April 18, 2024

The How-To’s of Solar Ingresses –Mundane Magic” by guest astrologer, Dean Bensics

The How-To’s of Solar Ingresses – Mundane Magicby guest astrologer Dean Bensics

Dean Bensics has studied astrology since 1994. He possesses the highest certification for astrologers in Canada from the CAAE (Canadian Association for Astrological Education) and has lectured and written on numerous technical topics within the discipline. Dean has a degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto and has made the study of Mundane Astrology a special vocation. He also counsels clients, with a focus on Vocational profiling. (dean.bensics@rbccm.com).

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where in the world have I left my glasses or car keys?” As a Mundane Astrologer, I’m always asking, “Where in the world will the Universe leave its mark this year?”

A very important technique used to examine/anticipate Mundane events affecting the world is a Solar Ingress chart for the precise moment that the Sun enters one of the four Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), at any given location.

That chart then becomes a map by which to examine archetypal themes affecting that location for the next three months. If the location is a national capital, then the affairs of the entire nation-state are to be considered.

A helpful online resource for ephemeral information can be found at http://www.astro.com/swisseph/swephae.htm. Scroll down to the “Sun sign ingresses” section and select your year range. Here, you will find exact dates and times for the Ingresses that year, calculated in Universal Time at Greenwich. This information will enable you to create an Ingress horoscope at GMT and relocate that chart to any location you desire.

For greater sophistication, an Astrocartography program will plot the chart on a map of the world. You’ll be able to see where on Earth the Ingress planets make angular contact. Pay special attention to any global capital that is being “targeted” with multiple angular hits.

We examine the Ingress chart using Mundane astrological guidelines for interpreting the planets and houses. Planetary aspects to the angles and dispositorship networks that focus repeated attention on a particular house should grab our attention.

Some Mundane astrologers will focus primarily on the Aries Ingress chart, as the operative horoscope to follow for the entire year. Transits to that chart are monitored closely. However, it is a more common practice to look afresh at each of the subsequent Cardinal Ingresses to target a specific three-month period of time. That is the approach I follow.

The study of the Ingress chart is a perfect complement to the study of a national horoscope. In fact, they should be observed in tandem. Eclipses that occur within the timeframe of the Ingress and hit an angle or a planet ruling an angle, must also be given special attention.

Here are four examples that elucidate the magical workings of Ingress charts. I’ve picked events that were of worldwide significance. In Example 5, we project forward to the next Ingress. Have the courage to make a prediction or two! Please follow along with me, and be prepared to be inspired by this technique!

EXAMPLE 1: Generate a Cancer Ingress chart at Chicago, Illinois for the Summer of 1968. [June 21, 1968; 3:13 am; ASC=25-Taurus-41]

We see Neptune on the DSC, disposited by Pluto (in 5) conjunct Uranus (in 5). The Uranus-Pluto conjunction is disposited by Mercury (r. 5), which is a final dispositor and in square aspect to Uranus-Pluto. The Sun also rules 5 and is EXACTLY conjunct Mars.

The archetypal meaning of this is quite easy to ascertain. In Chicago, the Summer of 1968 was a time when youth (5th house) aggressively (Mars) protested at the Democratic Party National Convention (August 26-29). Rioting and upheaval ensued (Uranus-Pluto). Chicagoans were sensitive as to how others (Neptune on DSC) saw their city; for indeed, “the whole world is watching!!”

EXAMPLE 2: Generate a Cancer Ingress chart at London, England for the Summer of 1981. [June 21, 1981; 12:45 pm; ASC=26-Virgo-57]

We see a Sun-Mercury-MC conjunction with Mercury (r. MC). Sun-Mercury also squares the ASC, which is also ruled by Mercury. We have an unmistakable link between the people (ASC) and the Crown (Sun, MC).

A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (Church-State-Societal Authority-Monarchy!!!) also conjuncts the ASC and squares Sun-Mercury-MC. Jupiter-Saturn is disposited by Venus (in 10), which is disposited by Moon (r. 10).

Neptune (r. 7) conjuncts the IC and squares the ASC.

