April 19, 2024

Dynamics of Disclosure

Creative Connections & Client Communications

Dynamics of Disclosure

The client’s reality is the target for astrological guidelines. The client’s reality is disclosed by the client, and the astrological deductions are fit to it, into it. This brings the astrology TO life.

Please let me repeat here a short excerpt from The Creative Astrologer (a hell of a book, if I may say so! ). See page 87.

“Disclosure brings individualized substance to the planetary principle.

“Society conditions us to be anxious about self-disclosure. Very quickly in life, we learn to hold back what we feel and who we are because of our fear of disapproval or rejection by others, by the outer environment. On the other hand, self-disclosure is the essential springboard toward giving love and establishing intimacy; it is what normally makes relationships exciting, makes them close. The bottom line then is that –as we minimize disclosure– we have to face ever-increasing self-protection and isolation, the concomitants of depression. Giving love is as important to good mental health as is receiving love.

“The creative astrologer should explore the potential of the Aries Point configuration as being a way out from within, especially in cases where there are swirling blocks of hidden emotions, clots of distortion that are defined through years of defensive overcompensatory actions against difficult, demeaning developments in the early homelife.

“The rewards of self-disclosure are increased self-knowledge, closer intimate relationships, improved communication, lighter (fewer) guilt feelings, and more energy (since defensive, repressive controls are relaxed and energies are freed up to do other things).

“The consultation allows and should encourage clients to talk freely about themselves, reaching for insight with the astrologer. If initially it is difficult, disclosure can be prompted by the astrologer disclosing first. Very often, the client expects some kind of censure from the “all-seeing” or “mysterious” astrologer, from the horoscope he does not know anything about. When that threat does not materialize, when the astrologer’s responses are non-conventional, fresh, selfless, when the astrologer is opening up to the client, the client then wants to disclose as well, wants to share in trust, wants to lift the weight off his or her feelings.

“But when disclosure continues to be difficult to one degree or another, it may be reflected by the symbolisms of the 12th and 8th Houses. Anytime the Sun or the Moon is in either of these Houses, there is most often a line drawn, a curtain pulled, a one-step-removed stance adopted by the personality, especially when it is under pressure. A line of defense is at the ready.

“Disclosure brings out hidden emotions, distorted emotions, ‘emotional facts,’ formative source events, and value judgements that so often precipitate trigger-fast recall of the past.

“The opportunities for the astrologer to disclose her- or himself, to set an example, to invite a bond of trust should be explored judiciously. The consultation belongs to the client, not to the astrologer, who can all too easily find herself/himself talking at length about some personal point that takes the moment far away from the client’s benefit.

“A simple statement like, ‘I went through a similar experience long ago and far away! (By emphasizing distance, we are saying, “I’ve outgrown it” or ‘It does not affect me anymore.”) My father was entirely out of the picture. What did happen in your relationship with yours?’ –Just enough disclosure is offered to help your client not feel alone, to begin a closer level of relationship with him or her.

“You can point out that the parents had their own problems in life and with each other and that, ’It’s fair to say you got caught in the traffic pattern.’ Such a simple statement, but so effective! Objectification is established: a traffic pattern back then, and the client got caught up in it, but has indeed escaped, relatively unhurt. Eh?’ –That’s a fair statement to all concerned. The distance established even invites compassion for the parental situation: from ‘Boy, they were a real mess,’ or ‘You know?, when I worked that out for myself, it was beautiful; I was able to be with them at Christmas and actually not be affected by their stuff anymore!’

–We need to tune in on our conversational style and our skills with getting the client to discuss issues in depth. We all normally speak with each other in innocuous fashion; within the astrological consultation, we must speak together with trust, empathy, and illumination. –How are you making that happen?