April 18, 2024

William’s New World

I have long presented publicly the astrological projection that Charles, Prince of Wales, would never be King of England. I announced the projection first in a Seminar for the Arizona Society of Astrologers in Mid-1993 in Phoenix, and then I published a reinforcement of it through my statistical research of British ascendancy to the throne over a 300-year period, presented in Predictions for a New Millennium (1996), page 220 (especially footnote #501). In practically all my professional presentations in the last 14 years, I have repeated the projection and the explanation of the supporting astrology.

The time is now nigh, I believe, for Prince William to be made king, directly succeeding his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. -The transition literally and figuratively makes history; the installation process will fill some months before and after April 1, 2014, the date I have used to anchor the astrological projection.

We must expect to find illumination of this historic change in the horoscopes of Prince Charles (November 14, 1948 at 9:14 PM, in London), Prince William (June 21, 1982 at 9:03 PM in Paddington, London), Queen Elizabeth II (April 21, 1926 at 2:40 AM in London), and Camilla Parker Bowles (July 17, 1947 at 7:10 AM in London). Each of these four principals will experience enormous change of status.

We should expect strong Arc and transit activity with the Midheaven and the planet ruling the Midheaven. References to the public should be referenced as well, as the personages here reflect the national identity and its welfare.

Prince Charles The Prince of Wales has long been next in line to succeed to the throne. Now, times have changed: the Prince, to be 66 in 2014, will step aside for his son to become king.

On April 1, 2014, Charles will experience tr Uranus precisely upon his Midheaven, the trigger for the Solar Arc MH=Mars, ruler of the Midheaven. -This suggests a dramatic, powerful change of status.

Additionally, tr Pluto will be exactly square to Charles’ natal Midheaven. -A new life perspective.

And finally, there will be SA Neptune=Mars, ruler of his Midheaven. -A major change of the established course of action, for reasons not necessarily obvious.

Prince William The young prince -at 32 in 2014-will have SA Sun= Jupiter at the Midheaven and applying tightly to the Midheaven itself. -This is a time that usually suggests enormous fulfillment, potential glory.

At the same time, SA Jupiter will be conjunct William’s natal Uranus, symbolizing “the big break”, a most satisfying break-up of a log-jam. At the same time, we see tr Pluto on the Nodal axis (public perspective) and that axis squared by tr Uranus, symbolizing a tremendous change of the status quo

Finally, we see SA Neptune=Pluto, ruler of William’s Midheaven: again, an echo of his father’s change of status and his own compact with destiny.

[Even in Diana’s horoscope, his deceased mother, the Princess of Wales, we see SA Mars exactly conjunct her Midheaven.]

Queen Elizabeth The Queen, to be 88 in 2014, echoes the measurement of status-change in her son Charles’ horoscope: she shows SA Midheaven conjunct Mars; tr Uranus squaring her Pluto, ruler of her Midheaven, with tr Saturn nearing exact conjunction with the Midheaven! –Additionally, tr Pluto is opposing its natal position, ruling the Scorpio Midheaven.

Camilla Parker Bowles Camilla’s life status, emerging out of so many years of difficulty, camouflage, and patience, will undergo enormous change with her husband’s withdrawal from succession. We see tr Uranus exactly on her Midheaven; SA Neptune=Mars, ruler of her Midheaven; SA Saturn=Midheaven, and Node= Ascendant-Descendant.

It is fascinating commentary to note that the axes of 13-14 Cardinals are extremely activated in these horoscopes through Charles’ Midheaven; William’s Nodal axis; Elizabeth’s natal Pluto, ruler of her Midheaven; and Camilla’s Midheaven. The “hot spot” Cardinals are also presented on the Ascendant of Prince Philip (June 10, 1921 at 9:46 PM in Corfu Greece; husband of Elizabeth)