April 18, 2024

“Soul Astrology Down to Earth” by guest astrologer Lauren Delsack

Lauren Delsack is a Highest Honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s Master’s Degree Certification Course. She is a consulting astrologer and self-published author of How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease – An Astrological View. Her website offers free instructive videos, downloadable lectures and workshops in mp3, her eBook, and astrological commentaries. She can be reached at www.laurendelsack.com. Email: lauren@laurendelsack.com

What is the purpose of my life? What has my soul come here to seek? Where should I focus my energy? —These are just a few questions many of us ponder about life. Can astrology provide insights and answers? I believe it can vis-à-vis the Draconic Chart.

The Draconic Chart, derived from our natal horoscope, has perhaps been overlooked and underrated. Its origin, mysterious — the earliest traceable records date back to Babylonia with little referred to until the beginning of the 20th century. Its significance, mystifying — believed to reveal the patterns of our higher self or our true identity, our soul’s status at the point of its incarnation into this present lifetime.

The Draconic Chart remains elusive today. We may never know exactly what it represents, however when we begin to work with it its significance becomes evident. Discovering our Draconic Chart is sure to ignite a massive ‘aha!’ Complex variables of who we are begin to make much more sense. Simply put, the Draconic Chart is derived from the natal horoscope by transferring the North Node of the Moon back to 00 degrees of Aries, known as the Aries Point. In other words, we take the natal position of the North Node and look at how many degrees are needed to move the North Node back to 00 Aries. That difference in degrees is then subtracted from the natal Angles, the Sun, Moon and the planets to bring them to their draconic position – a new degree and sign of the zodiac. Nothing has changed in terms of the horoscope’s gestalt. The planets still remain in the same houses. Nothing has changed in terms of the planetary patterns in their relationship to each other. The aspects between planets and points still remain the same. What has changed however is their location within the zodiac, in terms of degrees and signs.

Software programs such as Solar Fire and Matrix Win*Star Plus will automatically calculate the draconic chart from the birth chart. The Draconic Chart is also accessible online at www.astro.com under the option, Extended Chart Selections.

People born with the natal North Node very close to 0 degrees Aries will see practically no difference between their draconic chart and natal chart. This occurs approximately every 18 years for those born around December 1931, July 1950, and April 1969. What it may suggest is that these individuals ‘practice what they preach’ or ‘what you see is what you get.’ Certainly the door remains open for further understanding.

Much can be intuited by studying the Draconic Chart alone. The dynamics of House rulership change since the draconic horoscope reflects a new set of angles, a new degree and sign on the Ascendant and Midheaven. The draconic Sun-Moon blend introduces a new ingredient to the mix. The final dispositor in the Draconic Chart raises another strong dimension. Draconic planets and midpoints now falling on the Aries Point bring intensified patterns of our higher self forward in this lifetime.

Let’s study the Draconic Chart of someone with whom we are familiar. Noel Tyl was born on December 31, 1936 at 3:57 PM EST in West Chester, PA; Ascendant 00 Cancer 03. In Noel’s natal horoscope, the Sun-Moon Blend in Capricorn-Leo suggests that powerful energies of ambition are fueled by a need for center stage, to be respected, loved and honored particularly within his work. “Social evaluation of what one does is taken very personally as evaluation of the personality.”

When we calculate Noel’s Draconic Chart, the Sun moves into the sign of Aries and the Moon into Sagittarius. Noel’s soul or higher self enters this life with the pioneering forces of Aries, to lead and motivate, to exert himself as far as possible. It is fueled by a reigning need to affect thought and to have his opinions respected. In this blend, “the reach for opportunity can extend out to the whole world, affecting the ways of society, of literature, learning, teaching, publishing, etc. Popularity is commanded! Independence is prized.” Noel lectures throughout the world, has published thirty-five astrological textbooks, serves an international clientele of individuals and corporations, and administers his worldwide Master’s Degree Certification Program and educational website.

In Noel’s natal horoscope, there is no final dispositor. In his Draconic Chart however there are two. Draconic Venus in Taurus rules over his draconic Libra Ascendant and 9th house affairs. His soul’s intuitive identity approaches the world through social outreach, to give structure to the ‘art’ of astrology, to build and maintain value and significance through teaching and publishing.

Draconic Pluto in Scorpio rules the 3rd house. His soul enters this lifetime with strength to transform people’s perspectives through the power of communications as an analyst, author, and teacher. The final dispositors in Noel’s Draconic Chart confirm the paramount importance of the 3rd/9th axis. These areas of life should be ‘on fire’ and they are!

We see these themes repeated over again throughout Noel’s Draconic Chart: his draconic Midheaven in the sign of Gemini, its ruler draconic Mercury in Taurus in the 8th house building structure through the healing arts. Draconic Saturn in Gemini, elevated in the career 10th and ruling the teaching 5th, adds a scholarly communicative thrust to ambition.

Analysis can be enriched further in synastry between the draconic and the natal chart, placing the draconic on the outer wheel and the natal on the inner wheel.

The most important contacts in synastry are draconic planets conjunct natal Angles. A draconic planet falling on the Ascendant/Descendant axis suggests dominant planetary forces coming in at the time of birth. Their influences will be extremely important for the soul’s ingress in this lifetime in terms of identity awareness, projection and interaction with the world.

Consider Noel’s prominent natal Neptune-Saturn opposition. In synastry, draconic Neptune in Sagittarius sits precisely conjunct his natal North Node and Descendant! Draconic Saturn in Gemini hovers closely upon his natal Ascendant. This speaks clearly of Noel’s commanding presence and his soul’s awareness to educate and interact authoritatively with the world on spiritual esoteric matters, as well as through the arts (Noel’s proficiency with music).

The powerful t-square in Noel’s natal horoscope with Mars driving the Pluto-Mercury opposition has now in the draconic chart aligned perfectly with natal Uranus! This undoubtedly highlights the importance of Uranus, its rulership of the natal 9th house, and its inherent symbolism with Astrology. Draconic Pluto also in synastry forms a precise semisquare with natal Neptune – once again confirming the supernatural, spiritual and occult.

By studying the Draconic Chart we gain more understanding about what we are here to carry out, and where we need to perform. The draconic chart in no way replaces the natal! Our soul cannot be personified without a physical body — without a natal horoscope.

By bringing attention to the Draconic Chart, we can peel away more about the mystery of life and begin to discover our soul’s primary intent. The Draconic Chart offers astrologers a wonderful tool for enhancing intuition ;and it just takes a minute or two! There is much room for exploration and research into this fascinating dimension of astrology and its extraordinary depth. Allow your higher self to speak to you through the Draconic Chart.