April 19, 2024

Circumstantial Confinement

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Circumstantial Confinement

Every astrologer encounters horoscopes that hardly seem to breathe, hardly see to respond. There are reasons for this:many people are circumstantially confined societally, vocationally, religiously.

Circumstances in life can dilute, divert, re-direct, or even erase astrological measurements. I remember doing horoscopes years ago in Germany for many clients who had been incarcerated during WWII or who had been hiding out for several years. None of this trauma showed in their horoscopes -just as there is no collectively shared measurement complex for all the passengers of a downed aircraft.

In the horoscopes of priests and nuns, we find energies redirected by their calling. Usually, sexual energies follow the guidelines of celibacy, and this affects all concerns of children, family, relationships, etc.. Relationships and 5 and 8th House maters take on entirely different levels of potentials (like “Healing,” for example). Individuals in the Armed Services are confined in individual reaction potentials for years, sometimes a whole career; their behaviors are rigidly prescribed by higher authority! The same happens for government workers, or people enveloped in the largest of corporations. The reaction potential for measurement complexes is curtailed. It is almost impossible to realize change.

Doing horoscopes for people living these conditions, we can expect a strong muting of measurements when matched with reality experiences. The lives of people in these circumstances become uniformly similar, dependent on prescribed codes of conduct, on income levels that are prescribed rather than negotiated. Measurements pop up in different channels of life activity or simply fade away unrealized.

Similarly, someone whose education has been curtailed, cut short, interrupted somehow will show an effect of this throughout life, especially in American society that holds education so strategically high in importance. The Level of living and relating is affected.

The circumstances of the interruption to education can also be very significant, tainting the Level that does settle in. [“My mother talked me out of it; now look where I am!” or “I dropped out of college because my mother convinced me there was no future to it since Jesus was about to return. Now look what has happened!” or “My father just couldn’t afford it; he said women were just to get married and have children. That was that!”]. –So often under Uranian-Sun contacts especially, in the horoscope of someone whose education stopped at high school, I have seen the potential to be in business for oneself, to be special, to be ‘out front’ go unrealized, and, with that, so many other opportunities that are socially attached to the level of education.

Then there is the confining circumstance of nothingness, boredom, routine that is inexorable. People come to the astrologer hoping for a miracle; there is no measurement within reasonable sighting distance that might challenge the life to more than redecorating the bedroom. It is extremely difficult to say to the client that life will just go on the way it has. Experience can prove that; but the investment in the astrological consultation with you demands there to be more!

Unfortunately, the inexperienced astrologer in the smaller cities or towns sees these kinds of cases more often than the busy, well-established urban astrologer in sophisticated city centers. Then, the “pressure is on” to force elementary measurement groups into those wished-for miracles.

My chief personal weakness as an astrologer is optimism: I think that people can do anything they want if only they conceptualize it vividly, if it is within the realm of possibility, and they are dedicated to making it happen. But the fact remains -and I keep reminding myself of this at all times- while people want change above all else, so few are willing to risk the transient insecurity to make change happen. –It is so frustrating to see so many, many measurements barely bleep on the oscilloscope of life development

This is where the astrologer’s resourcefulness must really come into play: exploring client consideration of adult education programs, learning vacations, hobby exploitation, communication networking (especially now with the computer). In these directions, the client can find ways of making life interesting. Our creative suggestions have got to be within the reality confines established over years and years.