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Key Catalytic Phrases

Creative Connections & Client Communications
Key Catalytic Phrases

During a consultation, we are not describing a status quo; how things are. We are working to understand development and spur it on. The consultation is a catalyst for growth.

Let’s remind ourselves of some of the key phrases that we can use in the consultation, that ‘make things happen’ in the client’s mind, in his or her awareness of the development scheme.

What do you think you’ve carried forward from this situation to the present time? Let’s say: you inquire about a specific time period between August and November in 1974, for example, when your client was 11 (a time signified by Arcs and transits as a time of possible sexual abuse). Your client corroborates that extensive sexual abuse from the father did indeed take place. You can tell from the language your client uses and the illumination of the abbreviated recounting how it was managed (psychotherapy etc.). –We are not licensed sex therapists, and that is not the point of the consultation. BUT this is a key occurrence in development, and the astrologer must deal with it.

The objective is to ascertain the values given to the occurrence by the client in his or her life, and to get away from the difficult time back into the stream of development. “What do you think you’ve carried forward from this situation, into your time now?” –This is a most powerful question. The astrologer does not get caught up in emotional evaluation of the occurrence; the astrologer learns the client’s management of the occurrence and relates it to adult relationship concerns (usually).

Why was that so important? In a situation where a clearly suggested death adjustment could well have occurred within the extended family, the client responds, “Well, that’s when my uncle died.” On the surface, the death of an uncle for a 9-year old does not conventionally fit such dynamic stature in a person’s life development, i.e., that it would be suggested in the horoscope, that it would cause a strong reply from the client, etc.. We need to know more about this: “Why was that so important?

In other words, the occurrence is left behind and the values involved are illuminated. You may learn that the uncle was like a father to the boy … because his own father was not! –A most viable parallel is in the death of a grandmother or an aunt. Learning why the death was so important reveals much about the development of family dynamics and corroborates astrological measurements strongly.

There could be a concern in the present: dealing with death matters (an 8th House reference) may be indicated in the near future. “Is there someone in your extended family who is very ill or near death?” Let’s say that the reply singles out an uncle or grandmother, etc. ”Why is that so important to you now?” –Well, my father was never a father to me. My uncle was, and I will never forget it. And I know that he has me mentioned strongly in his Will. … [This is extremely important, strategic information.]

Please help me understand this. This statement does wonders, not necessarily for our understanding, but to affect the client’s understanding, to catalyze the client’s explanation of a situation to herself, himself!

This statement and the short discussion that follows, allows you to break through perhaps with a much needed different understanding! In explaining things to the astrologer, the client is explaining things to himself and perhaps sees new light.

Do you see your (parent) inside yourself in this situation? When you see a pattern emerging in life situations, a pattern that works against the self, and you want to identify the pattern for your client –for example, a repetitive emulation of maternal or paternal behavior—simply ask, “Do you see your (parent) inside yourself in this situation (these situations)?

Your client will be startled. What is happening is the objectification of self-recognition, an extremely important point in management of tension-ridden issues in the consultation. The client gains so much, so much from this objectification.

What do you project for yourself in the next 12-18 months?”The beginning astrologer or the uninformed astrologer all too often makes a very easy-to-come-by mistake, thinking the planets do things independently of the client’s development and current reality experience. –Such-and-such transit is ‘going to do this or that.’– Of course, this is absolutely the wrong approach. Planets don’t do things; people do, and the environment must cooperate.

Perhaps the finest question the astrologer can ask the client is, “What do you project for yourself in the next 12-18 months?” –This question projects for the client viable occurrences and development within the client’s reality, as he or she knows it, as he or she wishes for it to be. This involves the client with the process of becoming.

Additionally, this enable the astrologer to bring the present and near future measurements made in the preparation for the consultation into that client reality, literally and figuratively bringing those measurements to life!

What is reasonable in life experience brings measurements into vivid focus. The “odds” for manifestation can be inspect through a lens of common sense. –When the astrologer says, “I can see that here. Was that job interview last month on the 24th or 25th?” enormous confirmation is being given to the developing new-job scenario. The weight of that congruence –or its negation—is transferred to the near future time target (usually a strong, clear contact with an Angle and/or the ruler of the House containing the issues being developed).

The alternative to asking this question is to be at the mercy of vapid textbook definitions of “what will happen” completely outside the realm of the individual client.

What if? These two words introduce inquiry that shows alternatives. It is extremely powerful; please see “Counseling Insights,” June 30, 2003 … and the book The Creative Astrologer.

Finally, the following three essays cover more of the astrologer-client interaction technique: July 15, 1999, October 29 and December 30, 2002.