April 18, 2024

The Difference the Moon makes

The Difference the Moon Makes
Vocational Profiling

This presentation shows a principle in action in two cases, with the Moon becoming the clear and eloquent variable.

One of the cases is mine. Please have my horoscope before you –Vocations, page 10; Synthesis & Counseling, page 310) or Noel Tyl, December 31, 1936 at 3:57 PM EST in West Chester PA.

The vocational routing extension from my double-bodied Midheaven (promising more than one profession or a confusion of professions) is quite simple: Neptune.Mercury.Saturn.Neptune.Mercury form a repetitive (thus important) loop, with Mercury contacted dramatically by Pluto and Mars. This establishes an undeniable prominence of Mercury in the 8th House, which is strongly underscored by the contact with Pluto and Mars. We have been led to Mercury in the 8th.

The Mercury adds “communications” strongly to the vocational extension; and with the Pluto contact, “analysis.” We need to check out the 3rd House, and there we see the Moon statement. A powerful echo of dramatic communications.

Please note that if one were to enter the horoscope through that Moon in Leo, one would have Moon.Sun.Saturn.Neptune.Mercury. We see how the Sun, the dispositor of the powerful Moon in the House of communications, itself rules the 3rd House, and how the dispositor of the Sun starts the Saturn-Neptune-Mercury loop all over again.

What is being said is that the aptitudes symbolized in this horoscope involve dramatic communications to the public. A co-anchor position beyond the 3rd House has to be the 8th, with Mercury there, disposited by Saturn, the ruler of the 8th, in contact with Neptune, ruler of the Midheaven. We get the idea of dramatic communications in alternative healing, analysis, detection. –We see the so-called astrologer’s degree areas activated [17 Mutable and 26 Leo, by Saturn and the Moon], and we can see astrology looming large for professional outlet.

In my life work as an astrologer (a former contemporaneous profession was as an opera singer, dramatic communications, on the aesthetic level keyed by the Midheaven ruler, Neptune), I am a prolific textbook-writer, perhaps more so than anyone else in astrology’s history. Everything fits. I communicate/teach astrology with impact, with drama, modernizing analytical techniques to appreciate the changing human condition. I emphasize the art of astrology as a therapeutic tool.

For comparison, please, the second horoscope: Male, December 5, 1942 at 7:30 PM EWT in Plainfield NJ.

We see that both horoscopes have almost the same cuspal Sign alignment (only the interception axis is different).

From the Pisces Midheaven, we follow the routing that begins with Neptune (which will have much prominence, upon an Aries Point, and in idealistic contact with Sun-Mercury-Venus, by quintile): Neptune.Venus.Jupiter.Moon in Scorpio disposited by and in aspect with Pluto, itself in contact with the Midheaven. This is a major statement through a powerhouse Moon: the need to know, to control by knowing, and the knowledge accumulated by research and augmented aesthetically and spiritually somehow.

The Moon in Scorpio in touch with and disposited by Pluto makes the major statement about investigation and research. With the Moon ruling the Ascendant, we can suggest strongly that the Midheaven Extension process brings to consideration the soloistic need to know and to control by knowing, to accomplish research, to know with a passion. And with the Moon in the 5th, with the ruler of the 5th, Venus, in contact with the Midheaven, there is no doubt that the research is best converted into the teaching channel.

But, what would the subject(s) be?

The Midheaven ruler, Neptune, makes the tight contact with Uranus, which itself is in touch with Saturn. This Uranus-Saturn conjunction (the face-off or amelioration between the new and the old, the avant-garde and the traditional, the liberal and the conservative) focuses us strongly through Uranus to the 8th and 9th Houses. These Houses suggest alternative healing methodologies and academia (staying in the realm of “research” already established through the Moon, etc.)

The contact between Pluto and the Midheaven beats a loud drum.

We can note that the Saturn part of the Uranus conjunction is in contact with the Sun, ruler of the communications 3rd, holding the Node in one of the astrologer’s degrees; Venus, the ruler of the educating 5th, along with Pluto(!), is also with one of the astrologer’s degrees! –This man will need to communicate astrology (writing as well); he will undoubtedly need to teach it; and he will need to carry research forward formidably through academia or in an academic way.

This is the horoscope of one of our era’s greatest researcher/historians in astrology, Robert Hand.

Our two horoscopes share the astrology focus in similar and also dramatically individual ways. The Moons tell the tale, I think.

In my horoscope, within the purview of Neptune rulership of the double-bodied Midheaven, we see aesthetics finding their way into the communications channel within the profession of opera. In Hand’s horoscope, in my opinion, we see that realm [AP Neptune quintile Sun and Mercury, in world-of-ideas Sagittarius, Neptune strong with Uranus] expressed within a special genre of spirituality. Of spiritual investigation; perhaps the supernatural. Again, in my opinion, Hand needs somehow to be a priest of thought, through historical knowledge, to fulfill for himself –and all of us—his prodigious need to know.

The drama of our Moons.