April 18, 2024

Understanding the Venus-Rx Signal

Venus in retrograde motion is comparatively rare: it is retrograde for 40-43 days every 18 months; that means Venus is retrograde about 7% of the time, in an unbroken period of time, every year-and-a-half. –We are surprised, startled to see Venus-Rx in a horoscope; we don’t know quite what to make of it.

We are startled because we immediately infer that there are sexual problems connected to the symbolism. But that is certainly not necessarily the case; more is needed within the psychodynamic profile of the horoscope to suggest sexual divergence, e.g., Hitler with Venus-Rx, ruling the 8th, conjoined with Mars and both squared by Saturn; Jody Foster with Venus-Rx ruling the 5th conjoined by Neptune … –and of course sexual divergence certainly is suggested through many other measurements in many more horoscopes.

So what is it? What is this not-often seen Venus-Rx signal?

I suggest that it is a statement of emphasis upon relational complication, “second agendas”, feeling out of center; i.e., the Venus symbolism is strong, deep, and very individual, probably needs airing, and may indeed have sexual overtones (i.e., part of relationship dynamics). –Actor Jack Nicholson, with Venus-Rx in Aries squared by Pluto, Venus ruling the 11th, celebrates his sexual conquests openly, surely to prove his ego-strength in that department and his lovability and attractiveness; his relational flirting energies are parked in that garage, so to speak. Perhaps difficult to please, or extreme demands must be met. –Venus-Rx in Scorpio squared by Pluto, with Mercury ruling the 5th and the 8th squared by Uranus calls for many careful relational considerations for Condoleezza Rice, her very strong, deep, individual concerns about sexuality and relationship.

For the average expression of Venus-Rx concerns, we must knowingly see relational as the key word. –Of course, special relational concerns can lead to sexual concerns; sexual concerns can create relational concerns.

A man’s relationship anxieties, which usually are passed on to his children by behavior modeling in the home –you see the same problems in two generations or three— may be tied to a genital diffidence … or to being very wealthy and feeling that his personal merits for love are being overlooked … or to proving himself by many ways of conquest. –How does (did) being very short of stature affect Donald Rumsfeld, with Venus-Rx square the Moon in Libra, both on Aries Points? What were his socializing concerns of over-compensation in relationship? How were relationships managed with this signal in operation?

In short, in the main, Venus-Rx does not necessarily connote a specific focal behavior but a pervasive, especially sensitive relational concern. The concern motivates behavior and affects life development. It alerts us to the need to talk about the issue.

Great Expectations Very often, the Venus-Rx key signals expectations in relationship that are conceived in the extreme, often out of reach in reality. One can be very, very hard to please. A perfect model is developed in the mind, usually in overcompensation for anticipated under-achievement set up in early life (the black-sheep in the family must make up for it and prove oneself); the relationship being perfect will rescue the situation, will show the Self and all others that one is excellent. In other words, the projected relational ideal is set up to work for self-worth reinforcement. The demand can be excessive, “think the way I think”, “do this this way” … until finally the person risks abandonment by people who do not wish to toe the line.

There usually is a time in emerging adulthood, when the Venus-Rx relational-dynamics concern kicks in dramatically: the person strategically establishes a profile of values that rescues the life, and parameters for relationship are part of the package. –Often, in the working out of all this, a need to control development emerges that makes the fulfillment so difficult; aloneness very easily is the end result.

Family Echoes It is not surprising to note that Venus-Rx concerns very often echo the same signal in a parent, or two successive generations of parent. The son with Venus-Rx will echo his mother’s lifelong concerns with Venus-Rx, and perhaps his son thereafter; is it any wonder that he probably fashions his relationship ideals in the guise of his mother and passes that on? A daughter may emulate her mother’s finicky nature and never be reasonably fulfilled, or go beyond her father’s Venus-Rx concerns, searching for the man who will relate better than he did! –The family Venus-Rx swirl includes strong parental parameters for imaging and approval of relationship choices.

And we can easily return to our initial awareness of the potential for sexual concerns when the Venus-Rx rulership dynamics and aspects do involve the 5th and 8th Houses. It is not difficult to see how this focalizing occurs.

The Welsh pop-singer Tom Jones has Venus-Rx, ruling the 8th, conjoined with Mars, quindecile the Ascendant. He also has a “sex-bomb image” and a long history of marital infidelities … But he has been knighted by the Queen, amassed a fortune of some $400 million, and has remained married to the same lady for over 50 years (they’ve worked it out!!)! –We can only infer the relational complexities signaled by Venus-Rx, but the point of emphasis is well-established and would certainly ask for discussion and illumination. Such emphasis in the life always changes behavior; it is motivational. Understanding it balances values and helps with efficiency.