April 19, 2024

Helping with 11th House Tensions

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Helping with 11th House Tensions

A recent client shows Uranus ruling the 11th, peregrine; Venus ruling the 2nd peregrine; Saturn ruling the MC, peregrine; Mercury ruling the 3rd was peregrine; and the Sun ruling the 5th was also peregrine!

While we tend to expect a clearly focused accent of idiosyncratic behavior with a peregrine planet-House reference, anticipating that it (they) will lead the train so to speak, it can become confusing when there are four such riveting accents!

This male’s Uranus suggests much anxiety running away with the system with regard to being lovable; through Venus, a concomitant self-worth anxiety; that these are linked to a pronounced family/father trauma early on through Saturn-Midheaven is suggested; all leading to life adjustments deeply ingrained in the mind-set (Mercury) and proceeding to the beat of a different/individualized drummer (the Sun)! –An important tip-off guideline was AP=Saturn/Pluto, which usually suggests “skeletons in the closet”, in the developmental past.

I felt that everything would focus on the Uranus peregrination and its rulership of the 11th. –Indeed, in the consultation, all of these premises were corroborated: my client had gone through a complicated family split-up, went country-hopping galore for thirty-five years, eventually accumulating college degrees here and there (Jupiter rules the 9th and is opposed by Mars in Sagittarius). It was indeed wanderlust-to-the-rescue of a bruised and dispossessed identity!

But what is this saying really, beyond a description of wandering/searching activity for so much of his adult life? I suggested it was a fear of rejection, of being turned away –the whole issue at the divorce long ago had been with whom would the little boy live?

Now as a professional, dependent upon acceptance of his work as a creative artist, he was facing the same fears in a different guise: he was fearing rejection of his work; he was seeing that rejection of his work would continue to corroborate his perspective that he was unlovable. As a result, he was not fully behind the presentation of his work to intermediaries, to key people in his business, the intermediaries for my client to reach the public.

A simple twist In the essay in this department [see Archives at the end of this installment: “August 31, 2004 – “Corollary Thinking”] we explored the benefits of corollary thinking to adjust deep patterns of self-defeating thought.

How could we get the fear of rejection that was being carried forward from times long ago balanced out, if you will, by new thinking?

Uranus peregrine, ruling the 11th (which is the second of the 10th, by the way; income from the profession) for this gentleman was on the Nodal axisand tightly square his Ascendant. This was a major statement of his young individuation being subsumed by the parental situation when his “mother divorced my father and I went to live with him” and also the wander-drive to find himself, dropping out of school at 16 but eventually accumulating two PhDs! This Uranus would have to signal a different mind set, a different orientation within purview of the 11th House in order to turn things around.

I began discussion about “friends”: What do your friends say when they praise your work? [Note: not “What do your friends think about your work?” –Please understand the vital difference in this phrasing.]

Our conversation uncovered lots of support for my client’s work among his friends. There was no doubt about it. Everything was in readiness except his own confidence!

At what I thought was just the right time in our conversation, when he himself had defined his friends’ support for work –and many of the friends were people who could be key to his self-promotion effort—I said. “I suggest strongly that it’s about time you exploit your friends —yes, exploit them on your behalf. They will love it! They will help you; you will have an army out there with you!

This was a therapeutically rich thought that could not be denied!

What this fresh twist of Uranian thought did was to suggest a different frame of mind about an old, old theme. Not only would Uranus be “settled down,” if you will, but it would make nice things happen among his friends; they would enjoy a fresh project, a channel in which they would be able to help their friend!

Yes, the astrology into the time ahead suggested force applied to his situation, a strong drive to “let it fly”, sudden changes and rebellion against the status quo, a new start and more.

I sure hope it will work out and that astrology was helpful. –think how you can turn old thought patterns around with your clients; that’s really why they’ve come to see you!