This Ingress speaks of a great State occasion that unites the people with their Sovereign in a grand celebration of Monarchical pomp and circumstance. With all this angular significance, London is the center of the World at this time. A “something-other-than-it-seems” quality to the moment is very possible, as fairytale glamour bewitches all.

Of course, we are talking about the Prince Charles-Lady Diana wedding (July 29, 1981).

EXAMPLE 3: Generate a Capricorn Ingress chart at Cape Town, South Africa for the Winter of 1989 (Northern Hemisphere)-Summer of 1989 (Southern Hemisphere). [December 21, 1989; 11:22 pm; ASC=29-Leo-05]

We see Mars in Sagittarius square the ASC. Mars is disposited by Jupiter (r. 4), which is opposed to Uranus (r. 7). The Jupiter-Uranus archetype immediately alerts our attention to the themes of “freedom” and the “big break”. Also, the Sun (r. ASC) conjuncts Uranus.

Immediately, we can begin to construct meaning from our astrological symbols. A leader (Sun) of the people (ASC) and the political opposition (African National Congress – 4th house) is freed (Jupiter-Uranus) after many years of struggle (Mars), aided by the humanitarian efforts of outside public support (Uranus, r. 7).

We are speaking, of course, about Nelson Mandela, who was freed from prison on February 11, 1990, when tr. Venus EXACTLY squared Ingress Moon, ruler of the 12th (prisons).

EXAMPLE 4: Generate an Aries Ingress chart at Vatican City for the Spring of 2005. [March 20, 2005; 1:33 am; ASC=04-Leo-37]

We see Saturn square the MC to the EXACT minute, with Saturn (in 12) disposited by Moon (in 12, r. 12), a final dispositor. The Moon opposes Mars (r. MC), which is disposited by Saturn. Mars conjuncts Chiron.

Without question, we see the signs of chronic illness, hospitalization and suffering, affecting the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Amazingly, the Sun (in 9, r. ASC) is quindecile Jupiter EXACTLY, which is disposited by Venus, conjunct the Sun. At the end, Pope John Paul II was loved and revered by his people. He was the supreme Pontiff, for whom his followers wanted fast-track sainthood, following his death on April 2, 2005.

The significance of this Ingress at the Vatican can also be deduced by looking at the set of Solar and Lunar eclipses that immediately preceded and followed this date. ALL OF THEM make 4th harmonic aspects to the Ingress angles WITHIN A DEGREE OF EXACTITUDE!!

EXAMPLE 5 (Looking Ahead): Generate a Libra Ingress chart at Washington, DC for the upcoming Fall of 2006. [September 23, 2006; 12:03 am; ASC=05-Cancer-27]. This horoscope will give us a flavor of the national climate for the United States for the three-month period that closes out the year.

Applying all that you know about astrology and being mindful of the guidelines I’ve provided in the previous four examples, what significance can we glean from this horoscope?

The first thing to notice is the placement of Uranus on the MC. This may indicate change and instability in the governing party. Uranus (r. 9) alerts us to the possibility that an international factor or foreign policy direction may be the catalyst for such a change.

Uranus is disposited by Neptune (r. MC), which opposes Saturn (r. 7), which is disposited by the Sun, which is square to the ASC and quindecile the MC. The angles are buzzing, and involvement with the President and his Administration is intense.

My next line of inquiry would involve comparing the Ingress chart with the USA national chart. Interestingly, for those who are familiar with the Sibley USA chart [July 4, 1776; 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia, PA], we notice the following:

1) Ingress Uranus-MC = Sibley ASC = Lunar eclipse (September 7, 2006) at 15-Pisces.

2) Ingress Sun = Sibley MC = Solar eclipse (September 22, 2006) at 29-Virgo.

And, one cannot help but be morbidly reminded of the fact that the Saturn-Pluto opposition on September 11, 2001 fell in the 12-15 degree range of Mutables…EXACTLY where all the action in point 1) above occurs!!

The United States, as the world’s only superpower, always makes news, but then there are times when news is spelled as a big bold NEWS. The Fall 2006 period may be one of those times.

[If you are interested in studying more, I’d encourage you to examine the Summer 2001 Ingress chart at Washington, DC [June 21, 2001; 3:38 am; ASC=25-Taurus-40]. Believe me, once you see it, you’ll be hooked.]