimes laboriously won … but they are won, and the bloom of the student and her or his service to others is what the teacher lives for.