April 18, 2024

Startling Hypothesis: Independent Arcs to the AP

Startling Hypothesis: Independent Arcs to the AP

For almost two years now, I have been watching most carefully an hypothesis I formulated that a planet or Angle arcing to an untenanted Aries Point by conjunction will symbolize in the measured time the forward projection of the planet’s symbolism in life.

In other words, the Arc to the AP is providing the planet or Angle a presence of its own independent of any aspect. In still other words, the Arc brings the Aries Point to life, no ramifications involved, ”no questions asked”!

This is startling, because the Aries Point is articulated only through the intersection of two Great Circles (the Ecliptic and the Equator). Explanation gets complicated quickly (see S&C, page 212), but it is established clearly that the Aries Point is indeed a geometric “point of relevance.” It carries with it the empirically determined sense of forward thrust into the public because the Aries Points can be appreciated within the scheme of things as the Angles of the Earth, our world,

Studying the premise analytically, I hypothesized that a planet or Angle arcing to the AP, independently of any aspect, “will manifest”; it will be brought forward.

Draw the double-ringed Solar Arc horoscope for Howard Stern, the avant-garde broadcaster: born January 12, 1954 in New York City at 1:10 PM EST; SA date January 09, 2006, the date of his sensationally touted new show for new employers on free and ribald cable radio.

See that the Midheaven has arced to precisely the Aries Point (00 Aries), and so has Saturn, precisely to another Aries Point (00 Capricorn). This dual activation of the Aries Point at this most auspicious time of Stern’s career took place precisely with his debut on cable radio. –A tremendous impact could be expected from the measurements seen ahead of time, even several years ahead of time!

Filling out the Hypothesis I have seen this happen many, many times. I feel that the hypothesis is corroborated, but it needs filling out: WHAT exactly is brought forward?

I am almost certain that what is brought forward is the sense of what the planet articulates in its natal House.

For Stern, the Midheaven is the Midheaven, its natal symbolism as the career. Saturn natally is in the 6th, “conditions of employment” or “employment conditions.” –And of course, these conditions of employment, i.e., total freedom of speech and full control of program content, are what caused his many-millions-of-dollars departure from conventional radio to cable.

In my own horoscope (Tyl: born December 31, 1936 at 3:57 PM EST, West Chester PA), there is a bit of a bias, perhaps, with my Ascendant itself being an Aries Point at 00 Cancer. –However, startling corroboration is still forthcoming.

Arcing Saturn from 17 Pisces to the Aries Point at 00 Aries gives the time of 13 years of age. Neptune arcing to the Aries Point gives 12 years. The two planets come from the parental axis (10-4); dominating parental issues. –Just before my 13th birthday, my mother married by stepfather, the single most influential developmental force in my entire life.

The Moon arced from the 3rd House to the Aries Point at age 33, in 1970, when my dramatic communications needs were enormously focused and fulfilled as I (then an opera singer) received my first, high-level recognition as a Wagnerian, perhaps the youngest, most advanced performer in that category in the world.

When Venus arced to the Aries Point at age 36 (1972-73) I wrote and had published my first astrology book (The Horoscope as Identity), and we can note that Venus came out of the 9th House.

My client yesterday, a spiritual psychologist came into her own when her Uranus arced out of the 8th House to the Aries Point, publishing a major article on alternative healing.

Another lady with Saturn arcing out of the 10th to an AP: a major move because of the father’s job. Then with Neptune arcing out of the 4th to the AP, a terrible time with her parents fighting violently, physically. Then at 26, the Mars arc out of the 6th to the Aries Point timed a dramatic change in work conditions, from a secretarial pool to the office of the Vice-Mayor!

The fascinating thing about this startling measurement technique proving itself so strongly is that, with experience projecting arcs, you can accumulate such powerful developmental insights in just a few seconds!

Special Note We know that for births between March and September, the accumulating arc of the Sun is “slow,” accumulating one-degree/year of error (in abbreviated measurement technique) per thirty years of life. This means that one more year of life time is needed to accumulate the specified arc distance. [See Solar Arcs]

George W. Bush, born July 6, 1946 at 7:26 AM EDT in New Haven CT shows his Pluto arcing from 10 Leo in the Ascendant to the Aries Point at 00 Libra in 50 degrees. But with the slow solar Arc and nearing 60 in age, we add two degrees/years for the accumulated error in the generalized projection: Pluto=AP would occur near 52 years of age, which occurs in 1998, which would be a year of extreme personal ascendancy and prominence: he became the first President in Texas State history to be reelected to a second consecutive four-year term in Office.

Bill Clinton, born August 19, 1946 at 8:51 AM CST in Hope AR, shows Pluto arced to the Aries Point out of the 11th at age 50+, in 1996: he was reelected to the national Presidency in the midst of much debate and accumulating scandal.

Princess Diana, born July 01, 1961, was killed in August 1997, when she was 36 years old. This would measure a slow-arc accumulation of 35 degrees. Therefore, we see the Moon projected to the AP at 35 degrees, 36 years of age! This certainly suggests that, at that fateful time, she was preparing for a life-fulfilling event. At practically the same time, Venus would come to the AP (one year later) at 37 years of age. Clearly the symbolisms spoke with high probability of another marriage, those plans short-circuited by the automobile accident.

We must be careful with this AP finding There are fabulous “hits,” and there are instances indeed where nothing seems to register or be revealed. But that can be said for a large percent of the whole horoscope in many lives. In the main, however, this projective measurement has the potential of high impact. You must test it for yourselves, many, many times.

Check your own horoscope and the horoscopes of your clients. Be ever aware of the potential for the projection. It’s easy; it’s fast; and it has the potential of being very, very helpful in our art. –And please share your thoughts to take this further, on the Forum.