April 19, 2024

Common Sense to Center Stage

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Common Sense to Center Stage

Analysis of a client’s development over years past reveals a model, a routined, predictable model of activity that has been developed into the present and is now projected into the future. The clearly wrought Moon in Scorpio, for example –needing to control everything around him/her for one reason or another—if it is problematic, is not going to change, disappear, or go away UNLESS conscious attention is given to making the drive more acceptable, graceful, less demanding (“behavioral modification”). This may very well be the therapeutic success gleaned from the astrological consultation, but the fact remains that very few people change very much at all.

What can almost always be introduced into the mix effectively –into the routined behavioral way, into the client’s projections into the future, into the relationship dynamics that are ever present on the job, at home, with one’s family past and present – is Common Sense. Since planets do not do things –people do (!)—the astrologer must be prepared to speak in common sensible terms to bring (to translate) what astrological markers may be present, to bring them practicably into the life being lived by the client.

That bears repeating: planets are not going to change the life; it is people’s choices and actions that may change the life; and those changes take place only when they are tenable, practically possible, reasonable. This is the way it is, probably about 95% of the time in life; the remaining 5% is ascribable to accident, luck, good fortune … whatever … something apparently out of the individual’s hands.

Remember: since you are not using jargon with your client, whatever you say will be implicitly coming from you as a skilled analyst, from your expertise, from astrology, whether or not astrology has anything to do with what you are saying! Common sense will hit home because it comes from you as a consultant; your client is paying for the counsel; common sense invigorates your astrology and makes the consultation strategically valuable, especially the future orientated portion.

Example A secretary/manager (female, aged 53) has worked for 10 years for a medium-size company. Since the company has been bought out, the boss I leaving. Your client, hi long-time “gal Friday”, is frightened and insecure. What is she to do? Wait it out to see if she is somehow retained by the new owners? Is she to bolt and rustle up another job (understandably so scary for older people, especially within the national economic crunch)? –No astrology defines an imminent big change for her; neither is there astrology suggesting threat or reward; she is offered up as a victim to time and serendipity. BUT that doesn’t mean to stay put and not worry about anything. THIS would be illogical; the woman’s nervous system, family responsibilities, and self-respect could not tolerate inactivity in such a maelstrom. Something must/will happen.

The Common Sense issue here is, first, to establish her job record and then to define her worth, so that the new company (or some other company) will see a vivid evaluation of her 10-year performance. Remember: if her long-term boss –under his pressures—gets out of the company and city quickly, preoccupied with saving his own future, he won’t be there for a nice little reference for his faithful helper. –What to do?

I recommended in detail how she should go to her boss, in commiseration and respect, show her situation to him as an echo of his, and request that her 10 years be evaluated by him on paper NOW, perhaps in a formal report by him to the new company, a copy given to her, so that her past is confirmed and her future is reinforced.

This may sound like a small, obvious point, but it is a huge strategy covering 10 years of her life and who knows how much time into the future. People under stress don’t easily see the simple or the obvious. Armed with this report written strategically by her boss, she is armed for the future. She will be proud; and she will be as sure as she possibly could be that she might be retained by the new company or that doors would open easily elsewhere.

–Yes, there can be dramatic astrology connected with the situation as well –even for her, recognizing the ascendancy of his astrology and that of the new company personnel. Following the common sense approach, the guideline astrologically is to look forward for the biggest angular or Sun-Moon involvement, or 10th House ruler engagement and then to work backwards to the present, defining stepping stones forward to the big time. This is like seeing the other side of the stream and working backward toward yourself is to see the stepping stones you will take to get across.

Common sense for the astrologer: because one may wish passionately for a specific goal and because one is doing all one can to make it happen, “it” will happen only in its own time; the environment must cooperate. Delays –because they are measured subjectively, frustratingly—are more the norm