April 18, 2024

The Rites of SpringThe United States, Iran, and Israel

It used to be, reported in histories long ago, that countries retreated from their wars during the winter and then, in the spring, resumed those wars. Naturally, the weather was the main consideration –food in the fields during campaigns, easier transportation, more light in the Northern hemisphere, etc.

Now, with a warring triumvirate in the main –The United States, Iran, and Israel—the astrological weather ahead in the Spring of 2010 presents horrid clash and change. The report is drastically bad, and the winter withdrawal period between now and then will be anything but quiet.

The 2010 Vernal Ingress charts for the United States, Iran, and Israel carry images of enormous upset for the spring months of 2010. [March 20 at 17:31:50 GMT; 13:31:50 EDT in Washington; 21:01:50 in Teheran;19:31:50 in Jerusalem]

Each Ingress chart is dominated by an Aries Point Saturn opposing the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury, and that axis is squared by Pluto. Accompanying this extreme statement of government upset and power outlash, we see Neptune square Moon: subterfuge, mistrust, and lies.

For the United States, there are continued financial depression (Ingress Saturn opposed Sun, ruler of the 2nd), publicized anguish, and passionate outcry about it all from the public (Mars rising in Leo quindecile Node). There is a continuance of pain with regard to foreign engagements (Neptune ruling the 9th square the Moon, ruling the Ascendant), and policy expansion for more troop deployment (Jupiter peregrine in the 9th, ruling the military forces 6th).

Additionally, we must see Pluto square the Midheaven: United States leadership power being rocked by enormously forceful occurrences. There is even personal danger to the head of state.

For Iran, these Ingress chart tensions suggest a renewed March-April uprising of the people (led by the youth of the nation; note the 5th House point of focus) to secure justice from its national election recently past and its present government. –There is outlash internationally as well, and this can only be upon Israel [See 9th House and 7th House tensions]; and, as well, confrontation with the countries of Europe. Mars squares the horizon: attack.

The attack statement can only be directed to Israel.

For Israel, the tensions are enormous: the rulers of the angles are under great attack. Israel could well be shocked into enormous confrontation with Iran.

The Ingress chart March 20/21 2010 carries with it Uranus peregrine, a statement of volatility and risky chance-taking for all nations where the Ingress chart sits strongly.

The National Charts

The United States chart [July 4, 1776 at 2:13 AM in Philadelphia] is greatly alarming in the Spring of 2010: SA Mars is exactly upon its Midheaven. This is an attack upon the government or specifically upon the President. We can surmise that there has been a plot brewing since shortly after the last election [SA Neptune=Midheaven] among dissidents, to undermine government activity; specifically, to diminish the force of the President.

At the same time, tr Pluto is opposing Jupiter (increased financial woes) and SA Saturn is at the Ascendant. –The spectrum of interpretation of these measurements must include the drastic. The United Sates is depressed and in shocked upheaval.

The Iran chart [February 01, 1979 at 9:50 AM in Teheran] in the Spring of 2010 shows SA Pluto exactly conjunct Uranus! This is enormous upheaval to change the Middle East status quo. Additionally, see SA Saturn=Pluto/Asc: great difficulty working with other countries … suggesting that Iran will be acting alone in its attack to fulfill its self-image of being “number one” in the Islamic world; it will rebel against any and all sanctions put upon the country. We see the echo of this loud and clear with transiting Pluto upon the Midheaven at the same time!

The Israel chart [May 14, 1948 at 4:00 PM in Tel Aviv] in the Spring of 2010 shows SA Midheaven=Uranus exactly –tremendous assertion … “we can’t take any more indignity” … by the government. At the same time: SA Uranus=Sun exactly: another statement of self-assertion, even flying off the handle in enormous retaliation to pressures from Iran.

President Obama’s horoscope [August 4, 1961 at 7:24 PM in Honolulu HI] continues to reflect this alarming stream of bellicose measurements: see that SA Pluto=Saturn!!!! as tr Neptune squares his Midheaven exactly! We must see that Mr. Obama is in personal danger for some 6-8 months, form the spring to the end of 2010. –The financial crisis continues in the country (see SA Mars=Neptune, rulers of his 2nd House)

The picture is painful; it is dangerous.
It is clear that the pivot points of all these observations are the Plutonic push from Iran, the victimization of Israel, and the front-and-center caught-in-the-middle position for the United States with more than enough of its own dire problems.